The Bachelor - Season 12

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Season 22 : Episode 3

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Episode Guide

  • Week 8 (S12)
    Week 8 (S12)
    Episode 9
    In the season finale, Matt must choose between Chelsea and Shayne. Before proposing to the lucky one, Matt takes both ladies home to England to meet his family. The three later return to Barbados for one final date before the big decision.
  • The Bachelor: The Women Tell All
    Fifteen rejected bachelorettes return to discuss Matt, each other and who Matt will finally pick in the finale, Chelsea or Shayne.
  • Week 7 (S12)
    Week 7 (S12)
    Episode 7
    Matt takes the three remaining ladies to Barbados for the infamous fantasy dates and narrows his search for true love to two.
  • Week 6 (S12)
    Week 6 (S12)
    Episode 6
    Four ladies remain and Matt accompanies the lucky ladies to their hometowns to meet their parents. One of the four ladies is sent home.
  • Week 5 (S12)
    Week 5 (S12)
    Episode 5
    Six ladies remain and the dates continue. Matt takes Chelsea on a sleigh ride date, while Noelle gets one on one time with Matt on an ice skating date. The other four ladies accompany Matt on a skiing date. In the end, only four ladies will bring home Matt to their families.moreless
  • Week 4 (S12)
    Week 4 (S12)
    Episode 4
    Nine ladies remain and the dates continue. Matt takes Amanda R. on a 1950s-themed date. He cooks dinner for Holly and Marshana (only one from these two will get a rose at the end of the date), and it's an afternoon of tennis and tea for the other six. In the end, six will continue to date Matt.moreless
  • Week 3 (S12)
    Week 3 (S12)
    Episode 3
    Twelve ladies remain and the dates continue. Ten ladies would go on a rugby date while the other two would go on a one on one date with Matt to a movie premier and a wine tasting date. In the end, which nine ladies know Matt best and stay for another date?moreless
  • Week 2 (S12)
    Week 2 (S12)
    Episode 2
    Fifteen women remain and the group dates begin. Eight ladies go to the fashion show date while the other seven spend the day with Matt in Las Vegas. But in the end, three bachelorettes must go home.
  • Week 1 (S12)
    Week 1 (S12)
    Episode 1
    The New Bachelor is introduced to 25 lucky ladies and he must send ten packing.
  • The Bachelor: Where are they now?
    We get to see highlights from past seasons, and we catch up with both Andrew Firestone and Aaron Buerge. Bachelorette couple DeAnna and Jesse visits the family of Trista and Ryan.