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I understand that The Bachelor isn't real life. I mean, I can dream about someday having 25 hot suitors willing to do anything to impress me but I know it will never happen. Except for the lucky few. This year's lucky Bachelor is Juan Pablo. If you watched The Bachelorette last season, you already know everything there is to know about this fan favorite. He has a young daughter and wants to find his soulmate and a mother to his girl. Touching.

So cut to the premiere this week. If you ask me, Juan Pablo had some slim pickings. There was the crazy (although I imagine ABC considered her adorkable) massage therapist and the girl who couldn't even hold a conversation with the man except to tell him about her fiancee who left her. Come on, who hasn't had a significant other break-up with them unexpectedly? Get over it before you go on a dating show on national TV.

But there were two contestants who really stood out above the rest. Two really striking examples of a fine, modern woman.

The Free Spirit

and The Dog Lover

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Come on, ABC! Of all the single, eligible ladies out in the world, you couldn't even find 25 that all had jobs? Oh wait, this year there were 27 so I guess these two were just SO good ABC even had to make an exception to add them to the contestants list.


Oh, & then there was this clip ABC so appropriately calls "Sean Teaches Juan Pablo Bachelor Magic."

ABC, am I being punk'd?

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