The Bachelorette

Season 1 Episode 1

Week 1 (Season 1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2003 on ABC
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Trista meets the 25 Bachelors for the first time during a cocktail party she is hosting. Ten men leave without roses.

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Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison

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Trista Rehn

Trista Rehn

The Bachelorette (Season 1)

Ryan Sutter

Ryan Sutter

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Charlie Maher

Charlie Maher


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    • The Bachelorette's Diary

      Tonight was really tough. I didn't expect it. I mean, I expected it to be tough, but just walking down the stairs and having everybody just standing there waiting to find out if I would be offering them a rose was the most overwhelming part of the entire evening. Even more so than seeing them walk out of the limo. It was so surreal and — and nauseating almost. I got through it, and it's fine, and I hope that the ten guys who aren't here, forgive me for not giving them roses.

      First impressions...

      Oh my god, hands down Bob made me laugh the most tonight. He's hilarious and I love that.

      Just because he might not be, you know, the model type and someone who's in a magazine doesn't mean that he's not a great guy. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know more about him and just not just his sense of humor.

      Greg T. We had a really good conversation out on the patio, he's got beautiful eyes and a great smile and he's a singer. And that definitely is a turn on for me, someone singing to me. I haven't heard him sing yet but I've - I've dated a couple singers and they've definitely been good relationships, very memorable.

      When I offered Rob the rose, he just stood there like a deer in front of headlights. And I thought for a minute that I said it wrong, you know, that I called the wrong name because I'm looking at him right in the eye. So I say "Rob" and he took a second and — and started walking towards me with this big huge smile and his cute little dimples showing. And he gets up to me and he says thank you right away, and so I said "So I guess I don't need to ask you if you're gonna accept this rose." He's very sweet, he's got a very sensitive demeanor about him and I really like that.

      Jamie is definitely a looker. He's a cutie pie. I'm attracted to Jamie's looks for sure. But that's not the only thing about him I like. He's got a great personality, and we really clicked well.

      Josh and I had a great conversation when we had our one on one little moment which he kind of initiated which was good. And he made me laugh so I think we have a very compatible sense of humor. He's very sarcastic and so am I. And he seemed extremely sincere also in being here and — and wanting to get to know me.

      I got really emotional after I gave away the last rose because I know what it feels like to not get one. And even though it's very early on in the process I just felt really bad that I couldn't keep all the guys around and have a lot more fun like we did tonight. But the bottom line is it's about me finding just one, and I hope that they honor that and respect that.