The Bachelorette

Season 9 Episode 6

Week 6

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 01, 2013 on ABC

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  • The Strain of Spain

    Here we are in Spain. And the first boy going up for a solo date? Drew. Does anyone else think that Drew is very infeminate? He also reminds me of a Ken doll. Maybe it's the freaky way his hair does not move. He is drinking hot coacoa, wearing a polo shirt, he is like something out of a commercial. Oh here we go, his father is a recovering alcholic with cancer. That is interesting. Maybe that's why Drew is so polished. Well no one knows your dad has cancer? Everyone knows now. Outrunning the tv cameras and throwing her against a stone alleyway? Yep Ken Doll just became my new favorite.

    Whose gonna get the other date? It should be Juan Pablo. He's a hot latin lover and you are in Spain. How can you not be thinking of him, while in Spain? No instead send the former soccor player on a group date involving soccor. That's even more fair. (Rolls my Ah and James has replaced Ben as the new official king jerk of the household.

    Oh Drew, I like you. Not only do I think you are going to win this, I think you are going to take James out in your wake. I don't think James should be the next bachelor. He's just not that hot by himself. Besides, villians never get to be bachelors or bachelorettes. Can anyone picture Vienna being the focus of her own season? Oh how about Courtney? No one wants to watch that. This isn't Wicked, it's reality television. Anyone painted in any sort of negative light at any point does not get their own season. The sole purpose of Bachelor Pad is to bring the mean ones back. James, you now can win money but no one wants to see you win her heart. Not after Ken doll and surfer Ken doll (Kasey) are the two testifying against your fame hungry ways.

    Dez reminds me of Minnie Mouse somehow when she is angry. She is just so damn cute. However she cools down by the group date saying she isn' t going to attack James. I am dissappointed but I am sure that won't last for long. Its a time bomb waiting to explode.

    Part of me really wants Lawyer Mike to tear James a new one but I think he learned his lesson about using his amazing interogation abilities at least in front of Dez.

    So, the bachelors are to play against a mystery team. I think, personally it should be all of Dez's exes. Let's throw a little Scott Pilgrim into the mix here. I am bored with this episode. Or maybe all the past bachelor villians? The ones that were there for all the right reasons. Because with the small exception of James and that Bryan guy (the one with the girlfriend) and Mystery Suite first night Jonathan this has been a pretty tame season. All these guys are as wholesome as the 1990's Disney channel.

    So imagine my shock when she walks out with all girls. The men are instantly non-threatened. But these girls are professionals. We are about to experience a surge in girl power. RAWR. Her little poem to Chris in her bedroom, is really not helping you break the Disney box their Dez.

    Kasey goes up to the bat, Kasey confront James. James looks like a shocked little mouse as the guys circle to confront him on the issue. If you had been on a one on one date and then have to watch her go with someone else you'd understand, he quipps. Oh, not a good choice of words buddy. That's like saying well you've never been married so you don't understand how much it hurts to get cheated on. Naw, that's universal. Regardless. And James is now saying that Mike is confrontational because he went on a two on one date. No, Mike is confrontational because it's his job to be that way. It's not fair to think he can just shut that quality off when having to deal with the same crap in real life. WOW! And now James is trying to play if off like he was just joking. Yeah. It's time for him to go home. He somehow reminds me of Cal in Titanic. So that's gonna be your name for the rest of your run, JamesCal. I think they need to bring Mikey back. This is the only way it can be resolved. I even feel sorry for James a little. I don't think he came on the show looking to be the next bachelor, but I think he really did say what Drew and Kasey overheard. Ahhhh!!!! They are both crying now. She needs to sleep on it.

    It's Zack's turn for a one on one so let's up the mood. They are in the most artistic place in the whole world and it looks like they are going to do some drawing. The portraits of each other was highly amusing but the look on Zack's face is priceless when that nude male model appears. He looks like he's been hit in the face with the guy's c*ck. That's the funniest thing I have ever seen. He should draw Dez naked. Oh wait! Dez might get to draw him naked, if he doesn't get the rose after this, we all know why. Oh but he's wearing underwear. I am sad. She kept him and I am happy for her.

    Back at the house Drew and James are at it again. I can see both perspectives. Drew doesn't see a life without Dez and James is preparing himself for that very real possibility. She needs to send him home so she doesn't loose respect from the other guys. I think he put his foot in his mouth once and shouldn't be reprimended for it. Yet. If he's a snake her watch dog brother will get him anyways. However he does tell her diffrent things then he says in front of the guys. He's not quite as devious as Bentley from Ashley's season, but he still is devious.

    Three roses to be passed out. I didn't relize. I thought she was only getting rid of one. My guess is its going to be Lawyer Mike, Juan Pablo Only because she really hasn't had any one on one time with them. I don't think James is leaving yet. So far we have Drew, Chris, Zack, Brooks, safe which means James, Kasey, Mike and Juan Pablo are on the chopping block. Kasey should be safe and if he isn't and James is, well that is a very HUGE slap in the face. WOAH! She chose Mike?! I am totally blown away. He's probably the smartest most honest guy in the house. I am a little thrown. I'm sad that the latin lover and surf boy Ken are out of the mix though. They were pretty nice and fun to look at. Juan Pablo should be the next bachelor. He's sexy. "He was found guilty, people versus James, case I laughed out loud. Yes, I am glad you kept that quirky lawyer.

    I just saw the clip for next weeks episode. I am a little worried. Is she going to send everyone home because Drew changed his mind? I hope not. Someone deserves a happy ending. And I expect another 5 weeks of programming! You stupid Disney Princess! There are seven other men besides Ken doll! Tune in next week....