The Backyardigans - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • 6/5/09
    Tyrone, the paperboy, believes that Uniqua the witch that lives in a gingerbread house, Pablo the giant, and Austin the big bad wolf, are all out to get him on his new paper route through Fairytale Village.
  • 4/23/09
    Uniqua the librarian, sets off with her horse Toronado, in search of Don Austin and his overdue library books that Tasha wants to check out. Will she able to get the book back for Tasha and make it past Don Austin's guards, Pablo and Tyrone?
  • 2/27/09
    In order to keep the dirt for the Festival of Dirt in the village of Filthingham, Mayor Austin Stinkypants locks Tyrone, Tasha, and Uniqua's soap away in the dungeon so they can't get clean. Tyrone sets off through Purewood Forest in search of Pablo, the Robin Hood the Clean, so he can help them get clean once again.moreless
  • Garbage Trek
    Episode 15
    In this Star Trek-themed episode, Captain Tasha, Lieutenant Uniqua and Ensign Austin of the garbage collection space ship USS Collector roam the galaxy collecting space garbage. The Moosians, Tyrone and Pablo, try to take take the garbage away by tricking them with fake distress calls.
  • The Two Musketeers
    Episode 14
    Tasha wants nothing more than to join the only two musketeers, Pablo and Tyrone. When the Empress’s guards, Uniqua and Austin, try to capture them, Tasha proves her abilities by saving them, but will they make her the third musketeer?
  • 1/13/09
    Austin sets out in search of his lost new dinosaur that he bought from Uniqua in the stone-age town of Rockville. Austin soon learns that the only way to retrieve him is to whistle except he can't, neither can Fireman Tyrone or Cop Pablo. Can they save the dinosaur before its too late?moreless
  • 1/12/09
    Tasha lures aliens Pablo and Uniqua to help her as ranch hands on her mountain when their space ship runs out of gas and pancakes, or zum zums as they call them. All she has to do is promise to give them pancakes when they are finished, and the work begins.moreless
  • 8/4/08
    Pablo the sportscaster and Tyrone the meteorologist, travel to Mt. Olympus in an attempt to change the mind of the goddess of weather, Tasha, and make what they said on their tv station come true by making the rain stop. Along the way Pablo teaches the god of laughter, Austin, and the goddess of naps, Uniqua, a few rad basketball moves. Soon they find out they need to win a baskbetball game against the goddess of weather in order to make the rain stop.moreless
  • 7/11/08
    In the underwater city of Atlantis, Uniqua, who dreams of one day becoming a dolphin racer, rescues and later adopts a wild dolphin, from a giant clam. She asks Pablo to help her train so she can beat Tyrone, who is the best dolphin racer around.
  • Front Page News!
    Episode 9
    Supersnap (Tasha), the super-fast superhero, sets out to get a front page photo for the Pablo's newspaper, The Bigopolis Big Story. Supersnap, along with fellow superheroes Bug Girl (Uniqua)and Captain Bubble (Tyrone) get more than they bargain for when a giant robot threatens the city of Bigopolis.
  • Pirate Camp
    Episode 8
    Uniqua and Pablo head to pirate Camp Walk-A-Planka to be taught "pirattitude" and how to scalawag, swashbuckle, and heave ho by the great pirate captain, Austin. Can Uniqua and Pablo put their new pirate skills to the test successfully when they have to save Captain Austin from Tasha the fearsome ghost named Captain Red Boots?moreless
  • Chichen-Itza Pizza
    Episode 7
    Uniqua and Tasha are Mayan pizza delivery girls, who set out on a mission across the pyramids of water, earth, and wind so they can deliver Tyrone the King a fresh hot pizza pie.
  • 5/12/08
    Tyrone and Uniqua are pest exterminators who are hired by Lady Tasha to save her house from an invasion of wormans. While they take care of the problem, Mr. Spiffy (Pablo) comes to inspect Tasha's house to see if she's perfect for the "Spiffy Club".
  • 4/18/08
    Austin travels on the Orient Express from Paris to Instanbul in search of Pablo, who is the Master of Disguise that can only been found by his laugh. Along the way he rules out Juggler Tasha, Cowboy Tyrone, and the conductor, Uniqua, all by the sounds of their laughs. Will Austin ever be able to find Pablo, the Master of Disguise?moreless
  • Blazing Paddles
    Episode 4
    Sheriff Uniqua is proud of her little town Ping Pong Mesa. Her number one goal is to keep it safe from the bandits. Things take a turn and she is ousted as Sheriff when Ping Pong Bandit Pablo arrives and overrules the small town. Now its up to Sheriff Uniqua to resume her role and make peace once again.moreless
  • Who goes there?
    Episode 3
    Tyrone is the security guard at a huge art museum. Then some of the art (played by Pablo, Uniqua and Austin) come to life and start running all over the place. When Tyrone finds out about this, he must stop the art before the curator (Tasha) finds out about it.
  • 3/7/08
    Inventors Pablo and Uniqua travel to the center of the earth in their earth burrowing rocket ship to retrieve Tyrone's lost lucky penny.
  • Fly Girl
    Episode 1
    Uniqua travels around the world in her bi-plane, giving out singing telegrams. She hands telegrams to a grumpy pirate (Pablo), a snooty Indian princess (Tasha), and the abominable snowman (Tyrone).