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Let me just begin by saying that I’m so happy the Bachelorette is back on TV!
Though Andi Dorfman might not have been my first choice in picking a bachelorette out (Hearts to Sharlene wherever you are!), she was still one of my favorites in Juan Pablo’s season. Plus she put him in his place, so I’m hoping she’ll stay the strong independent woman she was last season during the show. This is my first photo recap, so please be nice Dx. I'm kind of sensitive lol not really.

The season premiere started with the dedication of the season to one of the contestants who passed away, world explorer Eric Hill. It seemed like a very sad way to start the show, knowing that one of the guys that we’ll watch this season is no longer living. However, I’m happy that they didn’t exploit his death as some kind of plot twist to up the drama of the show. I mean I love the show, but we all know that reality TV can be sort of cruel sometimes. I send my condolences to Eric Hill’s family.

Now, onto the first look as Andi as a Bachelorette!

She catches all the bad guys, and I hope she’ll be one of the first bachelorettes to catch the bad seeds in the group. I have hope Andi will be able to tell. I mean, the girl quit her job! I hope she finds true love just because of that!

We got the classic shot of the bachelorette walking through a park in a really cute yellow dress, and looking hopefully into the distance. Then we got to meet her parents which seemed totally on board with her going on the show. Finally we got these beauties.

Proceeding the fashion montage, we saw a couple more minutes of Andi settling into the role of the Bachelorette, riding a nice car, and most importantly, talk about her expectations on love. After that, we got to meet Andi’s sister, and I for one, LOVED their sisterly interaction (don’t care if it was scripted or whatever, it was perfect). She helped her pick a dress for that night.

PS. I’m sooooo glad she didn’t pick the gold dress.



Okay… It is so obvious this guy is hot. Andi felt it, I felt it… I bet you even the driver of the limo felt it. Marcus didn’t even need a gimmick to get her to remember him. He just smiled.

Such a sweet guy! He also didn’t need a gimmick because let’s be honest, his endearing smile could almost top Hot Guy Marcus.

3. JJ

When I saw him get out of the limo and give Andi that dorky smile…. I knew. He’s so perfect, if Andi doesn’t want him I’ll be more than happy to have him… Seriously though, the only problem I see with him is that he’s a “Pantsapreneur”. Whatever that means—but JJ is so cute I’ll let him slide. On a side note, he’s probably played a lot of video games growing up because he called the bachelorette plotline a “love quest”. Still cute though.


4. Marquel

Oh my, are my eyes betraying me? Is that really a hot black guy on this show? Because I’m totally on board for having a black bachelor next season *HINT HINT ABC WE NEED DIVERSITY*. So this guy looked really shy stepping out on the limo but guess what? He definitely brought his A-game with the cookies. I would have given him the first impression rose just for the cookies. Girls loooove cookies.


5. Tasos

I actually have no idea what to say about this guy. Seems like he could last a couple of weeks, so I guess we’ll see a bit more of him. The lock thing was pretty cute and unique. She did say he was intriguing, which might have been because he said the most romantic thing to her in french. A glass of juice with ice cubes anyone? No?

    8. Cody

    Then in comes Vanilla Ice pushing the limo into the driveway. This guy… I’m not sure if he’s a douchebag or what, but he needs a makeover… STAT. If you disregard his lack of a tux, popped collar, and early 2000’s haircut, he kind of looks like he could be Sean Lowe’s brother.


    Steven would be so cute if he just cut his hair! Andi definitely pegged him as a California surfer boy and I have no idea how. His molly sue hair-do was distracting. Steven, if you ever read this, trust me. If you cut your hair, you’d look like Ryan Reynolds. That is all.

    Also, don’t say rad ever again.


    First off, this guy reminds me of a young Mark Ruffalo ( the guy from 13 going on 30). Right off the bat, I liked him. He seemed very sweet and genuine, and I don’t think Andi gave him a chance. I would have liked to see more of Rudie the Attorney.


    He’s a firefighter. Enough said.

    This guy has the crazy eyes plus the Molly Sue haircut. Bless his heart. I felt like he thought his whole diagnosing with just looking at someone was okay, but it made me physically uncomfortable. I can only imagine how it made Andi feel.

    Sorry Jason, you acted like a creeper.

    11.Nick V.

    I honestly didn’t think he would make it past the first night. Everything about him to me was like… eh? I liked his tie though. That’s about all I remembered from his limo exit and spent the entire night referring to him as Polkadot Dude. However, Polkadot Dude has 10 siblings!!! Whoahh big family. He also got the first impression rose.
    Go Polkadot Dude!

    12. Dylan

    Ruined his own chances. Telling a girl he needs space within the first five seconds of your first encounter… Tsk tsk.

    13. Patrick

    Another guy I haven’t quite made up an opinion of. He seemed alright.

    His bromance with Andrew though was priceless. They were like insta-buddies after a few minutes of talking about cars.

    14. Emil

    Gosh he was so weird. How do you approach a girl and tell her your name actually rimes with Anal???

    Totally creepy.


    Okay this guy took it to the next level. He stole a lamp from the hotel??? HAHAHA. I laughed so hard I would have given him the first impression rose, but alas, Marquel has stolen my heart with his black and white cookies.

    Sorry lamp, next time though.


    His gimmick was pretty fun I have to admit. Craig seems like a sweet guy. I would toast with him.


    Are my eyes betraying me? Is there a SECOND black guy on the show! WOO DOUBLE THE CHANCES FOR A BLACK BACHELOR! Plus he’s OH so suave.

    Glad she kept him around.


    An Opera singer! I really hoped she’d keep him around. He’s so classy. He also kind of looks like a young Charlie Sheen.

    19.Josh B.

    I had such high hopes for Josh B. He was extremely attractive and seemed like a catch. Annnndd then he opened his mouth after he was given the boot. So whiny and unattractive and like, dude you met her for about five minutes. CHILL. Good Call Andi.

    20.Nick S.
    Fun fact: Nick is from my hometown! WOOHOO. That’s so cool. He’s also a golfer, which makes me wonder where exactly he golfs in Kissimmee, since we’re kind of a small/not so small town. Glad he’s going to be on the show for at least one more episode.


    Poor guy never quite grasped how to tie a real tie. It’s okay, Brian! If she keeps you around for a long time, you’ll have a lot of chances to learn from your fellow bunkmates!


    Good looking guy. I’d like to see more of him. The only thing is that a cute couple name for him and Andi is not possible. Andirew? Eeek.

    23. Mike AKA “Camps”

    His laugh was priceless. I just wanted to hear him laugh.

    So “Camps” wanted their first meeting to feel like he approached her in a “natural setting”. Cute idea, but the poor guy seemed so nervous at first. Then he was like “BAM. I rehearsed this in the mirror 200 times. I got it!”

    I would have kept him over some of the other guys she kept. Oh well.


    I don’t know how I feel about seeing Eric on screen. Since he stepped out of the limo, I knew he would be one of my top 5 guys. It’s really sad knowing about his paragliding accident. But regardless, I will try to push that aside to give him a fair opinion in the show. First of all, Eric’s eyes! The stare he gave Andi melted me through the screen. Plus he’s well-traveled and cultured???

    Win win.

    25. Josh M.

    This guy lives in her city. He’s hot, he’s charming…. Josh M is going to make it pretty far I think. The only thing that worries me is that she said that he’s just her type and that hasn’t really been working for her so far. I like him.

    Of course, because we always need some sort of drama the first night, Chris Bukowski from Emily’s season shows up.

    Let’s get real here. I have never liked Chris. Not when he was in Emily’s season, not when he was in Bachelor Pad—Never. I was not happy to see him and was relieved to know I wouldn’t spend another season watching him.

    Go away Chris… geez.

    The first Rose Ceremony!

    ~AKA Who made it through, and who got the boot~

      6.Josh M
      18.Nick S
      19.First Impression Rose: Nick V


      3.Josh B

      To wrap things up, I was very very sad for Rudie the Attorney.

      That is all.

      My top 5 this week:
        1.JJ (He’s so my type it’s crazy. I might love him more than Arie Luyendyk…. LOL jk Arie is life)
        2.Marquel (COOKIES FOR EVERYONE)
        3.Eric (Dreamboat)
        4.Josh M (He’s pretty cute and charming. I’ll have to keep an eye on him)
        5.Brett (#Ilovelamp)

        If anybody reads this, here are some questions.
          1.Who’s your favorite so far?
          2.Could there be an African American bachelor next season?
          3.Would you have kept Rudie the Attorney over Vanilla Ice Cody? Sound off in the comments! J
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May 23, 2014
That lamp stealing hair dresser needs to go! And the lawyer Ruddie was a big no! So weird that guy... did you see his walk on the way put?

2 hot black guys yes! And Eric #BeautifulMan #Perfect #SoTragic
May 22, 2014
1. I'm loving Marquel and I thought the lamp with Brett was pretty funny too. She took it WAY to seriously. Clearly they saw him taking the lamp out of the hotel and didn't care/ABC already paid for it.
2. I like the way you think…but even though we have a Black president, I don't see there ever being a Black Bachelor :(
3. YES… I thought Rudie's handwritten summons or whatever was totally cute!
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