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The Backyardigans is Treehouse TV's animated musical adventure series about five high-spirited preschool friends, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin, who rely on their vivid imaginations to embark on amazing, epic adventures. In every episode, the backyard transforms into a new fantastic, photo-real landscape that serves as the backdrop for completely original, story-driven musicals. Broadway-caliber music spanning a variety of genres (including Big Band, Reggae, Rockabilly, Bossa Nova, and Hip-Hop) and cutting-edge 3-D dance choreography propel the stories forward, lending the series a narrative voice that will appeal to preschoolers and parents alike. The series will inspire children to sing and dance along with these lovable characters and stretch their imaginations as they climb up mountains, slide down glaciers, and sail across oceans.

The Backyardigans was created by executive producer Janice Burgess (Little Bill) and is executive-produced and directed by Robert Scull (Little Bill, Whoopi's Littleburg).


UNIQUA: One of a kind. She's funny – she loves to tell silly jokes and to tickle her friends. She's a little mischievous -- she'd be the kid most likely to ring the doorbell and run away. But she's sweet --she'll notice if you're happy or sad and say something about it because she cares about you. Graceful, agile and light on her feet, Uniqua is not afraid of anything and can be quite the daredevil. She loves to run and climb and ride her bike faster than anyone. (Uniqua is her name, and also her species – with her purple skin, pink spots, and dainty antennae, she doesn't look like any other creature on the planet.)

PABLO: Pablo is, well, wrapped a little too tight. He gets excited by things. Just leaving the house for free play in the backyard can make him babble with joy. He thinks quickly, he speaks quickly, acts and reacts quickly. He gets big ideas but he can be overwhelmed by a situation and panic a little – making him the character most likely to run in a circle flapping his flippers and squawking. (By the way, he's a penguin.) He may not be the most agile or graceful of the friends, but he's probably the most determined and enthusiastic.

TYRONE: The sunny one. He's easygoing – he can get along with anybody – Pablo's his best friend, after all. He takes life's ups and downs in stride --things just don't get under his skin. He's a deep thinker, which may make him seem a little slow on the uptake sometimes. He's confident -- he enjoys a challenge because he knows, in his heart, that he is equal to it. There's always a way and he's bound to figure it out. (And he happens to be a moose.)

TASHA: A little girl hippo, in red mary janes and a flowered dress. Tasha is Uniqua's much-admired and always eagerly-awaited play date. She looks sweet as pie but underneath her extra girly exterior beats the heart of a CEO -- tough-as-nails, take-no-prisoners, my-way-or-the-highway kind of gal. She's rational, skeptical, and highly motivated to get her own way. But it's always special for Uniqua when Tasha is there, because she's someone who can also be giggly, silly and full of fun.

AUSTIN: Austin is the new kangaroo on the block, so he doesn't yet know the other kids really well. That suppresses his natural bounciness and makes him diffident sometimes – a little hesitant to express his opinion, a little slow to take the lead. He really wants to get it right.

Theme Song

And we're, Your backyard friends, The Backyardigans Together with The Backyardigans In the place where we belong Where we'll probably sing a song And we'll maybe dance along We've got the whole wide world in our yard to explore We've always find things we've never seen before That's why everyday we're back for more With your friends, The Backyardigans.

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Fan Reviews (101)

  • Good show

    A good show. The only issue is that one of the episodes on the guide ("We arrr Pirate") is fake. Could someone get rid of that?
  • Back in the backyard!

    Can never get enough of Uniqua and her friends.
  • I Love This Cartoon!

    My grand sun is 4 months old and he watches this cartoon. I love the fact that it represents ALL children.

    Futtershyfan, you apparently were abused as a child.
  • use to love it as a kid.

    very fun and lovable brings back my childhood. uniqua was my favorite, i even got a doll of her when I was 5 and its still in my room! one of the little kid shows that arent stupid enough to laugh at. thank god :)
  • The Best show in history

    I am your biggest fan Backyardigans I am 16 years old and still a fan because unusually people who have watched the Backyardigans grow out of it at 9 I want to know more about you guys and also want season 5 and to be put back on tv ;) love you guys ;-)

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