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  • Cry me a River!

    PLUEEEZE! Stop the crying! It's so stupid and fake and immature and staged. You dump the guy and then go running after him begging him to not hate you cause you really do love him and whaa whaa whaaa. Give it up. Let him go! I swear last night he kept trying to get up off that couch and get out of there and she wouldn't let him go. Prolong the pain girl! That's great TV! It's part of the show to let guys go and I find it hard to believe for one second that this Bachelorette gives two hoots about anybody but the wannabe football guy cause she's wanted him from night one and the rest of this season has just been an exercise to get to the end. With him.
  • The absolute worst ever...

    Kaitlyn is the worst bachelorette ever. Never have more guys left the show on their own. I wanted her in the beginning but she is so stupid. She gets played all over the place. Considering letting Nick on the show after she saw what a douche he was shows how base she is. She had macho men does that? She wants someone to protect her, how many times has she said that? All the guys should go home. Very telling that on the first night, they all saw she kissed all of them. This chick has absolutely no brain. If you believe the tabloids and she sleeps with someone before the fantasy suites, then who wants a dirty leg? She deserves gay is making it so I don't even want to watch the series anymore. Nick is playing her after Clint and JJ just hope they all LEAVE !!
  • Mediocre. Worse season ever

    She is a tacky unprofessional candidate for a group of pretty awesome professional men. Can't think anyone on this show would seriously consider her a catch.
  • Episode 4 -- Kaitlyn "Meets" Nick

    Thank you Lauren Weigle (Heavy dot com) for exposing the truth about Kaitlyn Bristowe. I have no interest or desire to watch the show any more. Evidently, she is dishonest; she is emotionally-manipulative; she has no morals; and she is a total tramp.

    If I were a contestant, I would not trust her; I would not waste my time or energy; and I would leave the show immediately. How ironic that she ends up as a conflicted, confused, and unhappy single woman.
  • Disgusting

    I have been a Bachelorette/Bachelor fan for many seasons. This season is by far the worst. Kaitlyn is certainly giving truth to those who say this show is trash and can't believe people actually watch it.

    Every man who has been sent home is fortunate. Why would any respectable man want to spend a lifetime with this person?!?! Not interested any longer in this season.

    Fingers crossed that future season bachelor(etttes) display an inkling of integrity.
  • The WORST yet!

    This has to be the worst bachelorette ever! Kaitlyn is one sick, twisted freak! She needs to be sent home and back to white trash land where she came from. Her sense of humor is rather disgusting and it totally crossed the line this week when she sent the guys to teach sex education to a bunch of little kids who were said to have been actors. It was uncomfortable to watch and I was appauled Chris Harrison would allow this type of date to be planned. It was humiliating for the guys but down right disgusting to watch. Kaityn needs her head examined to think this was funny. Also her idea of these violent dates being funny is absurd! It's also very disturbing that her idea of a fun date is turning the guys loose on each other like wild animals and watching them beat the crap out of each other. I'm sure they didn't sign up to end up in the ER or with concussions and black eyes. Kaitlyn even went as far as to make a comment that one of the guys looked sexier with the black eye and she might punch him again so the black eye didn't heal.

    What is wrong with this girl? She is not attractive and her disgusting sense of humor makes her even uglier. Also, the two guys acting gay is pretty hokie. Nice way to boost ratings but its been uncovered that this was just a promo that the show went with. It was definitely the lowest the show has sank and I won't be watchig the rest of this season. Britt may have been a cry baby but she was a good hearted person and would have enjoyed getting to know these guys on actual dates. She was also so much easier on the eyes unlike crazy Kaitlyn! I hope all she ends up with no one like she deserves!
  • the bachelorette

    This is NOOOOOO doubt the most pitiful,boring,dramatic,abs slutty, espisode. She's got NOOOOOO morals and is using and hurting the guys she should be getting closer to. Please stop. I don't even care if she finds love. Those guys deserve better. Enuff said.

    Trista and Ryan got. Me hooked. And every episode after was good, but lately,it's all about status,,,very sad. sure, one of them wants love, but the other wants fame or money. It's time to stop. OR. Put some average people on the show for a change. !

    I totally decided, but, if KAITLYN sees the sincerely right guy,NOT Nick,not the trainer, but, 'Ben" . He's down to earth and sincere and totally devoted. KAITLYN, wake up.
  • Worst season ever.

    These poor guys are so perfect and great for someone, not kaitlyn she doesn't deserve love. This is the worst season ever. Did someone hit Kaitlyn in the head? She was doing so good until Nick showed up and he is ruining the show honestly. I'm extremely disappointed, I don't even want to watch the show any more nor ever again. It's getting annoying just because she is making poor decisions it's ruining the whole show.
  • Sleezy

    I have been a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan since it began. I hated the season with Juan Pablo. This season of the Bachelorette is as disgusting as Juan Pablo's season. Maybe they should get together! Neither of them want a relationship. I was so proud of Ian when he told her how shallow she was. Somebody needed to put her in her place. She also creates drama and problems between the men and just sits back and watches the fireworks. The directors of this show need to be careful and get this show back on track or they will lose viewers. I have an idea. Get some fresh contestants and quit trying to pick a fan favorite to be the new contestant. I'm not sure she was the fan favorite either. Many of them are just wanting it to promote themselves and not find love.
  • Kaitlyn &Nick

    Really disappointed. If they had a connection before the show, they should have explored it before she accepted the role of Bachlorette. They could have "found love " on the Bachelor Pad or Paridise. Instead, we are watching a dismal outcome for decent and genuine guys.
  • What a Tramp !!

    This girl makes me sick. She should be ashamed of herself. That one guy got is right on, she is sooooo shallow. Her and Nick deserve each other. This show went to far this time. This girl is publicly making herself look like trash. This is not a show about love. This girl just wants to be on TV. No one goes on TV and dates 25 guys, hangs all over them, lies to them, and then marries one of them. I would be very disappointed if my son went on a show like this and brought someone one home like this to marry. Shame on you Kaitlyn, you have NO class.
  • Bachelorette is boring now

    This lastest Bachelorette andi is not very interesting I am starting to feel like this show is just turning into who wants to be the next actor or actress when you first started it was real good with real people who where really looking for they soulmates I have really lost interest in watching it.
  • Big joke !

    I can't believe the phoney girl Kaitlyn if you could view yourself you would say what the heck! The giving our of roses please! Every time in the rose ceremony she is total reading a tag on the rose so staged! And this last episode - is this fear factor or the bachelorette? And then teaching children sex education?? Really Just saying, I want it know what happened more with Brit and her man honestly!
  • worst season of bachellorette ever!!!!!!

    She tells shaun he has a right to be upset the next day she pretty much tells him to deal with it and got all snotty she ruined whatever she could of had with the good guys she had left....

    I am done with this show because of this years Bachelorette. Why good guys went home and she slept with a jerk instead of just telling Chris she wanted to just hook up with NIck in the first place is beyond words. She HURT people and should have been booted off this show, I am done watching this show. his is NOT what this show started out being. She has ruined this show.
  • No Longer A Watcher - Cancel Show

    I have been watching the bachelor/bachelorette since the beginning but after last weeks show I will no longer watch. Kaitlyn is a disgusting bachelorette. She is a slut with no morals and attacks the sensibilities of normal moral people. It is not a show this season that families can watch. This season is dragging the show through the mud and filth of the bachelorette and shame on you ABC for allowing this to continue to go on. ABC needs to put a halt to it right now and tell the public due to unforeseen moral issues with the bachelorette the show this season is being cancelled. This will establish honor back to ABC or is it RATINGS(WHICH YOU WILL BE LOSING) that will be the benchmark.
  • Kick Nick to the curb, not the guys!

    Kaitlyn is a drama queen. She says she does not want drama but she creates it. I cannot even believe she would consider bringing Nick into the picture. This tells me she cannot be serious about the whole process and really is not looking for a husband but just wants to have a good time. There are alot of good guys on the show and she just kicks the to the curb. Worst season ever but, is okay if you know what I mean!!
  • Wrong to drop either girl again!Cant watch this year now.

    I was excited to see both both deserved was not right the way they thought they had a chance at love to get dropped way they voted one off Spoiled the entire season for it started off with Kaitlin I would have accepted it & watched way Britt went home made me delete it on my dvr for the will be the first season i'm not watching hope it was worth it ABC how you did this hope more boycott it this season.
  • No morals, total opportunism, season.

    This show has gone from bad to worse this season. What is wrong with you people at one thing to have a reality show (or version of one) but this is ridiculous. You are going for some sick sensationalism in the hope for better ratings and losing it completely with all of this immoral and predatory behaviour. Nick is an insincere opportunist and predator. Katelyn is totally not ready for a committed relationship let alone marriage. She is dating people, on a television show, while sleeping only with one guy (surprise!) and not telling ALL of them only Shawn, that she did and couldn't even use the real words, (no courage, decency and such a fake "guilt trip and statement") - disgusting guys. This seasons show is reaching new lows and you will lose audiences because all of your "find real love" messages are false and misleading. So she now does homecomings and still has told "UNLUCKY" No. 3 who is obviously a toss away - to be discarded, a token No. 3 - that she slept with Nick????? Are you people on drugs. How can you let that happen. And the young man who went home last night, sincere as could be and she didn't tell him??? He is lucky to go home. She nor Nick understand what a true relationship should or can are in it for all the wrong reasons, short term recognition, that will only end up being the worst kind of recognition and no public / viewers are not that stupid. You need to rework this whole program and the direction you are going in which at present, if not changed will be a disaster. Not watching anymore and telling others not to either... I hope Shawn walks, although unlikely, Token No. 3 goes home (another lucky one) and Nick and her end up together for the few minutes they are destined to "maybe" have and realize the nightmare they both minded, uncaring, fakes and despicable.
  • Cancel this show!

    I am a very open minded person and not a lot shocks me but this girl is a tramp! I think this season has probably the nicest group of guys that have been on and you put HER in the mix. What were you thinking ABC??? I heard her say in an interview that she hopes what she did gives women the power to follow their heart! Gag me. I just hope these guys realize they should be thankful that dirt bag Nick came back and saved them from this crazy tramp. No decent human being would slap these guys in the face by disrespecting them knowing it was all televised. Please don't make people go through a final rose anything! Pull the plug! im done. Put girls like her on the Bachelor Pad, not as a Bacholorette.

    I too am so disappointed in my favorite show. the start, having 2 women treated like animals being 2 men showing inappropriate actions toward each other, the producers should have removed both of them and then allowing Nick on the show and then to be so low to make a joke out of death, I recently lost my father, I did not find this funny at then to allowing the bachelorette to act so inappropriate by taking this man to get screwed and not leaving anything to the have to hear that take this as a slap in the viewers do not like filth, we do not appreciate your choice of a some new faces, these camera hogs have stolen enough from the show. And I can only hope that this sickening girl gets the final rose soon/ She is disgusting and I hope none of these truly nice guys get mixed up with the likes of her. We didn't like her from the other season, taking off her clothes on ABC slut doesn't always back our loved need all this love romeo and Juliet ... not deep throat.

    I have been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette programs for years but tonight I would rather clean toilets than watch K-Tramp take this series to the gutter where she dwells. Shame on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America for unsuccessfully trying to turn this slut into some kind of pathetic celebrity. Her 2 minutes of fame will have lasted longer than any hope of having a meaningful relationship or, God forbid, marriage in the future. Any man worth anything would never take this tramp for a wife. Shame shame shame.
  • Just a horrible way to behave!

    How do you tell all 3 of the last guys standing that you love them, and deny you strung anyone along? How do you let Nick stand there and profess his love to you, before letting him know, "He is not the one? How do you defend doing that when you promised to send him home as soon as you knew he wasn't the one for you? And how do you do all of that... having been in the same position yourself and knowing the heartbreak first hand? And then you find it funny? when his heart was broken and he threw the ring in the car. It was callous, cold-hearted and despicable behavior. It completely turned me off to the show.

    Kaitlyn is far from bright, far from clever and sophisticated. She is short on integrity, ethics and class. She is dishonest; heard her say many a time she is tired of the "Nick and Shawn drama" she is the one who created the drama!!! Everyone that watches the program sees she causes the exact drama she later complains of how tired she is of hearing it. She tells a man one thing and does the complete opposite later, she steers a rocky ship; she is a loose cannon; she is not wife material; don't think she knows much about love from her actions. Men on the show may sleep with a woman and it's a little more understandable; men are primitivestill not right but when a woman does itit is cheap! It has always been that way since the beginning of time. Who wants to sleep with a woman after she has had sex with a a poor choice like Nick; who is a poor excuse for a gentleman? Nick only took advantage of a situation and Kaitlyn did not see through him. Who in their right mind would want any woman after sleeping with trash like him? Kaitlyn and Nick seem to be a better match for each other than anyone else on the show! She has no clue how contradicting she is. She really thinks having sex with Nick was acceptable and she tells Shawn she has the right to explore!!! OMG! Only a slut explores sex with different men while telling another he is the one! Decent well raised women do not go that far! And society does not find that acceptable by any means. Even Ashley who was a guest on the show: warned Kaitlyn of Nick and told her to beware of LUST. Kaitlyn was not intelligent enough to take Ashley's advice. Ashley is much smarter than she is given credit for from the last show. Shawn's family will be disgusted once they see the show and find out what Katelyn didand they will quickly learn how untrustworthy and little value her word holds, I am so glad for the amount of men that walked off this show. Ian was straight up and the only man brave enough to say the things he said to Katelyn. She should have thought more about what she was doing after the things he had to say. Ian is right; she is very "shallow" and on the show for all the wrong reasons. Ian knew he was too good for her; she can judge him for his brutal honesty but nonetheless he knew he was too good for of the men were. Every man (aside from a few like Clint and Nick) were gentlemen and they were very lucky to have dodged the bullet! Katelyn is very self-centered; Katelyn is about quantity not quality and proved that every step of the way with Nick! The guys were not enough and the quality of man she chose to have sex with on the show! OMG! Her actions speak volumes of her character or should I say lack of? I am hoping she does choose Nick. I think the only good thing that could come from this program is if SHAWN BECOMES THE NEXT BACHELOR!!! What is Chris Harrison's meaning of Shawn's jealousy? The man is falling in love with a deceitful person and he probably is picking up on the things about her that are just wronghis instincts are kicking in and he is just blinded by love and her cover-ups for what she back tracks on! The guy speaks up and speaks from the No guy wants to watch the girl he is falling for with other guys! Chris Harrison knows firsthand what Kaitlyn has been saying and doing!!! Shawn is just speaking his mind and from the heart! Shawn can't help Kaitlyn does not have the intelligence to see Nick for what he is! Bringing Shawn on as the next Bachelor would change the dynamics of the show and bring it back to what it would be a season worth seeing! The station did not know what they were thinking when they chose this girl; perhaps the reason they threw in BRIT!!! LOL. The producers could make a killing if they were to choose SHAWN as the next bachelor! Maybe they would make the comeback they need after this seasons poor choice in the female they chose for the show. I say female because she makes smart intelligent, sophisticated, classy, well-raised, tasteful women look bad! SHAWN is a catch! He deserves the opportunity to be the next Bachelor! It would be the class the show needs to bring its ratings back up! I hope the girl does not pick Shawn that would be just a crime! SHAWN'S got it all, he is gentleman and a force to be reckoned withhe is every bit of a man that a good woman could want and deserve! The man is such a gentleman, a man's man all the way! He has charm and class. It would be nice to see him get his pick of the think he would make the most excellent Bachelor! It definitely would make up for the sleaziness of this season! A good decent woman deserves this bachelor! One his family can be proud of!!!! Boy guess Kaitlyn really doesn't think ahead any more than she thinks in the think Shawn will have a complete different view of Kaitlyn once he sees the show! If he is lucky not to be chosen and to have dodged the should be thankful! Wonder how Kaitlyn will feel once the fame of it all fades reality will kick in and she will take a serious look at herself and hopefully she becomes a better person from it all.
  • Hey ABC, Kaitlyn is embarrASSing

    I'll watch the remainder of this season, but only in hopes that Kaitlyn experiences true karma and, just maybe, all the remaining bachelors just get up one day and walk out of the house. Kaitlyn criticizes Ian for calling her out. Guess the truth hurts. Then, like little puppy dogs, the boys come to her rescue. Listen, when she brought Nick into the house, she clearly was screaming to the other guys that she's absolutely, 100% NOT convinced that her future husband is in the house. SHE'S there for the wrong reasons and should be sent home. It's disappointing to watch her try and claim her 5 minutes of fame at the expense of some of the other guys who actually want to find love. I hope next season weeds out the fakes and the phonies....
  • Worst season ever, show is grasping for ideas and failing to provide a good season!

    Kaitlin is the worst bachelorette ever, the show is ridiculous. I have been a fan and watched every show of every season and this is worse than Juan Pablo . To make out in a Church and then see Kaitlin and Nick go back to her room to hear what is taking place is very tacky! Nick is such a slime ball and the whole process in which you allowed him to return is not fair. It's like you all are grasping for ideas having 2 girls compete for the show and then allowing people to make there own rules is really sad . A great show has taken a turn downward. I hope the show gets it's act together!
  • the sleeze show

    I am done with the nick and Caitlyn show. Not fair for the other guys.
  • Dumb show

    Why do we have shows like this?
  • Horrible Bachelorette

    Kaitlyn is the worst bachelorette ever. All she does is cry and play games. I agree all the way with Ian's comment. I think Ian actually held back a lot of what he planned to say. I agree that she is superficial and she is just not that bright. I was all about Kaitlyn at beginning but her bullshit has just got to go.
  • DeAnna is cold, hard, rude and has no personality or class whatsoever..there is absolutely nothing loving or feminine about her..she is not worthy of the guys on the show and is an embarrassment to women..the network has embarrassed themselves this time.

    DeAnna is cold, hard, rude and has no personality or class whatsoever....there is absolutely nothing loving or feminine about this woman....she is not worthy of the guys on the show....they can do a lot better....she is an embarrassment to all southern women and all women in general...if by some off chance she ends up with someone from this show, he will have a rude awakening...if she is this cold and rude on national television, just think what she will be off camera....the network has really embarrassed themselves this time - shame, shame, shame on you, network. Please choose more carefully next time.
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