The Batman

Season 4 Episode 1

A Matter of Family

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 23, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

After a young circus performer named Dick Grayson loses his parents to a criminal named Tony Zucco, Bruce Wayne adopts the young boy. Once Bruce's secret is revealed, Dick joins Batman as his new sidekick, Robin. Together, they set out to find Zucco and bring him to justice.moreless

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  • An origin story. Robin, Boy Wonder, finally joins Batman. The Dynamic Duo is together at last—what’s not to like?

    Little Dick Grayson once lived a happy life. Along with his parents, he traveled and performed in a family troupe of acrobats known as “The Flying Graysons” in a gypsy circus, but his happiness was tragically cut short. Dick’s innocence came crashing down around him as he watched his beloved parents fall to their deaths from the trapeze high-wires during their act in the high-top tent; however, their deaths were no accident—it was murder. A lowlife crime lord of Gotham known as Boss Zucco arranged for the Graysons’ public death as a lesson after the circus owner refused to pay him “insurance” money. Zucco vows a threat against the circus, which Dick overhears, but by the time he tries telling anyone it’s too late. Dick is an orphan and alone in the world. Bruce Wayne is moved by Dick’s story and recalls how painful his own parents’ deaths were for him; so, he takes the boy into his home as a foster son. Soon after, Dick stumbles upon secrets within the walls of Wayne manner, including Bruce’s double-identity as Batman. Upon discovering his foster father’s alter-ego, Dick is eager to catch his parents’ killer with the help of the Dark Knight, and his thirst for revenge blinds him. Concerned by Dick’s obvious and understandable desire to avenge the death of his family, Batman refuses to let Dick help him find Zucco, but Dick ignores Bruce’s orders. Donning his acrobat uniform with the new additions of a mask and cape, he follows Batman straight to Zucco. After a fight that leads to Zucco’s near-death, Dick saves the man who slaughtered his parents despite his fervent wish to kill him. Batman is, to say the least, proud of Dick and his capacity for justice, and he invites his son to also become his partner in crime-fighting. Here begins the story of Batman and Robin. This episode was well-executed, and a great version of Robin’s origin story. The Graysons’ deaths were tastefully done without losing any of its poignancy, a rarity for a show directed for children. So, little Dick Grayson once lived a happy life, but as Robin, he began another life entirely.moreless
  • Finnaly!! We are introduced to Robin, The Boy wonder!!

    This was a great way to kick off the fourth season in my opinion, because we now get to see how Robin comes into the picture. I'd have to say the most sad part of the episode is when they show Dick's parents fall to their death, and they do that shot of his mom falling, her eyes get big, and she cries out, "Dick!" and he goes, "No!". That was so sad. Very great episode in my opinion. Well deserving of a 10 rating!moreless
  • Lolz ep. Finally Robin teams up with Batman.

    Finally we get to see Robin joining the batman. Lolz, on how good Dick was in gymnastics when stopping the juggler guy. Dick was so calm when he told off Zucco that he had called the police and even better when Batman intercepted the call. Hilarious when Dick showed up as Robin, the look on Zucco's face was just priceless. Come to think about it, Batman was surprised as well. If Batgirl wasn't exciting enough, Robin's sure to make it interesting. Hope the other episodes to come will be just as exciting. Great starting episode for Batman and Robin Begin. I give two thumbs up! 8)moreless
  • Dick Grayson joins the Batman! At last!

    Finally Dick Grayson appears and becomes Robin.I've been waiting for this since Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) arrived as the unofficial and unwanted sidekick of the Batman.Tony Zucko and his brothers try to blackmail the Flying Graysons into paying them an unneeded protection fee.Dick calls the police and Batman intercepts the call and arrives and captures one of the zucko brothers.As an act of revenge,Tony murders Dick's parents.Bruce Wayne takes him in as a foster son and tries to tack down Zucko.Dick finds out his secret and helps take doen Zucko as Robin! He officially joins the Batman in his fight against crime!moreless
  • The Robin is born.

    OK, this is the first episode that I ever watch of The Batman, Oh wait, I think that I saw some of Lost heroes one time, Ok I'll refrays that the first FULL episode.

    Note: I have only watched tree episodes at this point so the score is subject to change (7.5)

    Anyway, I'm really not a big robin fan (Batman forever/Batman and Robin,You know what I mean), but to my surprise was quite good, I really thought that it came together vary nicely.

    The title is a good choose (A Matter of Family). You might be laughing at me right now, but come on it could be a lot worse (The Rise Of Robin)

    Nice plot, even though it was done in the movie already. Over all, Good Ep (So far).moreless
Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan

Alfred Pennyworth

Evan Sabara

Evan Sabara

Dick Grayson / Robin

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Tony Zucco

Guest Star

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

John Grayson

Guest Star

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Mary Grayson

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Bruce told Dick he would take care of Tony Zucco, but had Robin not shown up to stop Zucco, the following death might have caused even more pain for him, but also Alfred. It might also cause more trouble for both of them because all the villains would know who Batman is.

    • When Batman beats up Zucco's goons in the bakery, he uppercuts the one wearing the tank top, knocking the danish out of his mouth and onto the ceiling. He then proceeds to beat said goon about ten feet to the left. When he stops beating him up, the danish still manages to fall on his face.

    • At the Grayson's funeral, Bruce Wayne's eyes were blue-greenish but in other episodes they were blue. Doesn't he have one eye color only?

    • After Robin saves Batman from being killed by Tony Zucco, one can see that the bat symbol on his (Batman) chest is just a simple black bat design rather than the normal bat inside the yellow oval shape. However, this is very brief.

    • Twice Robin's name is referred to "like the bird," although it is inspired by Robin Hood, "Little Robin" is Mary Grayson's term of endearment for her son from the comics.

    • Playing John Grayson, Kevin Conroy is the third actor to voice a character in The Batman that has played the Dark Knight. The first was Adam West, and the second was Will Friedle.

    • The Robin costume remains mostly similar to what was seen in Batman: TAS, Gotham Knights, Static Shock, and Superman, save that the cape now has a slit in the center.

    • In "The Cat, the Bat and the Very Ugly," Batman said that he would only hold onto one of the rare artifacts (the cat or penguin). However, in his villain gallery in the batcave, we see both.

    • The local police wasn't seen until Zucco was arrested towards the end of the episode, an undeniable avoidance of the Commissioner and Barbara/Batgirl. A definite nod to DC Comic's birth of Robin on the production crews' part.

    • At the Graysons' funeral, Alfred tells Bruce that Dick's parents were all the family he (Dick) had. Weren't there any other performers or workers at the circus to be Dick's de facto extended family?

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Zucco: Let me be blunt, John. I don't think this circus or your family can afford not having our protection.
      Dick: Funny. 'Cause I think we can.
      Zucco: And what makes you so sure about that ... sonny?
      Dick: I called the police five minutes ago.

    • Dick: A Robin? Like the bird? You know, kids my age get beat up for nick-names like that.
      John: How about we call you our flying squirrel? Better?
      Dick: You know, dad? I'm not the only one who looks like a loser...

    • Tony Zucco: I come from circus folk myself, so let me put this in terms you can understand. You don't pay us, and you'll have to deal with a strongman, a lion tamer, and a juggler.

    • Batman: Nice save. But I thought you wanted Zucco to get what was coming to him.
      Dick: Well, he did, didn't he? Justice.

    • Alfred: We should prepare for dinner. Perhaps Master Bruce will even join us this evening.
      Dick: And perhaps monkeys will fly out of my butt!

    • Bruce: The criminal responsible for my parents' death was never brought to justice, Alfred. That's a burden I won't let Dick carry.

    • (About being a knife-thrower with his dad)
      Batman: Why'd you give up such a promising career?
      Tony Zucco: Well, one day ... I missed.

    • Tony Zucco: So, Batman's got family too ... Cute.

    • Batman: We'd have to give you a name.
      Dick: How 'bout Robin?
      Batman: Like the bird?
      Dick: It's a family name.

    • Dick: Is there a reason why this costume has to be so colorful?
      Mary: Because when I see you up there, Richard, you make me think of a little robin.

    • Tony Zucco: Our family has been divided. I think we should return the favor.

  • NOTES (16)

    • This Tony Zucco differs from the comics. In the comics, he was a coward and desperate criminal. Here, he is shown as cold-blooded and merciless.

    • The show's creators finally got the rights to bring in Robin because this episode was aired after the series finale of Teen Titans.

    • Tony Zucco bears an uncanny resemblance to Zombie, Bane's suit-wearing, pale-skinned, knife-throwing lackey from the "Knightfall" storyline.

    • The theme song is slightly changed from season three. Instead of the scene where Barbara is holding up her batsuit, it shows Robin coming out and spinning his bo-staff. Also, instead of the ending showing Batgirl swinging and Batman diving towards the screen, it shows Batman, Robin and Batgirl jumping off onto a rooftop.

    • UK Airdate: 15th January, 2007.

    • This episode's ratings reached a series high with an 8.74.

    • As of this episode, Michael Goguen is the lone supervising producer while Duane Capizzi moves to executive producer. Also, Michael Jelenic is the new series story editor.

    • Tony Zucco bears a striking resemblance to Dracula from the DTV movie The Batman vs. Dracula.

    • This is the first time we've seen Zucco given more of a character sketch than just "a mid-level criminal thug" in the Batman saga. Now, he and his associates actually have a connection to Robin and a dichotomy in that they are both circus-trained but on opposite sides.

    • This episode features the first time that someone has died in the series, even if it isn't shown directly.

    • Apparently, The Batman's version of Tony Zucco bears a striking resemblance to Arkham from the video game, 'Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening'. The most notable feature that the two villains share is heterochromia (a difference in coloration usually in the irises of eyes). In addition, the scene when Zucco almost kills the Batman is also reminiscent of when Arkham nearly finishes off Dante, in which both heroes are saved by an unexpected ally. In this case, Robin and Vergil, both family members. Although, Robin is a foster-son for now while Vergil is Dante's brother.

    • Batgirl is absent.

    • A couple of new scenes are added in the theme song to compliment the addition of Robin to the team.

    • This marks the fourth episode where it is raining. The first three being "The Bat in the Belfry," "Fleurs du Mal," and "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind".

    • Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are best known for respectively voicing Batman and the Joker from Batman: TAS to Justice League Unlimited.

    • Robin is introduced.


    • Dick: (regarding Bruce) Why's he never around? This line and many others seem to be taken from the Batman: TAS episode, "Robin's Reckoning".

    • The opening sequence of Robin jumping through the paper hoop is reminiscent of the cover of Detective Comics #38, where the character made his debut.

    • Dick: "And perhaps monkeys will fly out of my butt!"
      This line is taken from the character Wayne Campbell, portrayed by Mike Meyers on Saturday Night Live and the Wayne's World movies.

    • Tony Zucco's brothers are very reminiscent of another group of comic book villains called the Enforcers. The Enforcers membership includes "The Ox" who is incredibly strong similar to Zucco's largest brother, "Montana" who uses rope tricks to subdue is similar to the brother with the whip, and "Fancy Dan" who is a diminutive martial arts expert. However, the Enforcers are with Marvel while Batman is with DC.