The Backyardigans

Nickelodeon (ended 2010)





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  • I Can't Stand Musicals...

    ...Or at least I thought I could until I watched this show. Why can I not stand it? They sing. They Sing!

    It's all they do
    is sing
    They do it all the time
    They sing all the time
    all the time
    Yes, they sing all the time

    They even sing when they argue!

    -I can sing much better than you can
    No you can't
    -Yes I can
    -Yes I can. I can sing much better.
    No, And you are a big dummy
    That loves to sing
    -Oh Yeah?!
    -Well what do you think you are doing?!
    -ordering a pizza?!
    That's a good idea
    Hello Pizza Place????
    I want a million pizzas
    Give them too me now.
    ----Ok That Will Be One Million Pizzas.
    ----And it will be $Three Hundred Billion!
    ----Fuel Is Very Expensive!
    OK, whatever.
    -Hey, give ME some pizza!
    -Give them to me now!
    OK, that will be one billion dollars.
    Fuel is very expensive...
    -You are still a big dummy
    -that loves to sing
    -all the time
    -Yes, you love to sing all the time
    -all the time
    -Yes, you love to sing all the time!!!!
    Yeah? Well So do you!
    What do you think you are doing?
    Ordering a pizza?!
    -That's a good idea!
    -Hello Pizza Place????????
    -I'd like about thirty billion pizza's
    -Give Them To Me Now............