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Season 21 : Episode 13

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  • Season 1
    • Week One (S1)
      Week One (S1)
      Episode 1
      After extensive nationwide searches, one of America's most eligible is revealed as the first Bachelor, Management consultant Alex Michel. He will begin his search for love in earnest when introduced to 25 attractive, successful and talented women from all walks of life.
    • Week Two (S1)
      Week Two (S1)
      Episode 2
      Alex whisks the women off on three group dates to Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. He then has to make a hard decision asking only eight final women to continue on to the next round.
    • Week Three (S1)
      Week Three (S1)
      Episode 3
      Alex's friends Stephanie and Sam move into the guest house to help the Bachelor decide which four bachelorettes should receive roses.
    • Week Four (S1)
      Week Four (S1)
      Episode 4
      Alex goes to the hometowns of the remaining bachelorettes to meet their families and close friends. One of the four bachelorettes has to say goodbye.
    • Week Five (S1)
      Week Five (S1)
      Episode 5
      Alex takes the final three bachelorettes on exotic overnight dates to New York, Lake Tahoe, and Hawaii. One more bachelorette is sent home.
    • The Bachelor: The Women Tell All (S1)
      A "reunion" special, of sorts, 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' brings back the 23 women Alex rejected to "dish" about the experience, the other women, and the Bachelor. This special episode will reveal new footage, never before viewed behind-the-scenes clips, and one-on-one interviews between our favorite Bachelorettes and host, Chris Harrison.moreless
    • Week 6
      Week 6
      Episode 6
      Ben and the nine remaining Bachelorettes travel to Panama.
    • Week Six (S1)
      Week Six (S1)
      Episode 7
      Alex invites the final two bachelorettes to his parent's home in Dallas to meet his family and to get their input on the ladies. Alex chooses his final bachelorette.
    • The Bachelor: Special Edition (S1)
      The Bachelor, Alex Michel is interviewed by Leanza Cornett about what he was really thinking during the taping of the show, how he felt about the bachelorettes and the whole experience of The Bachelor. This special includes all six episodes and "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" special.
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