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  • I don't like this cartoon very much anymore.

    I'm don't like this cartoon anymore since I was 20 year old during 2014. I was noticed that this cartoon getting more annoying because too much musical stuff on every episode. And beside, I'm feel sorry for myself for love this show since I was 5th grade during 2006/2007 ago.
  • You can dislike this review all you want! :(

    This show is a failure. Pablo is a *** he goes crazy over a tiny little problem. Tyrone is fine, he is the normal character in the whole show. Uniqua is not right, she doesnt even have eyelashes so people mistake her for a gay boy. Tasha is just spoiled, Tasha always a bossy hippo that is just plain out RUDE. She is always telling the characters "for goodness sakes" which can teach a child to backtalk their teacher. Austin is the white kid that does not even have to live, I heard he was not even in the pilot episode then nickelodeon Added him because its Viacom. This show has pretty good animation just saying but the singing is good but annoying! They sing to classic songs and just ruin the whole song. There was one song I used to like then Backcrapigans had to sing a jingle that got stuck in my head that I wanted to stab Pablo just because he sang the song and ruined one of the best classical songs. The songs are plain out STUPID because why in the world do they sing about pies. The episodes have no point. Mission to Mars, lets find an alien that only can say Boniga and take it to its mommy. Oh lets just sing about a race for the best. Gotta go go go! If your still reading this here is the rates

    Plot - (2.5/10)

    Animation - (10/10)

    Singing - (8/10)

    Songs - (0/10)

    Effort put into it (3.2/10)

  • Good show

    A good show. The only issue is that one of the episodes on the guide ("We arrr Pirate") is fake. Could someone get rid of that?
  • Back in the backyard!

    Can never get enough of Uniqua and her friends.
  • I Love This Cartoon!

    My grand sun is 4 months old and he watches this cartoon. I love the fact that it represents ALL children.

    Futtershyfan, you apparently were abused as a child.
  • use to love it as a kid.

    very fun and lovable brings back my childhood. uniqua was my favorite, i even got a doll of her when I was 5 and its still in my room! one of the little kid shows that arent stupid enough to laugh at. thank god :)
  • The Best show in history

    I am your biggest fan Backyardigans I am 16 years old and still a fan because unusually people who have watched the Backyardigans grow out of it at 9 I want to know more about you guys and also want season 5 and to be put back on tv ;) love you guys ;-)
  • Finally... Uniqua is a

    LADY BUG !! According to my 3yo niece! (Because of the dots)
  • Cool!

  • A show that reinforce the one thing we all knew as children which is the only toy you really need is your backyard.

    One of the more real show. Remind me of my childhood with my friends. No, our songs and dances was not as good. After all we were only working class kids off of a S.C. mill hill. But the field around our house covered evey war known to man plus many off world trips. We went around the world and up and down the time line. When we were archaeologists and ended up digging up the bones of a hold cow, our teacher helped us to put it togrther in class as we found more of it. After this everyone within walking distance of our house lived in fear when they saw us comming with our digging tools.
  • I Can't Stand Musicals...

    ...Or at least I thought I could until I watched this show. Why can I not stand it? They sing. They Sing!

    It's all they do
    is sing
    They do it all the time
    They sing all the time
    all the time
    Yes, they sing all the time

    They even sing when they argue!

    -I can sing much better than you can
    No you can't
    -Yes I can
    -Yes I can. I can sing much better.
    No, And you are a big dummy
    That loves to sing
    -Oh Yeah?!
    -Well what do you think you are doing?!
    -ordering a pizza?!
    That's a good idea
    Hello Pizza Place????
    I want a million pizzas
    Give them too me now.
    ----Ok That Will Be One Million Pizzas.
    ----And it will be $Three Hundred Billion!
    ----Fuel Is Very Expensive!
    OK, whatever.
    -Hey, give ME some pizza!
    -Give them to me now!
    OK, that will be one billion dollars.
    Fuel is very expensive...
    -You are still a big dummy
    -that loves to sing
    -all the time
    -Yes, you love to sing all the time
    -all the time
    -Yes, you love to sing all the time!!!!
    Yeah? Well So do you!
    What do you think you are doing?
    Ordering a pizza?!
    -That's a good idea!
    -Hello Pizza Place????????
    -I'd like about thirty billion pizza's
    -Give Them To Me Now............
  • Terrible!

    This show stinks!! It's about a moose, Tyrone, an obese hippo, Natasha, some alien whatever it is Uniqua, a penguin, Pablo and a kangaroo, Austin. These annoying animals have nothing better to do then to pretend about going on adventures. They really need to go inside or play with other kids or something. I mean, what do they teach little kids? How to imagine? Last time I checked, Barney had that taken care of. Tyrone and Natasha really need to lose some weight, Pablo needs to go back to Antartica, Austin needs to go back to Australia and Uniqua needs to be interrogated by the F.B.I! Geez! I give this show a F+.
  • i don't like this..

    I don't hate this show just i don't like this show. It was all about those 5 animals named Uniqua (the pink bug one),Pablo (the penguin one), Tasha (the hippo one),Austin (rabbit-like creature) and Tyrone (moose guy). They went to the backyard and talk each other. They imagine they are in the medieval (middle ages) to rescue the princess like that and that but what this, IMAGINATION!!, then they sing and sing until the end of every episodes, and they also get hungry too in every end of the episodes.


    Annoying as you speak...


    Educational Value:
    It helps stimulate your imagination...

    Overall: 3.0
    Fine little kids, but everyone stay away from this show...

    Although bring the old Nick Jr.
  • I hate it! It is like an opera/musical for babies!

    I hate this show! :evil: All they do is get together, imagine a place and sing songs. I asked my little sister who watches it and she said that is all they do.I might like it if there was a plot line in stuff but it is just freaken weird!
  • A cute show for the little ones.

    For kids 5 and under this isn't a bad little show to watch. The tune at first is a little annoying but after the 20th time of hearing, it kind of catches you. The characters are a little odd, but again, it is a cute show for the little ones.
  • it\'s about 5 little kid animals who go on \"adventures in their back yard!

    this show is entertaining to little kids my little brother is 2 and watched the \"journey around the world eppy with me and we laughed sooo hard when uniqua tripped over the hurdele and when paoblo fell of the cliff it was hilarius\"

    this show is good for kids and kids alone and if u r over 18 and watch this get a cat!!!! And what is uniqua a flippin ant? the rest of them whould

    a)eat her
    b)squish her
    c)throw her off a cliff

    there a fat lazy hippo who usualy dosnt do much

    a penguin named pablo who is semi-cool

    a moose named tyroone who lives over the rainbow

    a kangaroo

    and an ant named uniqua saounds interesting dont it folks! not!
  • This is some odd review. O_O

    I\'ve seen worse shows, much worse. I mostly like Pablo, because the same person who voices Aang does him, despite his sometimes un-Aangish sounding lines voicewise. I bet they paid Zach Tyler to do this.

    But even Zach Tyler is a bad singer.

    Everyone is a bad singer on this show except in Mission To Mars, when Alicia Keys voiced a Martian, and her voice was darn good! The singing is bad enough for me to staple my ears shut.

    It may have a voice from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and a great sounding Martian, but I\'d watch something else before this.
  • What is this show about exactly singing songs a transforimg backyard this show makes no sence.

    I hate this show I saw it on nick one time on summer vacation day since I never get to do anything on those days And it was stupid I hope this show gets cancelled I haTE IT SO much it makes no sence sorry for the caps dont watch it its stupid makes no sence it will get cancelled hopefully.
  • ...No.

    I have to say this is one of the worst shows on Nick Jr.! It's about 5 friends and their "magical" backyard. Dosen't do anything for me. The songs are cheesy, the adventures are lame. I just can't stand this show. I'll stick to shows like Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and Blues Clues, thank you. THOSE are classics.

    My next question, what the heck is Uniuqa suppoused to be? All pink and spotted like that. Is she a bug or something? Is Uniuqa even a she? I can't tell, but I can with the rest.

    They are all cute and cuddly looking (except Uniuqa) but I don't like the show.
  • Some show i watch when I'm sick.

    This show isn't really that bad. I know some of the words to the theme, but the only reason i watch this show is because it has Aang's voice in it. You know, Pablo the penguin? That's him. I like some of the episodes, but sometimes i just don't want to watch it cuz I'm not in the mood. I only watch it when I'm not in school because I'm really, REALLY sick.It's not like I tape it, like SOME friends I know. That would be a little too much obsession. So this show is good, when I'm REALLY bored.
  • I absoutely love this show!

    This show is so awesome! I usually watch it in the netflix... I usually watch Season 3 ones! This is the best show I've ever seen. This is so wonderful. Here are my grades:

    Music: A+++++++: Wonderful, it's cute.

    Characters: A: Awesome, all of them are good, but Austin is my fav.

    Episodes: A--: Good, the only bad episode is the Musketeer episode. I love all of them though. Intro: A+: I love all of them.

    Overall: A++++++++++++++++++: This is absoutely wonderful. I always have this show in my mind whenever I sleep. This show score number 100%. Dialogue: A+++: It's wonderful, it's cool!
  • Love the songs on the show. Someone is talented in that respect. A+

    Great story subjects and I really like the songs in the show. My grand-daughter (5) LOVES the show and I don\'t mind it on also. Some shows are not tolerable and I go in the other room but I actually sit and listen during this show and sing some of the songs with my grand-daughter. Great show!!
  • A cartoon in 3-D millineum fashion, wonderful graphics ad colors. A lot different from the style of past cartoons. Hope this wonderful new school cartoon sticks around for the long run.

    This is one of the best childrens shows I have ever watched with my daughter. This is one of the only things in the world that holds my 3 year olds attention for longer than 10 minutes (Dora the Explorer doesn't even do that). It's captivating from beginning to end. The singing the dancing and the cleverness of the show make it enjoyable for kids as well as adults ;). All three of these qualities can best be seen in the epi. "Quest for the Flying Rock" "Swamp Creature" and "Knights are Brave and Strong". I watch ever episode with her because I know the show will be entertaining no matter what the adventure. The cleverness is astounding. This show definately deserve's an Emmy!
  • Ok, I admit I'm a dad.

    My daughter and I watch Backyardigans together even if I don't want to. I might go to the office (also called the dining room) and try to get work done, but then I hear something cool coming from the TV (the first time this happened it was Super Secret Super Spy) and I keep drifting to where I can see the TV and my work remains unfinished. This is of course a TV show for kids, but parents shouldn't shy away from it just because it's on Nick Jr. I love the way this show intices my daughter to use her imagination. I'm a huge fan, and I think that even if I was alone, I'd still kinda watch the Backyardigans.
  • Just discovered at our house!!

    I just got my daughter into this show recently and we love it. The songs and dances are very entertaining and different from what we see on other kids shows. It's definatly my favorite show aimed at the preschool age group. I don't have anything against Dora but I'm soo glad we found something else my daughter can watch that will also be entertaining for us. We were really into the Wiggles songs when she was younger, now we sing alot of Backyardigans songs around the house. My new fav is "Make the world nice and fill it up with ice"
  • This is absolutely the BEST kids' show ever!

    This is the best,fabulous,great and the "bestest" kids' show ever!

    Even if it's for 2-6 year olds it still gets my attetion.

    I can make a whole review about the show so I'll do it.
    It's about the episode cause if it's an episode review it'll be too short so I'll start here:
    Every episode The Backyardigans bring to the viewers good music,good dancing and good voice acting.And people might not notice this but every episode has it's own lesson like:
    Sharing is caring (Pirate Treasure,Blazing Paddles)
    Don't jump to conclusions (The Snow Fort,Into the Deep,Special Delivery)
    Something big happens even it just comes from a small things not the greatest things (The Legend of the Volcano Sisters)
    Anybody can change (Race to the Tower of Power,Cops and Robots)
    Never give up (Mission to Mars)
    Always keep trying and you'll find a solution to your problem(A Giant Problem)
    One good turn deserves another (Eureka!)
    "When you've got good friends,who cares about snow?" (The Secret of Snow)
    Try something new for a change (It's Great to be a Ghost,Best Clowns in Town)
    Help is always there,even if you don't need it (Save the Day,Sinbad Sails Alone)
    Get the facts first (News Flash!)
    Always take time to help a friend (Race Around the World,Polka Palace Party well sort of)
    Say please,thanks/thank you and you're welcome (The Key to the Nile)
    Slow and steady wins the race (Horsing Around)

    That's all that I have so far.
  • This show is amazing.

    The Backyardigans is really a very cute show, and from the very first episode I saw, I was hooked. Their songs are really great, and they are what I sing in the shower. :) What I really love about the Backyardigans is that they don't try to enlist your help, as many other preschool-aimed television shows try to do, and they don't make it obvious that they are teaching you at all. I've seen every single episode that is see-able to the general public, and I plan to get every DVD that comes out. This is a wonderful show, and very well made.
  • I may be a teen, but I still can't turn the channel!

    I watched this show when I was eleven years old. I'm watching this show now at fifteen years old. And I will continue to watch until I'm well into could I not? What first got me hooked was the music. I never knew half of those genres existed, so for one thing it got me to appreciate all types of music. And their songs are so good that I can hardly get enough of it. After each episode, I find myself perusing the web for the lyrics. The singers are very talented as well!

    The animation is something totally new to me, but I also think it's amazing! And the dancing is astonishingly precise, the storylines are intriguing, and the subtle humor that's woven in for the non-preschool viewers (come on, admit you're one of 'em) is priceless! I hope it sticks around for a long, long time, because I'm one viewer who's going to stay tuned.
  • It teaches kids to use their imagination, and to always believe in themselves. My daughter watches it everyday, and I highly recommend this show to any parent for their children.

    The Backyardigans is a children's show centered around a group of friends that live near each other and have adventures in their back yard. The yard changes due to their imaginations to the scene of what ever adventure they are having. They sing and dance, and have a great time. The music is themed, as is the dancing. The animators of this show go to great detail, and the dancing of each character is just phenomenal! It teaches kids to use their imagination, and to always believe in themselves. My daughter watches it everyday, and I highly recommend this show to any parent for their children.
  • Best childrens show on tv

    It is very rare that I find a show out of he blue that my kids and I can agree on. This is simply the bst childrens show on tv. I love this show and even find myself singing along with my kids to the music. My son is 2 and my daughter is 7 and this is the only show {besides avatar} that we can all agree on and sit down and enjoy watching. We all sing along or at least try to when it is on. I really enjoy the music in the show and find myself wanting to watch even when they're in bed. I isn't often that a program like this comes along and strikes my interest like this. For the most part it has the best kids music on tv hands down. I will not lie that I probably enjoy the show as much as my 2 year old, possibly even more as I find myself singing the music in my head when I'm at work. It simply cannot be beat.
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