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    PLEASE Chris Harrison's suits are perfect - they fit him. The bachelors however look as if they have outgrown their suits or cannot afford to buy one! The jackets are too short & too tight - both Juan Pablo & Josh Murray. What is the problem? Seriously
  • The Bachelor: 18 Seasons in Search of Love

    Who remembers the last 18 seasons of The Bachelor? In case you've forgotten, here's a visualization of the winners, runner-ups, and the results:

  • JP Jerk

    Never found why this guy was attractive and why everyone was so enamored with him as being The Bachelor in the first place. Glad I didn't tune in to watch his season, only snippets when he was with Sherleen. Guys a creeper, hypocrite, and jerk. He should own up to his jerkiness, not act like I don't kiss because I have a daughter but then sucks on the other girls faces. Best Bachelor was Sean L.
  • Hometown Visit and beyond

    I'm not sure who reads these, producers, or Jaun himself or an assistant. I have watched every episode and my personal opinion is Renee and her son are beyond the best pick there is nothing fake about her or her circumstances and they seem to accept you and Camilla into their family, please make the right choice.
  • viet nam


    I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR YOU, Jaun Pablo, re your sexual episode with Claire and the way you handled it with her afterwards. If you were really so concerned about Camilla & have such great morals when it comes to her --!-- you should have told Claire "No" and that you were too concerned about Camilla seeing the episode on TV --- (exactly the way you explained it to Claire You are a real "CAD" in my book and not so much the sweet guy you portray yourself to be. You made Claire feel absolutely awful -- when it was ALL YOUR FAULT to start with for going through with it,. Your comment that you didn't want to hurt Claire and inhibit her expression of freedom is a bunch of Bullshit and doesn't hold water with me and I suspect with more viewers than you can count. --- when all you had to do was say "No" and give her the same explanation you gave her afterwards!
  • Can You Speak English?

    I can't get over that this bachelor always has his parents on the show showing that they are his support and at the same time allowing him quality time with his daughter. Juan is a very shallow and the girls on the show are not any better. I'm so sorry to see young women who are so desparate to be on this show.
  • Got Mannequins?

    One of the most Boring shows ever. No Real people on it. Just a Bunch of living Mannequins trying to get e Rose from what I've seen, Everyone on it is very Shallow just like Mannequins.
  • Returning to The Bachelor 2014 for Lily Sparks' per episode commentary

    Hell to the yeah! She's the best thing that ever happened to this "reality" TV show.
  • Why are there never any black men on this show....

    This show airs season after season and I have never yet seen a BLACK man on this show. Did I miss it.

    A lot of white ladies with one BLACK lady thrown in there from time to time. I think it's awlful. So again, I ask "Where is a BLACK man" Why doesn't he ever get an opportunity". A question that I am sure people wonder about but never have the guts to ask. Come on now this is 2014. I am talking to all f the producers of this show .I anxiously wait for a response.
  • Drama

    Really know its reality TV, but the new twist should see how these girls act around each is who they truely are.... Then he could call them out on it and see how she faces up to know....

    Like she cried and then he said to wait a minute while he walked off and got the was just these kind of stuff keeps up, I may not finish waching it....

    Get a .... really..
  • Horror show.

    Use to watch but now it is just plan stupid. Also no one stays together anymore so whats the point.
  • the bachelor - Jake

    australia is so behind in the bachelor and its 2012... u america has already seen it i wish we werent so far behind in tv shows and the season we are up to is the women tell all and then its the season finale but i hope Jake picks the right woman for him i was sad when ali left
  • This is my favorite show lately

    Even my husband can't help watching. Through the ages people have fallen in love with love stories- some romantic, some sordid, some more sordid. If you enjoy Greek tragedies, Shakespearean tragedy and comedy, or a Renaissance Romance, do not be ashamed to watch The Bachelor. Sure it's partially staged and you don't want to idolize the contestants or take it too seriously, it's just plain fun to watch. The definition of entertainment. We love it.
  • clarabell

    don't think lesbians should be on a bachelor episode. worst season so far - all the crying - going skinny dipping when you hardly know someone. don't know if I will continue through the season
  • Anyone could think they are "in love" in glamorous surroundings! Try ordinary& no kissing rules!

    I find it an insult to lasting, healthy love to watch a show based on flying people to exotic, exciting locations,given comfort and catering. As anyone within any healthy relationship will tell you, it's easy to "feel love" (as in romantic excitement)while cruising the world without a worry, without spending your own dime for it. Being free to THINK kissing every other person, every other minute, is ok and moral, and/or good for the beginning of a relationship based on truth, trust and genuine caring, is ludicrous! Imagine if those seekers were not allowed the physical kissing, touching until choosing one to "date", get to know more intimately. Perhaps they would then look at ACTUAL values and REAL behavior which would outlast and outlive that initial physical attraction. Imagine if the "dates" were ordinary, possibly having bad table service, long lines, cheap meals, and even canceled. Do you think the REAL people would show up and discover what to appreciate and what would become a problem? The genuine core people might get to base longer term commitment on actual values matching rather than their excitement level and play appreciation! While sometimes fun to watch people try to be real while televised to millions, it can also be sad to witness inappropriate behavior and jockeying to "win" the "prize". People aren't prizes, aren't property, yet this show tends to lead people into ego posturing and competition. Love cannot grow from a competition, and few people are confident enough to not lead with their ego in such situations.
  • Week 6 When Ali leaves to go back home for her job Jake is still playing the game....

    I was beginning to like the show until week 6 when Jake met the four familes of the women he wants to potentially marry. Ali tearfully tells him she will have to leave to go home to her job. Jake cant even tell her she IS the one. That's what she wanted to hear. Instead we hear him telling the camera he loves all of them and he has connected with each and every gal left. Ok, obviously he likes something about each woman but hasnt really found the ONE or he wouldnt be so hesitant. When you find that person you want to spend the rest of your life with YOU know. The dating sites arent much different than what he is doing here. I realise this is a game but seriously these are emotions you are playing with and I think Ali made the right decision. She was smart. Jake, you arent. Sorry. The ones you have to choose that are left... good luck. They may have some nice qualities but this is your future. After the game is over you may think straight.
  • Disappointment

    Bachelor/Bachelorette always rates a 10 for me, as it's my favorite show, BUT I think a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves for the Jason ending! How can you do that to someone - poor Melissa! A week ago I saw Jason & Molly on an episode of Bachelorette, and they really don't seem to care at all what they did! Shame, Shame! Fortunately for Melissa, I also heard that she is now engaged! I'm sure it's someone much more deserving of her than Jason! You go girl! In hindsight I think Jason & Molly deserve each other - as they both seem quite naive and a bit "geeky".
  • I can't believe...

    The look on Jason's face when he sent Molly home said something. Maybe this was in his plan all along....well maybe not his plan, but the situation for which he "signed up". Sure made for ratings! All along we were led to believe Melissa was the one who had really captured his heart. He always seemed to favor her. I can't believe that six weeks later he's all of a sudden so "in love" with Molly. Breaking Melissa's heart for ratings?! Jason should truly be ashamed of himself, as should the show's producers. can do Soooo much better than Jason. Best of luck to you with the dancing gig!
  • Now we know why your divorced and single... Jason and women is like taking a child that never ate candy and putting them in a candy factory, of course their going to go ape sh*t! To sum him up in 5 words: Delusional,desperate,square,immature & Delusional

    If Jason Mesnick is looking for love, then perhaps he should not have chosen two 25 year old girls for the final rose ceremony, especially considering the fact that he is not only older, but divorced and with a child as well. It was foolish and irresponsible of him to believe that after the cameras are off and the helicopter rides and trips to New Zealand are over, he would be able to maintain a "real" relationship with either of these women. It has become quite clear that the show has the ability to sweep not only the potential suitors off their feet, but the bachelors and bachelorettes as well, which gives all those involved a false and somewhat delusional sense of intense feelings and love for one another. One would think that Jason in particular, with a BA in psychology, would have come to this realization, however, given the outcome of this past 13th season, he clearly has not, which sadly only highlights his true lack of emotional and intellectual maturity. It is evident that while he lacks in maturity, he more than makes up for it, by using his astounding ability to mask and deflect the down right appalling nature of his actions through the use of guilty facial expressions, wherever appropriate and by relentlessly repeating such statements as "I followed my heart" and "I did what's best for everyone". His use of facial expressions almost made me press info on my remote to make sure I wasn't really watching Days of our Lives. And seriously, lets be real, if you really listen to his relentless rambling about how he followed his heart and Melissa has every right to be mad and he excepts blame and blah blah blah, it makes you wonder, is he saying all this for Melissa or is he really just saying everything to uphold that false "perfect guy" image, and you must admit, even Melissa gave off the impression that she's not buying it anymore, which was made kind of obvious by her blow off "yeah, yeah, yeah" responses, accented by the "I'm not even listening to your bulls**t" tone. Its disturbing, how fickle Jason's love for these women really is (3 women in two shows), perhaps it might be time to grow up and stop running around chasing young girls, that without the help of a television show, wouldn't even let you buy them a drink. Lastly, one piece of advice... learn another "move" because the whole lean in for a kiss when you have nothing to say move, that you pathetically repeated over and over and over, really came off as lame and actually gave everyone a glimpse as to why you might be divorced and single in the first place.
    My Prediction: Jason and Molly will last a bit longer then he did with Melissa, simply because Molly was overjoyed that he broke it off with Melissa for her, meaning she got exactly what she wanted and because Jason was overjoyed with the fact that Molly actually still wanted him back, meaning he got exactly what he wanted. Now, these feelings of joy within them will keep them riding high for a little while, but of course, feelings like this don't last forever and when they fade, so will their relationship.
  • Jason gave out 50 roses with the final one being to the wonderful Melissa. Only problem was he was torn between both women and ultimately made a very bad decision. Luckily for him Molly was still waiting for him. Lord knows why.

    Well the show had me glued to my TV watching it but for all the wrong reason. so i guess from a ratings stand point it served its purpose. Jason is such an idiot and should be terribly ashamed for what he did. He took all this time to find the "woman of his dreams" only at the end to not even be sure. Why didnt he tell Melissa he wanted to try a relationship with her but not propose and lead her on all the way until they go to the reunion show. i hope Molly finally realizes what an idiot he is.
  • Excellent ending!

    This was the best ever ending of all the bachelor seasons I've seen. Jason loved two women in the end and made a huge mistake, which he immediately and subconsciously understood, but gave his all for the 6 weeks he spent with Melissa. It did not work out and so he made a bold move and fooled himself on national television. He knew that people would hate him, but you got to follow your heart.

    If I had been on Jason's shoes, Molly would have been my choice in the first place. Sweet, fun, smart and beautiful. Just like my wife.

    I don't believe that it came as a surprise to Melissa that Jason was going to dump her. She knew it already, when she walked to the stage.

    I wish all the best to Molly and Jason. I am sure that Melissa finds a true love some day. Stephanie should be the next bachelorette. She was amazing. Everybody liked her. She would pick the right man easily.
  • I am absolutely astonished that they would even allow this to be aired.Some ppl are so shallow and un-caring. A persons feeling are not to be toyed with; and on TV. Hello folks have a heart. Jason is a *astard just as Melissa said. She deserves Better!

    I think Jason is callus & if rumors are true , Melissa needs to sue the pants of off of them. How can anyone be so cold & shallow; it is 1 thing to promise someone a life of happiness but to turn @ & toss it right back on national TV as if nothing ever happened; well Jack**s'ish to me. He deserves to be miserable. I just hope Ty grows up to be a better man than his father ever thought of being! To think his family was worried Melissa/Molly was going to hurt him; well what about them? Do they condone his behavior? He never gave Melissa a "True" chance if he kept thinking about Molly. Molly should tell him to take a hike. DOUCHE BAG!
  • Annoying.

    I have to ask the question, "Will this show ever go away?" This show is so annoying that it makes me want to not watch ABC. They have tried to get everything out of this show when it has been bad ever since day one. I don't understand why people like to watch this show as it is so predictable and so fake that it takes any point away from watching it. The one thing I will say about this show that is actually somewhat positive is the fact that it could keep us away from even worse shows from taking its spot. Thank you.
  • How can people be so COLD!

    We were VERY disturbed by the broadcast of the last episode of "The Bachelor." Was a display of lack of respect for the feelings of a woman, Melissa who was center stage for a set up for personal exposure of disturbing and emotions that never should have happened much less been publically viewed. A prime example how reality shows have gone too far! Melissa was a very loving and caring person and didn't deserve this kind of exposure and disrespect! Clearly it is the big bucks, not what is right, that takes priority.
  • What a hoax! You blew this one! Seemed rigged and planned. No one even mentioned how this outcome effected Tigh! What's up with that?

    This episode seemed over the top to me. It made me angry. Everything seemed planned, rigged, the three of them, Jason, Melissa and Molly all seemed like they were acting. Like they were all in on it. I got the distinct impression that it was planned clear back to his choice of Melissa or even before. That this was all scripted. To quote Judge Judy "If it doesn't make sense, it isn't true". This whole thing did not make sense, why would you wait and go on television with something like this? You wouldn't, you'd discuss it first, and out of the publics eyes. I know the show has to come up with new twists and turns to keep the audience interested, but this was unbelievable. Every person is what makes each show different. This one made me angry, don't know if I'll watch anymore episodes. If they are rigged and planned it takes the spontaneity and reality out of the equation.
  • Jason...the horrible, cry baby, creep.

    Thanks for proving what a waste of time watching the Bachelor is, ABC!
    I think Stephanie or Melissa deserve to be the next Bachelorette. Jason was a jerk and he doesn't deserve to have a good woman. He is also a big cry baby. What a wuss! MAN UP!! Most women want a tough, strong man with some kind of backbone. I hope Molly screws him over. When a woman sees a man with a small child acting the way he did, they automatically assume he is a good, sweet guy. Jason proved that theory wrong! His poor son must be so confused after he dragged him into this mess. Where's the kid's mom? Why did she let him use his son like that?
  • Bachelor - Epic Fail BOOOO to jason!

    I am a frequent visitor to your website and always come to it for the latest and juiciest info regarding my favorite celebrities, tv shows, etc. It is no surprise I am a huge fan of watching the many seasons of the Bachelor and this seasons well I was floored at the outcome. So after much searching for information today on the web I came across Jason Mesnick's myspace page and low and behold in the comments area were actual emails that had been hacked and exchanged between Jason & Melissa after the taping of " after the final rose " and I was shocked! I wanted to send you this so that you could post it up on your site to share with otehr fans like me who always want to know more after the shows air! Here is a link to the site I found that posted up the emails! Enjoy!!! And keep up the good work on your site, I come everyday!
  • I like the show but this season was very emotional. I think that he was playing games. I would like to see Mellissa be the next Bachelorette.

    What is going on? I really got into this show this season. The Bachelor was hot and had a good story to him. But now that it is over I'm disappointed. I was angry when it is was over last night. He picks Mellissa, which I think was perfect for him and then six weeks later dumps her for someone that he has lust with. I watched the show, there was more sexual connection with Molly then anything. The way he did Mellissa was terrible. His story is sad but now I see why he couldn't get a girl. He is obviously in it for the sexual attraction. Sorry Mellissa for being with a jerk. Mellissa SHOULD BE that next Bachelorette!!!! After being done like that you owe her!!!!!!
  • I think all a long Jason knew what he was going to do. But he played melissa..

    Melissa will find her prince charming!!! Its jason's lost and someone else's gain in the end. If he had been divorced once before what makes him think it won't happen again.. But to pick Molly why?? She looks to fake and she knew she had it and I didn't care for that. Their was many beautiful women in the show and for him to pick her at the end.. Jillian or Melissa would have made a good wife and a great step-mom for his son. But he picked a tease to go back to. What a shame to pick her..
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