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  • Unoriginal and a disgrace to reality.

    I liked the first season of The Bachelorette. Finally someone finds love and actually gets married. But all the other seasons were horrible. I hated all the other bachelorettes, they were like posers.

    The Bachelorette is just as cheesy as the Bachelor. Men fight over a woman, vice versa. It was just a cheesy fake love fest where people pretend to love each other (not counting season 1 of The Bachelorette, it was quite interesting)

    The Bachelorette most of the time was a stuck up drama queen from The Bachelor who didn't win The Bachelor and wanted more fame. Trista Rehn was the best bachelorette. She was really nice and pretty.

    There is no use watching this. If you want to see real love, watch another show. If you want to see fights, fake dates, and cussing, watch The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. But, the shows are cheesy and sometimes raunchy. Do not let your children watch this.

    They also have tell all shows which show behind the scenes footage and stuff. It is boring and people ask questions and the men or women act horribly.

    All in all, I dislike the show and I don't know why I wasted my time watching the show. The Bachelor is just the same, no use reviewing that show too, I would just say the same thing.
  • Best Season...

    The best season of the Bacheloret was when Trista and Ryan where on it. They really stayed true to each other and they seem like such a great pare!!! Now, I think that it's pretty stupid. The guys don't seem as genuin as they did that season and the girls are just after looks. They really need to start getting better people or it's not going to last very much longer!
  • The Bachelorette blew past my expectations. At first, I had expected same old same old plot development but twist after turn of excitement and action just way exceeded my expectations.

    The Bachelorette blew past my expectations. At first, I had expected same old same old plot development but twist after turn of excitement and action just way exceeded my expectations. Mind you, there were some problems (most discontinuity issues) that I don't have the time to mention but all in all, a solid 9.
  • more reality trash

    i am so sick of reality television. there is nothing real about them. when are the people in this country going to say enough is enough? at least this one is gone, i hope for good. how could anyone think they would find the love of their life at a casting call?
  • A really bad show.

    This time let's make it for the girls. What a bad way to make another formulaic show. Just like its sister show The Bachelor , The Bachelorette is awful. It's just awful. I can't stand 1 minute of this show. It's a hit show, people love it, but I don't like it. It's a piece of garbage. This survivor madness has gone on a really really bad turn. Chimps will overtake our intelligence one day, The Bachelorette is a clear sign of mankind's impending doom. I feel happy for whoever made money off the show, at least that's a good thing. Bottom line, this show is awful, it's just awful.
  • I think that it would be COOL to have 2 Bachelorette's on the show at 1 time and have Double the # of Guys and go about the show as usual!!!

    I really like the show please do something or if I can get the # of the company I can talk to them ? ? ? I think that it would throw a hudge twist if this was at any how possible to make happen. I have enjoyed watching the show in the past, but I have really grown quite tired of the original format and think that it just needs some twiking around with to make more pleasurable and desirible once again to the community and all other avid viewers. Please take this into consideration and I hope that you will take action!!!
  • The Bachelorette Season Premier: A Review The Gentleman's Journey to Love (and Lemons)

    "I'll have a hair cut, a side order of crab dip and a virgin, please!"

    While these may not be ordinary choices for you and I, they are exactly what DeAnna Pappas, this season's bachelorette on the ABC reality series 'The Bachelorette' was served up last night during the season's premier episode.

    Surprisingly, just like 'The Bachelor', one could see circles of men huddled in a corner whispering about DeAnna like junior high girls talking about Brad Pitt in gym class. I wonder if these men were sent to sensitivity class before taping?

    Yes, Spero saved the day, and DeAnna's nipples from freezing over by wrapping a coat around her after someone else suggested it but if you really want to know who will protect DeAnna from harm, I would imagine she would be safe with Jesse as he would, "Kick you in the balls five times" if anything went wrong.

    From one gentleman, Chris, who cheated only one time but feels really, really bad about it to Donato, who spoke of Ron as giving DeAnna crabs, it made one wonder if there was a normal guy in the lot of them.

    Yet in the beginning montage of all 25 gentlemen leaving home to pursue one woman, we get a tender glimpse between Jason and his six year-old son as he has to tell him goodbye for six weeks and Richard, whose genuine kindness and boyish blush made me believe in chivalry all over again.

    Pre-season favorites didn't disappoint as one could almost feel the natural heat circulate during an outside conversation between Graham and DeAnna and Jeremy, a real estate attorney from Dallas, offered up a look of genuine surprise as he received the very first, first impression rose.

    Romance is alive and well and filmed for your viewing pleasure this season as one could attest to by the several kisses between DeAnna and a few of the bachelors shown during the upcoming season's previews. But I'm betting the real shenanigans will come from those fun-loving guys just trying to get a little attention from Greek-beauty Pappas. I mean, what would the show be like without a lemon-kicking karate kid or a DeAnna-labeled underwear chump who bared all - or at least most - in freezing temperatures?

    It's almost enough to make you forget, at the end of the show, might there not only be one...but two who get down on bended knee?

    Of course, this isn't counting anyone Jesse may make buckle under if he does indeed try to drop-kick someone due to ill-behavior.

    Written by: Kimberly Gigstad © 2008
  • DeAnna is cold, hard, rude and has no personality or class whatsoever..there is absolutely nothing loving or feminine about her..she is not worthy of the guys on the show and is an embarrassment to women..the network has embarrassed themselves this time.

    DeAnna is cold, hard, rude and has no personality or class whatsoever....there is absolutely nothing loving or feminine about this woman....she is not worthy of the guys on the show....they can do a lot better....she is an embarrassment to all southern women and all women in general...if by some off chance she ends up with someone from this show, he will have a rude awakening...if she is this cold and rude on national television, just think what she will be off camera....the network has really embarrassed themselves this time - shame, shame, shame on you, network. Please choose more carefully next time.
  • He is sweet/down to earth. I believe his priorities are set & is ready settle down. I thought he was so adorably cute. I know what he is going through,I am a single mother of a two year old. It is hard now days to find a sole mate. Good luck Jason!!!

    I really think she should have chosen Jason. I am afraid that Jesse will not be ready to settle down anytime soon, I am afraid he was putting on a show for her. I believe that she was afraid of the pre made family with Jason. He already has a good job, a cute little boy at home, and I believe he really is ready to settle down. I know it is hard now days to find your soul mate. I really hope that Jesse meant everything he said on the show and that the two really do make it work.
  • The next bachelor?

    I totally think that the next bachelor should be Jake from The Bachelorette! She thought he was "too perfect" and sent him home - Honey, that's what the rest of us are looking for! What's wrong with "perfect"? Most of us never find it! And he is just so sweet and adorable! The first thing I said when she sent him home was "he should be the next bachelor". Then last week it was suggested on "The Men Tell All" show, and he said he'd be honored. So I sure hope they ask him to be. I for one, would not miss an episode. (Though I usually don't anyway.)And I think any woman who gets him is going to be SOooooo lucky!
  • Is it just me or Jesse looks like Robert de Niro in the movie CAPE FEAR ?

    Is it just me or Jesse looks like Robert de Niro in the movie CAPE FEAR ? Ugly dude !!! Anyways, I guess ABC played another trick on all the viewers by making DeAnna choose Jesse, the caveman ? You cannot be serious ! I couldn't believe it when I saw Jason coming out of the limo FIRST. That was just soooo wrong... I guess Jason or Jeremy will be the next BACHELORS. What's DeAnna gonna do with a snowboarder for the rest of her life ? She's going to end up in a trailer with a man with no schooling, no job, and a washed-up-hasbeen for the rest of her life.

    For once I would like to see reality shows that show the caucasian and african american side. I would be more willing to watch these types of shows. I also think it would be fair and more interesting. More versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please....more versatility please....more versatility please...more versatiltiy please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please...more versatility please. Just a thought...Thank you very much.
  • Could they have found an uglier girl???

    I hate to burst everybody's bubble, but I just have to say it-THIS GIRL IS HIDEOUS! And to see these desperate girls sweating her is painful. I guess a gorgeous girl is not going to submit herself to this. And her overreactions to everything that happens is excruciatingly painful. I am not mean or rude I am honest and I am upset because I'm sure they could have found a pretty girl and this show would have been enjoyable to watch. That is my review and these words are here to make the requirement for one hundred words in every review.
  • Unique things of Bachelorette

    The Bachelorette gives opportunity to everyone to find his/her love. It provides the few tasks which help to judge your partner's loyalty, trust and at what level they can sacrifices for you. I think this the only show who make strong bond with people.
  • Cancel the Show

    There is a very fine line beween a show that has been edited to the point where "Reality" is deliberately sacrificed and a show that is rigged from the beginning. No man or woman who has any self respect at all would intentionally put themselves in a situation where they are nothing more than breed stock in a stable.
  • Not right to have a kid on show!

    This season is such a bummer that I don't even watch it that much because Emily should not of gotten any special treatment to bring her daughter on show. For me, that is a big turn off on the show. There are plenty of bachelorettes and bachelors that have kids and they didn't get any special treatment for their kids. They all missed their kids a lot and they had to deal with it since they made the decision to go on tv. I think Emily is not all what she cracks up to be..poor little ole Emily.. right...I feel sorry for her daugther that she was dragged all through the media.It didn't serve any purpose but to get her on tv and I think that is a poor choice as a mom to do that to a child. We all get it that she misses her but again that was her choice.. So why did the show do it?. .It just make you wonder what is Emily really about?
  • Till Death Do Us Part, or Till the Cameras Stop Rolling

    As a big fan of The Bachelorette, I find this show very entertaining. Others find it dumb, shallow, and not worth their time.

    Despite being dramatized by numerous episodes, the process for the bachelorette to choose her spouse seems very brief and random. Although the show does not tell us exactly how much time each contestant spends with the bachelorette, it is likely too short for a marriage partner to be chosen. People likely spend more time choosing their doctor. Not every contestant spends the same amount of time with the bachelorette, giving some of the men unfair advantages. If it is true that the national divorce rate is 50%, then it seems that this show would only worsen the odds of a couple staying together.

    Superficial is a good adjective to describe the relationships on this show. One of the first things a viewer will notice about The Bachelorette is that all the contestants are attractive. This is typical Hollywood and part of what makes the show fun to watch. The setting for this show varies and is often very unrealistic. No one I know would go on a second date to the city of London. And on these magnificent dates, most of the contestants say something along the lines of "I could see us having a future together" or "I think I am falling for you." This dialogue seems to be very fake and possibly scripted.

    There are at least one and possibly two script writers for The Bachelorette. Although it is not clear how much of it actually is scripted, one has to wonder if this truly is a reality show. On the official ABC Bachelorette website, bloggers debate in great detail over whether the show is scripted. Some suggest that only certain lines and characters are scripted, while others call the whole show manufactured.

    How realistic is it that one of the contestants (Sean) ran into the streets of Prague yelling out for Emily. And, of all the times Emily cried, there were only a few during which she produced actual tears.

    This show is appealing to viewers of all ages and backgrounds. I often watch episodes with my 63 year old neighbor who is a registered nurse. Perhaps this show is a fun escape from boring middle-class lifestyles, or maybe it is a way to experience romance in a way that never happened for many people. Being a beautiful person who visits beautiful places on a romantic journey is like something straight out of a fairytale.

    Being in front of a camera can change the way people act. These contestants are able to show us their best appearances and behavior. The bachelorette does not get a chance to see them when they first get out of bed in the morning, and never has to step over their dirty laundry. More importantly, she never sees them in any bad situations and how they would react to them. These things make it harder to view The Bachelorette as a "reality" show.

    Some of the scenarios on the show are just too unrealistic to believe. On the episode aired on July 2nd, the bachelorette met each of the four remaining contestant's families. Three out of the four families seemed fairly typical. On the fourth visit, the contestant revealed his big secret: he still lived with his family. As viewers took a tour of his bedroom, they and the bachelorette were shocked to find clothes everywhere, crumbs on tables, and stuffed animals throughout the room. Most people clean up before any guests arrive, not to mention if they are with a camera crew. Interestingly, that contestant was eliminated on the next episode.

    Some of the contestants come on the show hoping to find fame and fortune for themselves. One man stated that if he was not chosen by the bachelorette, he might at least be considered for other shows. The Bachelorette hopefully does not choose individuals who only come on the show with the intention of making it big in Hollywood. Additionally, past contestants have claimed that their reason for joining the show was future opportunities in modeling or acting.

    A controversial topic brought up on this blog refers to children being on the show. I agree with PamSmith7's post that Emily should not have been able to bring Ricky on The Bachelorette. Emily received special treatment, which should not have been allowed. Children should not be subjected to meeting adults who may not remain in their lives, and who will obviously try to win them over in various ways.

    Despite its faults as a matchmaking process, The Bachelorette is both enchanting and comical to watch. It appeals to that little boy or girl in many of us who wants a fairytale romance with the perfect mate. Although it would not be recommended as a way to choose that person, this show definitely provides entertainment. As for me, I have The Bachelorette recording every Monday night, so I won't miss a single episode.

  • Why not canceled?

    Why watch anymore.

  • That Diary...

    I was in shock when Des opened that diary and read the inscription. My name is Cara and I have never met my father, so reading those words brought tears to my eyes. Had to share that emotion
  • Like this

    Like it very much... <3
  • Andi is a horror show

    I am a fan of the franchise, but I have to say if they don't start putting REAL people on the show instead of wanna be actresses our group of fans is done. It's been down hill since Deanna!! She was bad but Alli and Andi take the cake! They are obviously in it for the fame and both will never make it! YUCK! Get real Bachelorette! Literally !!
  • Bachelorette is boring now

    This lastest Bachelorette andi is not very interesting I am starting to feel like this show is just turning into who wants to be the next actor or actress when you first started it was real good with real people who where really looking for they soulmates I have really lost interest in watching it.
  • Dumb show

    Why do we have shows like this?
  • Wrong to drop either girl again!Cant watch this year now.

    I was excited to see both both deserved was not right the way they thought they had a chance at love to get dropped way they voted one off Spoiled the entire season for it started off with Kaitlin I would have accepted it & watched way Britt went home made me delete it on my dvr for the will be the first season i'm not watching hope it was worth it ABC how you did this hope more boycott it this season.
  • The WORST yet!

    This has to be the worst bachelorette ever! Kaitlyn is one sick, twisted freak! She needs to be sent home and back to white trash land where she came from. Her sense of humor is rather disgusting and it totally crossed the line this week when she sent the guys to teach sex education to a bunch of little kids who were said to have been actors. It was uncomfortable to watch and I was appauled Chris Harrison would allow this type of date to be planned. It was humiliating for the guys but down right disgusting to watch. Kaityn needs her head examined to think this was funny. Also her idea of these violent dates being funny is absurd! It's also very disturbing that her idea of a fun date is turning the guys loose on each other like wild animals and watching them beat the crap out of each other. I'm sure they didn't sign up to end up in the ER or with concussions and black eyes. Kaitlyn even went as far as to make a comment that one of the guys looked sexier with the black eye and she might punch him again so the black eye didn't heal.

    What is wrong with this girl? She is not attractive and her disgusting sense of humor makes her even uglier. Also, the two guys acting gay is pretty hokie. Nice way to boost ratings but its been uncovered that this was just a promo that the show went with. It was definitely the lowest the show has sank and I won't be watchig the rest of this season. Britt may have been a cry baby but she was a good hearted person and would have enjoyed getting to know these guys on actual dates. She was also so much easier on the eyes unlike crazy Kaitlyn! I hope all she ends up with no one like she deserves!
  • Big joke !

    I can't believe the phoney girl Kaitlyn if you could view yourself you would say what the heck! The giving our of roses please! Every time in the rose ceremony she is total reading a tag on the rose so staged! And this last episode - is this fear factor or the bachelorette? And then teaching children sex education?? Really Just saying, I want it know what happened more with Brit and her man honestly!
  • Kick Nick to the curb, not the guys!

    Kaitlyn is a drama queen. She says she does not want drama but she creates it. I cannot even believe she would consider bringing Nick into the picture. This tells me she cannot be serious about the whole process and really is not looking for a husband but just wants to have a good time. There are alot of good guys on the show and she just kicks the to the curb. Worst season ever but, is okay if you know what I mean!!
  • Episode 4 -- Kaitlyn "Meets" Nick

    Thank you Lauren Weigle (Heavy dot com) for exposing the truth about Kaitlyn Bristowe. I have no interest or desire to watch the show any more. Evidently, she is dishonest; she is emotionally-manipulative; she has no morals; and she is a total tramp.

    If I were a contestant, I would not trust her; I would not waste my time or energy; and I would leave the show immediately. How ironic that she ends up as a conflicted, confused, and unhappy single woman.
  • Sleezy

    I have been a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan since it began. I hated the season with Juan Pablo. This season of the Bachelorette is as disgusting as Juan Pablo's season. Maybe they should get together! Neither of them want a relationship. I was so proud of Ian when he told her how shallow she was. Somebody needed to put her in her place. She also creates drama and problems between the men and just sits back and watches the fireworks. The directors of this show need to be careful and get this show back on track or they will lose viewers. I have an idea. Get some fresh contestants and quit trying to pick a fan favorite to be the new contestant. I'm not sure she was the fan favorite either. Many of them are just wanting it to promote themselves and not find love.
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