The Backyardigans

Season 2 Episode 2

Samurai Pie

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Oct 16, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Pie makers Tyrone and Austin must make a pie for Empress Tasha, while protecting it from Ninjas Uniqua and Pablo.
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  • tyrone teaches austin how to make pie but ninjas try to steal it!!!

    this is defenetly in my top 5 fav episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In this episode Tryron is the royal pie baker ( His pies r special because he cooks them like a ninja). but Ninjas keep on trying to take the pie ( the ninjas are pablo and uniqua )!!!

    the eperess is tasha, she always has pie but in this episode she wants the GREAT PIE that has only been made once and austin Tyrons pupile has to bake it himself!!

    I love this episde. but i never saw the end of this episode so if u have pm me and i will thank umoreless
  • This is my favourite episode of the backyardigans.

    Samurai pie is about tyrone teaching Austin how to make pie like a Samurai. But they had to be carefull of the ninja's, ninja's love pie. The Emperess requested some pie and Samurai Austin suggested the Great pie, (Which was very hard to make. When they got back to the bakery on top of the hill, Tyrone ordered Austin to bake the Great Pie. Austin still didn't know how to make pie, but he tried and tried to make it and eventually made The Great Pie. The ninja's were sneaking up the hill to steal the pie, but what they didn't know was that the hill was full of traps. They set the first trap off and pie tin's got thrown at them, they had to stay low to dodge the tin's. When they set the second trap off, rolling pins were rolling towards them. The ninja's had to jump from tree to tree to reach the top of the hill. The ninja's and the samurai's had a fight over the great pie. The pie went out of the window, over the hill and landed on the Emperess's lap. To sum up, I think is the funniest, most exciting episode of The Backyardigans ever.moreless

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    • Austin: (Singing) My one greatest wish is to make pies like you.
      Tyrone: Then you must never forget to shout this when you do. Pie-ya!

    • Tasha: (Repeated line) Where's my pie?!

    • Uniqua: And we ninja's always land on our feet!
      Pablo: (falling out of a tree) I meant to do that!

    • Austin: When can i get a puffy hat?
      Tyrone: Only once you have mastered the art of making pie can you wear.....the puffy hat.

    • Austin: How is it, Empress Tasha?
      Empress Tasha: It's... it's... it's the most wonderful pie I've ever tasted! I proclaim it The Great Pie!
      Austin: (singing) I've always wished to make pies and do it on my own / And then I met my teacher, pie-master Tyrone / He taught me many secrets / And I finally made that / And now I stand before you in my puffy baker's hat.

    • Tyrone: (singing) It almost wegihs a ton / You need 200 fillings if you ever plan to make it
      Ninja Uniqua: Come on, get on with it
      Ninja Pablo: We'd really like to take it.

    • Empress Tasha: The Great Pie. Taht's what he said. What a marvelous idea.
      Ninja Pablo: The Great Pie!
      Ninjas Pablo and Uniqua: All right!
      Tyrone: Uh, your majesty, did I mention that figs are in season?
      Empress Tasha: No, no, no. It is settled. The Great Pie it shall be. (singing) I've had so many good pies / Here upon my plate / Even very good pies / But you could not call them great...

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