The Bachelor

Monday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Mar 25, 2002 In Season





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  • Anyone could think they are "in love" in glamorous surroundings! Try ordinary& no kissing rules!

    I find it an insult to lasting, healthy love to watch a show based on flying people to exotic, exciting locations,given comfort and catering. As anyone within any healthy relationship will tell you, it's easy to "feel love" (as in romantic excitement)while cruising the world without a worry, without spending your own dime for it. Being free to THINK kissing every other person, every other minute, is ok and moral, and/or good for the beginning of a relationship based on truth, trust and genuine caring, is ludicrous! Imagine if those seekers were not allowed the physical kissing, touching until choosing one to "date", get to know more intimately. Perhaps they would then look at ACTUAL values and REAL behavior which would outlast and outlive that initial physical attraction. Imagine if the "dates" were ordinary, possibly having bad table service, long lines, cheap meals, and even canceled. Do you think the REAL people would show up and discover what to appreciate and what would become a problem? The genuine core people might get to base longer term commitment on actual values matching rather than their excitement level and play appreciation! While sometimes fun to watch people try to be real while televised to millions, it can also be sad to witness inappropriate behavior and jockeying to "win" the "prize". People aren't prizes, aren't property, yet this show tends to lead people into ego posturing and competition. Love cannot grow from a competition, and few people are confident enough to not lead with their ego in such situations.