The Bachelor

Season 15 Episode 2

Week 2 (S15)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2011 on ABC

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  • Choose more girls "out" sooner in the show, so that can figure out "who will be the one". Should spend more time together with smaller number of girls, the ones that really in it for real & not just for publicity.

    I think they drag out this too long...should let more girls go sooner, how can a person "really" get to 'know' the "one"? And get the ones that whine, cause trouble, get them out right away. He should be able to see little of what goes on when he is not around. The lil cat fights are not that great. This show is getting more uninteresting. Anyone watching can tell those that are really looking for "that special one". Get more girls out in the beginning, too many for "group dates". At least has made it a lil more fun by adding doing "commercials", that is different instead of "making out" all the time.
  • People watch this?

    I had to sit through nearly 20 minutes of this because Castle started late and I really cannot believe that people watch this rubbish. This was so scripted, this was so fake and it just dragged on for so long. These women are just seeking out fame and are trying to get into the tabloids by putting their personal life on display for the world to see. The only positive I could draw from this is that some of the women are actually kind of attractive.

    Just useless drivel is what this show is. This episode made me want to drive my car off a cliff.