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This week Juan Pablo said goodbye to three girls. And he cried, like, a lot. He's clearly getting attached to a lot of these ladies. So who do you think will make the top spot and go home with the ring?

I had my bets on Sharleen making it to the top 3 but the preview for next week has me wondering if she will make it or if she will take herself out of the running. As much as I hate Clare, I think she has him around her little finger. She'll probably make it to the top 3.

I think my money right now is on Renee. He seems to really like her, he is respecting her and her son, and he thinks highly of her. She seems like a good mother, and a good person. I didn't think they had much chemistry but he did give her the rose! And the first kiss...phew! To be honest, I think I just like her way more than most of the other girls. So maybe I'm just being hopeful.


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AIRED ON 3/13/2017

Season 21 : Episode 13

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Feb 05, 2014
Claire am I right?!! Good lord I hate this lady... happy to hear am not the only one... those uber squinting eyes just annoy the shit out of me... I had a friend like that and couldn't stand looking in his eyes for 2 seconds; feels like they'll give themselves an aneurism for trying SO HARD to appear "intense"... hate hate hate!!!

And yes, totally agree on Renee, she's the most caring one and seems very nice genuinely so maybe I'm bias too. I don't get the Sharleene situation tho, I don't see the chemistry, he likes her personality and how much culture she has but seems to me he's more blinded by her shining lights than anything else; it's admiration and although it matters it would pass in time.

Andy is my runner up.. but quite frankly I think she downplays herself to be in the competition, why? it beats me. This girl is way smarter than she makes it look and honestly I think she deserves better so I'm kinda hoping she sabotages herself and doesn't get a proposal so she can find an equally awesome man who fits her right. Run Andy! run and don't look back!!!

Sadly, I'm convinced we'll see the same old story of the bachelor going for the girl everyone hates and going along for the sake of the ratings, sigh...
Feb 05, 2014
I hope not! I was really surprised last season when Des wasn't picked. I feel like Sean went for the girl I was least expecting. I agree with you when you say Juan Pablo is blinded by Sharlene. He totally is. I don't get it either and it sounds like she doesn't really want to have kids. So if that's true hopefully she speaks up soon.
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