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The Bachelorette

Monday 8:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jan 08, 2003 In Season



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  • The Bachelorette Season Premier: A Review The Gentleman's Journey to Love (and Lemons)

    "I'll have a hair cut, a side order of crab dip and a virgin, please!"

    While these may not be ordinary choices for you and I, they are exactly what DeAnna Pappas, this season's bachelorette on the ABC reality series 'The Bachelorette' was served up last night during the season's premier episode.

    Surprisingly, just like 'The Bachelor', one could see circles of men huddled in a corner whispering about DeAnna like junior high girls talking about Brad Pitt in gym class. I wonder if these men were sent to sensitivity class before taping?

    Yes, Spero saved the day, and DeAnna's nipples from freezing over by wrapping a coat around her after someone else suggested it but if you really want to know who will protect DeAnna from harm, I would imagine she would be safe with Jesse as he would, "Kick you in the balls five times" if anything went wrong.

    From one gentleman, Chris, who cheated only one time but feels really, really bad about it to Donato, who spoke of Ron as giving DeAnna crabs, it made one wonder if there was a normal guy in the lot of them.

    Yet in the beginning montage of all 25 gentlemen leaving home to pursue one woman, we get a tender glimpse between Jason and his six year-old son as he has to tell him goodbye for six weeks and Richard, whose genuine kindness and boyish blush made me believe in chivalry all over again.

    Pre-season favorites didn't disappoint as one could almost feel the natural heat circulate during an outside conversation between Graham and DeAnna and Jeremy, a real estate attorney from Dallas, offered up a look of genuine surprise as he received the very first, first impression rose.

    Romance is alive and well and filmed for your viewing pleasure this season as one could attest to by the several kisses between DeAnna and a few of the bachelors shown during the upcoming season's previews. But I'm betting the real shenanigans will come from those fun-loving guys just trying to get a little attention from Greek-beauty Pappas. I mean, what would the show be like without a lemon-kicking karate kid or a DeAnna-labeled underwear chump who bared all - or at least most - in freezing temperatures?

    It's almost enough to make you forget, at the end of the show, might there not only be one...but two who get down on bended knee?

    Of course, this isn't counting anyone Jesse may make buckle under if he does indeed try to drop-kick someone due to ill-behavior.

    Written by: Kimberly Gigstad © 2008
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