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  • bad show

    1. the people who get proposted will last 6 months and learn that was dumb

    2. its not bad but dang why do they have a fake crying moment and also why is chirs harrsion a bad host this bad rating
  • How about a show with the over 55 crowd?

    It would be interesting to have a few shows with the over 55 people. I am widowed and I am 66 years young. It would be interesting to see more seasoned people on the show for a change.
  • Ask more questions about his family and the breakup after 2 months of marriage

    Garrett is a man that says he divorced a woman after 2 months of marriage because of how she interacted with his family. I find that rather scary. First that his breakup was related to his family is a red flag, and secondly how FAST he ended things. 2 months?? I would've asked more questions. Perhaps it's his families expectations that is the issue. I think when Garrett talks, I am not hearing the substance that I hear when Blake talks. I hear "you make me feel so good", and that can be here today and gone after the honeymoon is over. I think Blake is more insightful about the long term, and he has demonstrated that he is worthy of her love by the very fact that he was one of the last two standing. These women/men need to understand words and ideas that have to do with longevity and maturity vs versus making your heart go litter pat. You can evolve into that. If all you have is high pitted pat and getting high off of new feelings, that gets old and what do you have left? Again, that odd situation with his family and him making a decision in 2 MONTHS???? Scary. Ask some questions and watch closely before you actually marry him Becca.
  • Rachel is a Beautiful Woman, but Who did her makeup?

    When Rachel and Eric sat down to dinner before their overnight, Rachel's makeup was Hideous, blue eye shadow w/pink lipstick and pink blush. What is the name of the makeup artist that let her walk out looking like that! their ass should be thrown in the HALL OF SHAME !
  • The bachelorette is black but most of the guys are white

    When the bachelorette is white 98% of the guys are white. So why isn't it the same for the black bachelorette. All those white guys on there is ridiculous. I guess abc thinks if they have a black bachelorette who actually likes black guys then nobody will watch. Ofcourse abc would pic a black girl who likes white guy. Should've just kept having a white bachelorette instead of this garbage that's on now. Oh no that's rite all those white guys on the show are genuinely interested in the black girl.
  • Picked the Best Man

    I am so glad JoJo picked Jordan over Robby. Robby is too serious and seems really boring and dull to me. Jordan is fun and playful. I married a very handsome man that was very serious and went on, and on, and on, when talking. I was miserable and now happily divorced. Their personalities would have never been worked.
  • Bride or Baby?

    Please, please stop all that crying!!!! Looking for your husband should not be such a painful crying experience. If it is, then you are not mature enough to get married little girl!!!!
  • Cry me a River!

    PLUEEEZE! Stop the crying! It's so stupid and fake and immature and staged. You dump the guy and then go running after him begging him to not hate you cause you really do love him and whaa whaa whaaa. Give it up. Let him go! I swear last night he kept trying to get up off that couch and get out of there and she wouldn't let him go. Prolong the pain girl! That's great TV! It's part of the show to let guys go and I find it hard to believe for one second that this Bachelorette gives two hoots about anybody but the wannabe football guy cause she's wanted him from night one and the rest of this season has just been an exercise to get to the end. With him.
  • Worst Segment Ever

    The segment that intercut the singing of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" with the tear-stained, jilted Bach in his minivan was among the worst television I've seen in years. On the flip side, being in the editing shack when this show is cut must be a gas.

  • You mean,,The Bachelorettes

    The bachelors are all girls. They moan and groan and sigh and are as catty as women. This is the most season of this show ever. Where are the men who act like men. I mean, facials and cucumbers and pedicures. all look alike. what is u with that stupid hair style. so disappointing. bad, bad cast. i can't even stay interested enough to get through the show. Thank heaven Big Brother starts tomorrow night. Start this season over. stop it now!!!!! seriously, put us all out of our misery. and the dates are terrible. Unreal is better.
  • Canadian

    Why does every other man get a job title and where the canadian guys job title should be.... It says "Canadian"? As if his career is not valid because he's Canadian.




    The show should do some older men and women, or widower's and widow's. After all they are just as worthy as the young ones
  • Bachelor and bachelorette old contestants

    I like watching the bachelor and bachelorette even though I believe a lot of it is fake. What I can't stand is the returning old bachelors and bachelorettes giving advice, they got there 10 minutes of fame go away. We saw them on the show already and don't really care what their life is now, go live your life your minutes of fame are over.
  • Worst

    The bachelorette and bachelor are the most ridiculous, sickening, phony shows ever. Please take these shows off tv and make room for better, more substantially entertaining shows.
  • MORE!

    Derivative Crap!
  • Worst show to date!

    All the aggression she clearly enjoys and having sex talks with tiny kids is disgusting! If the producers think this is 'ok' I will not be watching the next one. .... No wonder our world is a mess if this is supposed to be about romance!! Worst ever!!
  • Worst bachelorette sad

    Such a horrible season. The people were so awful. So sad. I have watched every season, but I am definitely done uwith the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows for good. Such a bad choice of bachelorette this time.
  • Just a horrible way to behave!

    How do you tell all 3 of the last guys standing that you love them, and deny you strung anyone along? How do you let Nick stand there and profess his love to you, before letting him know, "He is not the one? How do you defend doing that when you promised to send him home as soon as you knew he wasn't the one for you? And how do you do all of that... having been in the same position yourself and knowing the heartbreak first hand? And then you find it funny? when his heart was broken and he threw the ring in the car. It was callous, cold-hearted and despicable behavior. It completely turned me off to the show.
  • Not classy

    I watched Good Morning America today. As I watched the series, I was not partial to either finalist. When the couple was asked by the interviewer how they felt about Nick's tossing the wedding ring, the couple responded they thought it was funny. How disappointing to see such insensitivity (and immaturity) toward someone's pain. It would have been so much better had they acknowledged their understanding of another person's disappointment, someone who poured his heart and soul, who was open and sincere in his feelings. . I don't think much of anything about the ring toss because his gesture was that of a person who felt he had been lied to, was hurt and expressed his anger in a simple ring toss. I thought HE was the class act in that he was honest and consistent in expressing his feelings, not fearful of hiding his disappointment and expressing himself honestly and openly, which is a gift in itself (at the end) and then walking with her to the car in spite of it. Nick demonstrated class.

    You'll understand as you hopefuly mature.

  • producers & Kaitlyn really screwed this season up!

    It was truely bad enough when the producers actually let Nick into the bachelor lineup. Changes the whole thing now that other prior contestants can just jump in by asking. Shouldn't have been Kaitlyns call. PERIOD and it was tacky of her to be ok with it. THEN she sleeps with Nick which isn't the first or last time that will happen. BUT you've gotta wonder why the producers let it be such a big part of the whole thing.

    Yes she had feelings for both Shawn & Nick and there's no accounting for someone else's feelings and choices BUT during filming, it's played up heartily with Nick and there is frequent references to Shawn's jealous personality, his obvious immaturity but here's the RUB. That she or whoever was responsible for leaking the pics of them in bed on Instagram AND the scoop juice that quote "Once Shawn saw all the episodes that he couldn't contain his jealousy and they SPLIT even before the finale was aired. SOMETHING WAS SERIOUSLY LOST THIS SEASON AND IT INCLUDES CHOICES BY PRODUCERS AND KAITLYN THAT WILL EFFECT VIEWERS AND RATINGS FROM HERE ON. THANKS KAITLYN AND PRODUCERS FOR SERIOUSLY SCREWING UP WHAT WAS A COOL PROGRAM,
  • Trash

    The show is trash and is basically fluff porn. Get rid of it! Take a tip from the cable companies and have shows like Homeland, SoA, GoT. Now that's entertainment.
  • It is okay to be a better person, Kaitlyn!

    I was already disappointed with this show but after watching "The Men Tell All", I am beyond disappointed. Kaitlyn herself said that thousands of comments after comments were sent criticizing her and yet her reaction says she doesn't care and instead attacked back these people. I agree that some of the comments have gone too far and not necessary but she should at least re-assess her behavior. She should think 'Hmnnn... maybe I did make mistakes and maybe I could have done better". You accepted to be the Bachelorette and I believe there are responsibilities that came with it. You can't just say, "this is me" and I will do what I want". You owe it to your audience! And you know what? It is okay to try to be a better person, Kaitlyn. It is okay to change a little bit. It might do you good. Another thing that disappointed me is Cris Harrison and some of the other guys defending her. Sorry Cris Harrison but I would never want Kaitlyn to be a role model for my kids and there is only one reason for this- she does not want to change for the better. She thinks she is a great person and she wouldn't even consider changing her ways! That is not a good role model for my kids!!
  • Worst Ever

    Kaitlin is a horrible person. I hope no good guy gets messed up with her. Nick is not a decent person either so maybe they deserve each other. I hope we get a nice girl next time. This show has been so trashy this time. I don't know why any man would want her.
  • The bad bachelorette

    I think that Kailtlyn sucks as a bachelorette. She is slutty, dishonest and a hypocrit and leads guys on. She tells them one thing and then she sends them home. I also think that some of the guys on there are a bunch of trash talking douche bags. I would not want to date people like that. Hopefully the next bachelor/bachelorette is better.
  • Low Morals.

    If your producers have another bachelorette like this low morale one next year I can guarantee you will loose a Hugh audience.

    This is the worst season ever. Kaitlyn has proven herself to have no morals. Who asks someone to take their clothes off and run across a golf course. Degrading. She is the worst bachorlette ever. She is one who is not looking for love but for publicity. Next season, please get it back to real people not these actresses. Horrible Season. Don't even know if I will watch next season with trash like this. No wonder we wonder about our kids morality these days watching stuff like this.

    Kaitlyn is far from bright, far from clever and sophisticated. She is short on integrity, ethics and class. She is dishonest; heard her say many a time she is tired of the "Nick and Shawn drama" she is the one who created the drama!!! Everyone that watches the program sees she causes the exact drama she later complains of how tired she is of hearing it. She tells a man one thing and does the complete opposite later, she steers a rocky ship; she is a loose cannon; she is not wife material; don't think she knows much about love from her actions. Men on the show may sleep with a woman and it's a little more understandable; men are primitivestill not right but when a woman does itit is cheap! It has always been that way since the beginning of time. Who wants to sleep with a woman after she has had sex with a a poor choice like Nick; who is a poor excuse for a gentleman? Nick only took advantage of a situation and Kaitlyn did not see through him. Who in their right mind would want any woman after sleeping with trash like him? Kaitlyn and Nick seem to be a better match for each other than anyone else on the show! She has no clue how contradicting she is. She really thinks having sex with Nick was acceptable and she tells Shawn she has the right to explore!!! OMG! Only a slut explores sex with different men while telling another he is the one! Decent well raised women do not go that far! And society does not find that acceptable by any means. Even Ashley who was a guest on the show: warned Kaitlyn of Nick and told her to beware of LUST. Kaitlyn was not intelligent enough to take Ashley's advice. Ashley is much smarter than she is given credit for from the last show. Shawn's family will be disgusted once they see the show and find out what Katelyn didand they will quickly learn how untrustworthy and little value her word holds, I am so glad for the amount of men that walked off this show. Ian was straight up and the only man brave enough to say the things he said to Katelyn. She should have thought more about what she was doing after the things he had to say. Ian is right; she is very "shallow" and on the show for all the wrong reasons. Ian knew he was too good for her; she can judge him for his brutal honesty but nonetheless he knew he was too good for of the men were. Every man (aside from a few like Clint and Nick) were gentlemen and they were very lucky to have dodged the bullet! Katelyn is very self-centered; Katelyn is about quantity not quality and proved that every step of the way with Nick! The guys were not enough and the quality of man she chose to have sex with on the show! OMG! Her actions speak volumes of her character or should I say lack of? I am hoping she does choose Nick. I think the only good thing that could come from this program is if SHAWN BECOMES THE NEXT BACHELOR!!! What is Chris Harrison's meaning of Shawn's jealousy? The man is falling in love with a deceitful person and he probably is picking up on the things about her that are just wronghis instincts are kicking in and he is just blinded by love and her cover-ups for what she back tracks on! The guy speaks up and speaks from the No guy wants to watch the girl he is falling for with other guys! Chris Harrison knows firsthand what Kaitlyn has been saying and doing!!! Shawn is just speaking his mind and from the heart! Shawn can't help Kaitlyn does not have the intelligence to see Nick for what he is! Bringing Shawn on as the next Bachelor would change the dynamics of the show and bring it back to what it would be a season worth seeing! The station did not know what they were thinking when they chose this girl; perhaps the reason they threw in BRIT!!! LOL. The producers could make a killing if they were to choose SHAWN as the next bachelor! Maybe they would make the comeback they need after this seasons poor choice in the female they chose for the show. I say female because she makes smart intelligent, sophisticated, classy, well-raised, tasteful women look bad! SHAWN is a catch! He deserves the opportunity to be the next Bachelor! It would be the class the show needs to bring its ratings back up! I hope the girl does not pick Shawn that would be just a crime! SHAWN'S got it all, he is gentleman and a force to be reckoned withhe is every bit of a man that a good woman could want and deserve! The man is such a gentleman, a man's man all the way! He has charm and class. It would be nice to see him get his pick of the think he would make the most excellent Bachelor! It definitely would make up for the sleaziness of this season! A good decent woman deserves this bachelor! One his family can be proud of!!!! Boy guess Kaitlyn really doesn't think ahead any more than she thinks in the think Shawn will have a complete different view of Kaitlyn once he sees the show! If he is lucky not to be chosen and to have dodged the should be thankful! Wonder how Kaitlyn will feel once the fame of it all fades reality will kick in and she will take a serious look at herself and hopefully she becomes a better person from it all.
  • Drop 'em Nick

    I cannot STAND Nick!! Couldn't stand him the last stand him even more this time. He is so arrogant and I can't believe she has fallen for him. Did she not see him call Andi out for sleeping with him in the fantasy suite? A true gentleman never kisses and tells. And, he showed that he was not a gentleman this season when he didn't stop their off-camera tryst before it went too far!! So what if she is a slut and slept with him knowing that she was still dating all those other guys, HE should not have taken advantage of her stupidity!! NOW to the topic of the dropping his drawers on the golf course!!! I would LOVE to see Nick drop down to his not-so-toned buff and run across the golf course!!! He is so feminine that he probably would not even need to hold HIS package as he ran!!! The lisp gets on my last nerve, but I know he can't help that and I would not want to make fun of something like that. But, I don't mind making fun of his hippy jewelry and those fluffy locks that he piles on top of his head!! My son has beautiful curly hair, but he would never fluff it out like a 60 year old granny!! He is such a disappointment in the man department that I hope Shawn rocked her world in the fantasy suite and made her realize what a lousy lay Nick was and she needs a real man. (Shawn was not one of my favs either, but anyone beats NICKKI)
  • The worst

    This has been the worst bachelorette EVER! Kaitlyn is the worst too. Nick should have NEVER been able to come back. He is nasty and disgusting to watch. I can't believe Kaitlyn chose to let him stay when she didn't like it when Chris was giving a girl a second chance. He chose to be respectful of the ladies that were left, and Kaitlyn was one of them. What a bitch! The guys who were sent home should be thankful. Watching tonight's episode just showed that she is going to choose Nick. They deserve each other for sure. Shawn should run for the hills and be thankful she is choosing Nick. Shawn is way too good for her. I will probably not watch this show again. I have always defended this show, but no more! I agree with all the negative reviews that everyone has written! Please make some changes to this show!

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