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The Bachelor Final Fantasy Date Spoilers!!!

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    This is going to be the best fantasy dates yet, from the spoiler sites is sound like there going to Pueblo Bonito, Cabo San Lucas in a Presidential Suite at 5 star resort. From the pictures the palce looks gorgeous!
    Heres the link to all the information regarding these dates

    From the pictures it really looks like he's getting close to DeAnna and Betinna. I wonder if he might turf Jenni? I can't wait for this episode. i think the rose for Bettina was just cus rose, I think Brad had realized that Sheena wasn't his type and he didnt want to string her along anymore so he tossed her and kept Bettina so that he could dump her next, who wants a father in-law that will never accept your choices in life!! The final two then are DeAnna and Jenni, Brad although he thinks its great Jenni got the dance gig .....we all know he's not going to deal with a long distance relationship right off the bat that will last for a yr so he'll pick DeAnna! She gained points from everyone when she brought out the picture book....Brad picks her for sure!

    I cant wait to see these fantasy dates! The pictures for the next episode look like its going to be a good one ! I wANNa fantasy date in mexico!

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