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This week Juan Pablo said goodbye to three girls. And he cried, like, a lot. He's clearly getting attached to a lot of these ladies. So who do you think will make the top spot and go home with the ring?

I had my bets on Sharleen making it to the top 3 but the preview for next week has me wondering if she will make it or if she will take herself out of the running. As much as I hate Clare, I think she has him around her little finger. She'll probably make it to the top 3.

I think my money right now is on Renee. He seems to really like her, he is respecting her and her son, and he thinks highly of her. She seems like a good mother, and a good person. I didn't think they had much chemistry but he did give her the rose! And the first kiss...phew! To be honest, I think I just like her way more than most of the other girls. So maybe I'm just being hopeful.


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AIRED ON 3/3/2014

Season 18 : Episode 14

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