The Bachelorette

Season 5 Episode 2

Week 2 (Season 5)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 25, 2009 on ABC
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Week 2 (Season 5)
The remaining 20 bachelors settle into their new house. One lucky bachelor goes on a date with Jillian where they are serenaded by Martina McBride. Group dates include a trip to Venice Beach, where guys play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters and a pool party, followed by a race across L.A. During elimination, the men get to vote on whom they would like to see go. The field of men is pared down to 16.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (3)

      • We get to know that Jillian is born December 30, which makes her an Capricorn.

      • The first group date involved Wes, Mathue, Michael, Ed, Brian, Sasha, Tanner P and Brad. Wes was chosen for the 1 on 1 meal and rose. The second group date was with Dave, Jesse, Simon, Kiptyn, Mike, Mark and Juan. Mike got the rose for his spontaneity. Jake had a 1 on 1 date and received a rose. 4 people are sent home tonight. They are; Mathue, Simon, Brian and Julien.

      • Goof: The note the guys get as a second clue in the race across L.A. has a spelling mistake. It reads:
        "If you want to win Jillian's heart, your going to have to lay it all on the line ..."
        It should be you're (as the contraction of "you are") not your (as in belonging to you).

    • QUOTES (19)

      • Brad: It's unfair that she chose Wes to move into the mansion and not myself. If it wasn't for me, Wes would probably still be on the road right now, driving down the highway 1, a million miles away from Jillian's heart!

      • Jake: Are you a good driver?
        Jillian: No, I'm a girl. I'm a woman driver, come on.

      • Jake: Before the date happened, I felt just a little bit nervous. The nervousness has gone away. I am just….oh boy, I'm gonna fall for this girl.

      • (Jillian is standing on the bar)
        Jake: You do have nice legs.
        Jillian: You can't see up my dress, can you?

      • Jake: All the success in the world, if you don't have anybody to share it with, it means nothing.

      • Tanner P: Definitely Juan's gonna be the one struggling today, I think. He's lacking a little testosterone, so he might be good at maybe badminton?

      • Jillian: It's a very manly day today. I need a man, man.

      • David: (about Juan) Guys like that should get beat up. There's no reason we shouldn't tie him to a tree and beat the **** out of him.

      • Jillian: Juan is always there, he's always that guy to sort of rescue me, stand up for me, when he sees me he takes control and he knows how to be a gentleman. I love that.

      • Jillian: There's something about Kiptyn that I totally lose myself in when I'm with him. I forget what we're talking about and in fact I don't even really care, I just want to make out with him.

      • David: All I can say is Juan should not get a rose. He's completely wrong for Jillian, he's wrong for anybody.

      • Mike: What's your thought process on, you know, talking to her tonight?
        Wes: I'm not here for the guys, I didn't come here to date one of them. I came here, you know, to get a rose from her and just 'cause we got a rose this time, doesn't mean we're safe next time.

      • Wes: I've been here for three days and I've spent more time with her than anybody else. You know, I'm feeling a good vibe from her and I think she's feeling it from me as well so it's no time to pump the breaks; it's time to hit the gas.

      • Jillian: This is only the second cocktail party and I feel like I've got more to lose. I haven't really gotten the opportunity to get to know these guys. Sending four guys home tonight is something I'm not looking forward to. But what gets me through it is knowing that I'm getting closer and closer to finding that somebody.

      • David: I voted for Juan because I genuinely disrespect the guy. He's a snake, I mean, he's breaking man code left and right and that's something that doesn't go along good in a house with twenty guys.

      • Jillian: I'm not a five foot five skinny blonde big-boob model. I am just a quirky little brown-haired Canadian with a lotta heart and a lotta soul and a lotta energy.

      • Michael: Jillian is laying sunbathing in a bikini which is like "woah!" And there is a rose right next to her and I was immediately like "I want both of those things, immediately!"

      • Jillian: This is crazy. This is every girl's dream – to invite eight guys to a pool party and I'm the only girl!

      • Jake: I haven't seen a rose at all yet tonight. I'm not ready to go home. I need to get to know this girl, it's really important that I get to know this girl. She could quite possibly be my soul mate.

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