The Bachelorette

Season 7 Episode 4

Week 4 (Season 7)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2011 on ABC

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  • Episode 4 of The Bachelorette

    I spent this past Monday night watching reality shows with a friend, mostly because reality shows invigorate her. One of those shows was "The Bacherlorette." I've spent a lot of time at my work walking past gossip rags that are excited to inform me about the latest "Bachelor/Bacherlorette" drama. For a show that's supposed to be about helping a man or a woman find their true love, this is a pretty poor way to go about doing it. I've seen this new season off and on, and it's as drama filled and lame as I remembered it.

    This season is appearently following a girl named Ashley through the process of finding a husband. I', not sure if she's been on the show before or not, but either way, it doesn't matter much. Instead, I spent two hours of my Monday night watching one woman date twelve or so guys, claiming that each one was better than the last (I'm exaggerating, of course, but that was the vibe I was getting). How can a human being date so many guys, get to know them and pick one at the end and say, "He's my husband." It seems like the show is one long, drawn out date that complicates something that shouldn't be difficult at all.

    Then there's the guy Bentley, the man who wasn't at all attracted to Ashley, claimed she was ugly and that she's the type of girl he would MAYBE hook up with occasionally, then used his daughter as an excuse to leave the show. During the filming of the episodes after, she had no idea of his true feelings, and as a result, we have to sit and annoyingly listen to her pine after a jerk. The previews for next episode show that she may reunite with him, and I hope the showrunners tell her what he said to shut her up about him.

    Also, how much do you bet West gets his own Bachelor show next year? A widow looking for love? Sounds like a Bachelor waiting to happen.