The Backyardigans

Season 2 Episode 2

Samurai Pie

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Oct 16, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Pie makers Tyrone and Austin must make a pie for Empress Tasha, while protecting it from Ninjas Uniqua and Pablo.
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    • Austin: (Singing) My one greatest wish is to make pies like you.
      Tyrone: Then you must never forget to shout this when you do. Pie-ya!

    • Tasha: (Repeated line) Where's my pie?!

    • Uniqua: And we ninja's always land on our feet!
      Pablo: (falling out of a tree) I meant to do that!

    • Austin: When can i get a puffy hat?
      Tyrone: Only once you have mastered the art of making pie can you wear.....the puffy hat.

    • Austin: How is it, Empress Tasha?
      Empress Tasha: It's... it's... it's the most wonderful pie I've ever tasted! I proclaim it The Great Pie!
      Austin: (singing) I've always wished to make pies and do it on my own / And then I met my teacher, pie-master Tyrone / He taught me many secrets / And I finally made that / And now I stand before you in my puffy baker's hat.

    • Tyrone: (singing) It almost wegihs a ton / You need 200 fillings if you ever plan to make it
      Ninja Uniqua: Come on, get on with it
      Ninja Pablo: We'd really like to take it.

    • Empress Tasha: The Great Pie. Taht's what he said. What a marvelous idea.
      Ninja Pablo: The Great Pie!
      Ninjas Pablo and Uniqua: All right!
      Tyrone: Uh, your majesty, did I mention that figs are in season?
      Empress Tasha: No, no, no. It is settled. The Great Pie it shall be. (singing) I've had so many good pies / Here upon my plate / Even very good pies / But you could not call them great...

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