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7 marriages + 21 breakups = _The Bachelor_ franchise
May 24, 2017
The Bachelor and The Bachelorette by the Numbers
The Bachelor Franchise By the Numbers
Jun 20, 2016
The Bachelorette Has a Toxic Masculinity Problem

Chad and Alex, The Bachelorette | Photo Credits: Rick Rowell, ABC

On The Bachelorette, roughly two dozen men compete for the right to propose to one woman. In order to prove that they're marriage material, the men have to be charming, confident and show how they would be able to provide for their future wife. But the men who are getting the most camera time this season don't do that. These guys -- Chad, Alex and Evan -- are more concerned with demonstrating that they're the alpha male of the house. And that's a problem.

Look: The Bachelorette and its brother have never been progressive in their depictions of gender roles, but the current season of The Bacheloretteis endorsing toxic masculinity to a vexing degree.

If confidence, bravery and protectiveness -- character attributes possessed by respectable Bachelorette contenders -- are traits that are culturally thought of as "good" and "masculine," then aggression, recklessness and dominance are toxically masculine.

Toxic masculinity ...

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