The Backyardigans - Season 4

Nickelodeon (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • The kids reprise their roles from Tale of the Mighty Knights as King Pablo and his knights, Tyrone and Uniqua, are kidnapped by an mean dragon and it's up to the Flighty Fairy (Tasha) and the Grabbing Goblin (Austin) to rescue them.
  • 9.8
    Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua are a diving team who are trying to do the hardest dive of all, the Sextuple Somersault Splash, but find it hard to do when a sea monster takes up all the room in their pool and they must find a way to get rid of it.moreless
  • 2/24/11
    Tyrone and Tasha are space cops who on the lookout for an evil alien that can shrink anything it touches. They track the alien down to the Big Dipper Diner, owned by Pablo and Uniqua, and try to catch it before it can shrink anything else.
  • 9.7
    Pablor, a space tyrant, crashes on Earth and realizes that the crystal he has been looking for is on top of a huge mountain. He then enlists the help of a scout troup called the Acorns (Tyrone, Tasha and Austin) to help him get to the mountain before his arch-rival, Uniquor, gets there first.moreless
  • Super Team Awesome
    Episode 15
    Tyrone is a tour guide for Old Gushie, a volcano that erupts like a gyser. But when he sees a bolder that might clog up the gyser he calls upon three superheros (Pablo, Uniqua and Tasha) to help him.
  • 9.5
    Tyrone is new at skateboarding and can't seem to get it right. That is until he finds the magic skateboard, which makes him do a ton of amazing tricks. It might also come in handy when he enters the Showoff Showdown and tries to win the Golden Ollie trophy.
  • Elephant on the run
    Episode 13
    Pablo and Tyrone are delivery agents who head to India where they have to deliver an elephant to a nature preserve. But it proves to be difficult as the two have to deal with Madame Rhamiswami (Uniqua) and her assistant Austin-ji, who want to capture the elephant and keep it as a pet.moreless
  • The Flipper
    Episode 12
    Pablo gets an un-known space goo on himself that turns him into a giant monster, which might come in handy when he, Uniqua and Tasha find out that a meteor is heading towards earth.
  • 9.3
    Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua and Tasha are workers at a sock factory who must figure out a way to fix the huge sock machine after Tasha's pencil gets stuck in it.
  • Los Galacticos
    Episode 10
    Pablo, Tyrone and Tasha are part of a Mariachi band that gets stuck in a rocket, which they mistook for their new tour bus, and are launced into outer space where they must stop the Googers (Uniqua and Austin) from taking over the earth.
  • Break Out
    Episode 9
    Uniqua and Tasha are princesses who plan to break out of a huge tower. But can they do it without setting off the bobby traps made by castle guards Pablo and Tyrone?
  • Follow the Feather
    Episode 8
    Tyrone is an adventurer who finds a feather that belongs to the rare flying polka-dotted pony. With the help from adventurers Pablo and Tasha, Tyrone heads to Tibet to find the pony.
  • Flower Power
    Episode 7
    After pricking her finger on a thorny flower, Uniqua becomes the super hero, Flower Girl, who must use her new powers to stop the evil Gloom Meister (Austin) from covering the entire city in darkness.
  • Dragon Express
    Episode 6
    Pablo and Austin work for Dragon Express, a delivery company where they deliver packages while flying dragons.
  • Pablo and Uniqua are scientists working on a growth formula. But the formula spills onto Uniqua's pet worman and it starts to get bigger and bigger. Now the two scientists must find a way to shrink the worman back to it's normal size.
  • Catch That Train
    Episode 4
    Czar Tyrone takes a nap while on a train to his winter palace when the train starts driving on it's own. Now Uniqua the conductor and Tyrone's helper, Pablo Pablovich try to stop the train.
  • Robot Rampage
    Episode 3
    Austin is a robot repairman who must figure out a way to help all the robots that have been infected by the evil Professor Bug (Pablo).
  • 12/7/09
    The Adominable Brothers (Tyrone and Austin) has stolen Santa's sack of toys, so when the Action Elves Flappy (Tasha), Snappy (Uniqua), and Mr. Jingles (Pablo) are offered by Santa to get it back for him.
  • 10/26/09
    Uniqua and Pablo are ghost catchers who try to capture Austin the Boogeyman, not knowing that he wants to make people laugh, not scare them.