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The Baseball Bunch (1982)

(ended 1985)


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The Baseball Bunch (1982)

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Viewers of a certain age will think back to this show as a simple, positive-light sports series for younger audiences. But as we know, there is always a story behind the series. Major League Baseball had felt the sting of the Players' Union strike that cut the 1981 season in half. In an attempt to win back trust, Major League Baseball Productions assigned a kids-oriented baseball show. Johnny Bench, the Cincinnati Reds' catcher whose team had been on here for details. Theme Song: We're ready to play. We're learning the way to do it right! We're the Baseball Bunch. We're going to go far. We learn from the stars. We've got a hunch you'll love the Baseball Bunch! We're having some fun As we learn how to run And hit and throw and catch that ball. You can learn too. We're waiting for you. We've got a hunch you'll love the Baseball Bunch!
Tommy Lasorda

Tommy Lasorda

The Dugout Wizard

Johnny Bench

Johnny Bench


Ted Giannoulas

Ted Giannoulas

The Chicken (a.k.a. the Famous Chicken, The San Diego Chicken)

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  • Michelle MVP

    The one episode I will always remember the most is when Johnny Bench ask the kids does anybody know what MVP stands for and 1 boy said Michelle is very pretty and Johnny said yes Michelle is very pretty but thats not what it stands for.
  • I was hoping that his would do much better than he actually did.

    I was hoping that his would do much better than he actually did. I wonder if he done his eye make-up himself or if someone else done that for him? I don't know what to say about both hte characters I just don't like them. He reminds me of Constantine from last season, except Constantine could at least sing.
  • Your favorite
    Who was your favorite on here? Mine was Michelle played by Stacey Blythe.