The Backyardigans

Season 4 Episode 1

The Funnyman Boogeyman

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Oct 26, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • This is an episode that has been listed before in season 2 as Tale of the Mighty Knights. Should not be listed as a new episode for season 3.

    My daughter and I watched this episode which was listed as Tale of the Mighty Knights on tv. She normally watches intently and doesn't move. With this episode however, she lost interest after the first 5 minutes. Not the best episode. I normally watch with my dughter. I even had trouble watching all of this one. When my daughter lost interest she wanted to go outside and play. I don't know if it was the length of the episode that made her not want to watch or the narration that threw her off. She really likes the backyardigans, but this episode was one that she just couldn't get into.
  • Nights Uniqua and Tyrone lose King Pablo's Egg. The spend the rest of the episode getting it back.

    I LOVE the music for this episode. The rock fits perfectly with the storyline. Everyone is in perfect character as well. Uniqua and Tyrone are both dependable knights. Pablo has no issues with being head honcho. Austin is a little nerdy as the goblin. Tasha as the "flighty fairy," priceless. The narration is also good too. I'm glad this was made into a double episode "movie." I also think its funny how each time the egg is "acquired" someone gives it a new, but similar name. It's also funny that they all try to correct each other on the egg's "correct" name.
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