The Batman

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 03, 2007 on The CW
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A thousand years into the future, the citizens of new Gotham must uncover the history of the Batman in order to stop a new Mr. Freeze.

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  • Never been a big fan of this series, always like Kevin Conroy's better.

    But this episode definately takes the cake. Batman is a character who is eternal. No matter what happens he prepares for the future. Batman is highly intelligent and his coding the batcave in this episode is a classic example. The only thing better than this is when The government realizes Batman must exist and clones hijm in the Justice League cartoon. This episode shows that it is Batman who is the real person, and Bruce that is the mask. All of Bruce;s history means nothing in the future, but Batman's becomes critical for the survival of Gotham, and once again it's defender comes through.moreless
  • This episode shows a future Batman that is at missions end in a battle against Mr. Freeze 2.0, with older allies, Barbara Gordon as Oracle and Tim Drake as Nightwing by Batman’s side. This episode features a future in which the Batman was only a legend.moreless

    This episode was to date the best of the series. When it was mentioned that the Creators were trying to make this season the most fan friendly, they sure outdid themselves here. We see for the first time Oracle in animated continuity, which in itself is a huge surprise for fans as in previous Batman animated continuities, she would not be paralyzed and would later quit Batman’s mission and follow in her father’s footsteps as a Police Commissioner. Also, a nice nod to fans was shown in this episode by using lines like, “the Dark Knight Returns” a homage to the Frank Miller classic and “the Red Robin” homage to Tim’s code name in the Kingdom Come series. This was a very action oriented episode and had a lot of great surprises throughout it. However, my only complaint on this episode was that in the end it seemed a bit rushed and slightly out of place. This episode may have served better as an epilogue to the series after the final episode as this clearly shows that Batman will be a force to reckon with for many years to come. The only confusion here is the time as the future sequence of Batman battling Mr. Freeze takes place in 2027, which cements this series is actually happening now in time as Batgirl becoming Oracle would place her in her 30’s as well as Tim becoming Nightwing.moreless
  • I was amazed at the style of writing, you don't see many like this.

    So many times you see the 'future' of these cartoons and you'd think the people were actually there with the heros, they know all the dates and times. But here you see something different, long term planning and mystery. It would be stupid to assume that once Batman retired that everyone would suddenly know everything about him. Shoot, some of those cave-divers were lucky to get the name of the villain right. But how terrific was the character points, not only do you see Batman's stubborness, coming up with new ways to fight even after he's dead, but also how much he loves his run-down, disgusting, dirty ol town.moreless
  • It felt like they edited all the good stuff out.

    This episode was written by Greg Weisman-One of my favorite cartoon writers-but this is one of his weaker works.I feel they should have stayed with the archaeologists and focused less on the fight with Mr Freeze.(witch took twice as long as it needed to be)

    I found my self wanting to be back-or forward-in the future with archaeologists.I also felt that it was pulled out of some other show and placed here with all the back story has been lost in the cracks;this can work but here it just got a bit whiffled.

    Plus the end was a bit of an anticlimax and I saw it coming a mile away.

    Though I have to say the over all idea for the episode was great and that alone makes it a half decent episode.moreless
  • Meh...

    I hate to be the one sourpuss to rain down on this episode, but as I must speak my full honest opinion, I didn't think this was anything special. It was probably the episode this season that I was looking forward to the most, but it just didn't do it for me.

    The first thing that threw me off was the annoying scientist geeks from the future. I mean, talk about just stupid. That girl Moira (whatever her name was) was making so much false statements about Batman that it almost seemed insulting. That and well, I just didn't see the point. They talked like geeks, they had a annoying moral yada ya, and well I don't know, but it just bothered me. Another thing was that I was hoping to see more Robin in this episode, but instead they have to show the science losers. They could of replaced the 1,000 year future scenes with scenes of Batman and Robin from the present day easily.

    Now that that beef is off of my chest, I'll continue with the good things in the episode. I can't deny it was cool to see Nightwing and an older Batman, and the future Mr. Freeze was pretty cool. There was alot of action and Batman ruled the scene even as an old man. On the downside, I really felt Nightwing got jipped. All he did was save the pilot and then try to stop Mr. Freeze and get frozen. Also, Oracle was pretty annoying. Which is odd since Batgirl is one of my favorite characters.

    This is probably my least favorite episode this season, but it was by no means necessary horrible. I just think they could of done alot better wtih this oppurtunity to finally show an episode in the future.moreless
Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan

Alfred Pennyworth

Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi

Commissioner Gordon (Episode 35-present; guest otherwise)

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In one scene, Batman wasn't wearing his mask and one could see that his eye color is gray. Why are they gray? In all other episodes, his eyes were blue.

    • Another running gag is Nightwing and Oracle implying Batman is an old man. Considering Bruce is about in his thirties in "present time", he'd be either in his late forties or early fifties in 2027; hardly an invalid. Side note: Nightwing would be in his early thirties, and Barbara about thirty-six (remember, we saw her take a driver's test in a previous season, implying she was about 16).

    • Freeze's plot in this episode is somewhat similar to his plot in the 1997 film 'Batman and Robin'.

    • In the future Detective Ellen Yin becomes Commissioner (replacing Gordon) and Detective Ethan Bennett becomes Chief (replacing Rojas).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Nightwing: You think you got one more in you, old man?
      Batman: I'm just hoping you can keep up, Robin.

    • Mr. Freeze: The upgraded Freeze 2.0 comes complete with flameproof cybernetics and a shatterproof internal liquid nitrogen supply. It's why your cold medicine didn't work.

    • Oracle: (about Batman) There's still no answer, Alfred. Radio must be down.
      Alfred: He's always seemed to think he wasn't doing his job unless he worried me half to death. I'm certain he's fine, Oracle.

    • Batman: Thanks for the icepack, Freeze ... all you did was numb the pain!

    • Oracle: Batman? Batman, do you read? (pause) What do you read, anyway? After all these years, I never thought to ask. Mystery stories, romance novels, the Sunday comics?
      Batman: I read, Oracle ... loud and clear.

    • Moira: According to records we found, the estate that was once above this cave was owned by a Doctor Thomas Wayne. We can't be certain, (creates a hologram photo of young Bruce and his parents) but I bet he was The Batman. Which means his wife, Martha, may have been The Batwoman, and their young son, Bruce, The Red Robin.

    • (after saving the pilot from crashing)
      Nightwing: Oracle.
      Oracle: Way ahead of you, Wing-Nut. I've alerted Commissioner Yin and Chief Bennett that the pilot's headed their way. They've evacuated the airport and their men have the place surrounded.
      Nightwing: Which means they're still waiting for us to the do the heavy lifting (changes channel on his ear piece) Right Batman? (no response is heard) Batman?

    • Oracle: Chill, Batman, I sent up a flare. Robin's on his way.
      Nightwing: Maybe you didn't get the memo, Oracle, but I've been going by Nightwing for, oh, about a decade or so.
      Oracle: Oh yeah (sarcastically) I don't know why I can't remember that? Maybe I should try saying it ten times in a row. Nightwing, Nightwing, Nightwing, Nightwing…

  • NOTES (13)

    • Although the actor playing Mr. Freeze is uncredited, it's clearly Clancy Brown, who played Freeze in previous episodes.

    • This is the only episode in season four that Robin does not appear in.

    • When looking at the uniforms, they mention they state that the smaller uniform is of the Red Robin. While never using this name in any animated series, Dick does take this name in the Limited Series Kingdom Come. The name Red Robin was later used by Jason Todd, the second Robin, during Countdown to Final Crisis.

    • Running Gag: The commanding investigator calling Victor Fries "Dr. Frost", but being corrected to "Mr. Freeze".

    • During the fight with Mr. Freeze, Oracle mentions "alerting Chief Bennett." This may mean that after being cured of the Clayface mutation, Ethan Bennett has rejoined the force and has risen to the rank of Police Chief.

    • Commissioner Gordon and Alfred make brief appearances in this episode, but only as old men and not in their present versions.

    • UK airdate: 23rd January, 2007.

    • The police investigators mistakingly think that Thomas and Martha Wayne (Bruce's parents) were Batman and Batwoman (which is what Barbara tried to call herself before accepting the title "Batgirl") and thought that Bruce himself was Robin. However, they aren't far from wrong: in some of the earliest stories (likely retconned out of existance) Thomas Wayne did wear a bat costume to a party shortly before he and his wife were fatally shot by a hired goon, and young Bruce briefly wore a red-and-green costume and fought crime under the name "Robin".
      They also assume that an old wheelchair belonged to Alfred in his later years; in reality, it was Barbara's (though the nature of her infirmity is never explained).

    • The present day Batman, Batgirl and Robin are not shown in the episode. Only an older Batman, Oracle and Nightwing are shown

    • The entire episode is set in the future, switching from the year 2027 to the year 3027.

    • This marks the Oracle's first appearance on any DC animated series. Though, older Barbara Gordon did have a recurring spot on Batman Beyond, her life as the Oracle was never spoken of (implying it never happened).

    • Mr. Freeze appears in the future in a new suit.

    • Nightwing and Oracle are introduced.


    • Mr. Freeze: The Dark Knight returns.
      Mr. Freeze's off-handed remark about Batman is a reference to Frank Miller's graphic novel "The Dark Knight Returns," a grittier, darker interpretation of Batman. Even Batman's physique for the episode echoes Miller's interpretation of the character.

    • Premise: Spider-Man
      This story mostly follows the exploits of two archeaologists of focus as they study relics of a legendary hero, and make incorrect assessments on said hero's history. This is strikingly similar to the storyline in The Amazing Spider-Man #439. Interestingly enough, the theories spun by the investigators (also a black man and a white woman) in the comic were based on the Batman mythos.