The Baileys of Balboa

Season 1 Episode 19

Sam and the Invisible Man

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 11, 1965 on CBS

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  • Visiting nephew Chester (Michael J. Pollard), finds love for the first time (Raquel Welch). His uncle Sam, fearing the worst, threatens to send Chester packing unless he breaks up with her. A scheme is concocted which brings unbelievable results.

    This is my favorite episode of this short lived series. It's funny how we can remember certain episodes. I love Paul Ford, and Sterling Holloway and they didn't let me down in this one. The premiss is a little unbelievable, but then there are people who will fall for anything. The gag at the end is predicable, but funny just the same. It's a shame that this series was cancelled so soon, but then there were so many great comedies in the 60's, they couldn't all survive. Seeing both Raquel Welch and Michael J. Pollard early in they're careers, was a treat.