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    He's the kind of guy I think most women are terrified of meeting. He put up an awesome act infront of Ashley, consoling her and saying she's gorgeous even though he's sitting in the individual interviews saying that he doesn't find her attractive, he hates girls who cries etc.
    He was just there to get the roses, as a competition, as he said several times. Poor Ashley to get so fooled...

    But he was however wrong about the "No one has ever done this before", Wes in Gillians season fooled her bad and then in Ali's season, the pro-wrestler Justin even called his girlfriend saying he would be home soon and how much he loved her, etc.

    So sad that a show which is meant to be all good is ruined by people who see a chance to promote themselves and/or be mean.

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    This is really the first season that I really do not get this show. Is Ashley really THAT blind, or is this all just one big scene put up by the directors and is Ashley in with it.

    I just don't get it. I know all the drama is supposed to bring in viewers, but this is getting rediculous. I'm getting to the point where I really do NOT want to hear the name Bentley one more time. Why don't they just show her all the stuff he said about her in the personal interviews. There is the answer for you hunny, you don't need to talk to that idiot to find that out, because he is going to lie to you anyway. IF this is all real ( and I'm starting to think that its a big if) this show is playing with Ashleys feelings so damn hard and she is going to be so angry when she watches this hind sight!

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    I was impressed with how Ashley was able to figure out that Bentley is such a player. I think the producers didn't show her the tapes because it would ruin the integrity of the show. If they showed Ashley Bentley's confessionals, that opens the door for other bachelors and bachelorettes to see confessionals in later seasons, which might make contestants on the show much more wary of what they say in confessionals, when producers and all of the viewers want them to be honest. If they aren't honest in confessionals, then what is the point of the confessionals? Arguably it was still a heartless thing to do, but at least they weren't doing it just to be mean to Ashley.

    Even without seeing the tapes, though, Ashley was able to see through Bentley. He didn't do much that was different than when he was on the show, but she saw that he was just leading her on. I can understand how she thought she was into him and how she was upset about him leaving her with a "dot dot dot." I'm glad she has closure now and I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes with this.

    It does worry me that there are a lot of men like Bentley out there. I hope other women learn from Ashley's mistake.

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