The Batman

Season 5 Episode 9

Attack of the Terrible Trio

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 02, 2008 on The CW
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A trio of college misfits use stolen mutagens from Dr. Kirk Langstrom to transform themselves into animal forms and get revenge on those who have scorned them.

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  • It was rather boring, not unlike the Batman: The animated series episode with the same characters.

    First off, let me say that the only reason I gave this episode a two, as opposed to a one, was because Robin - who has been in every episode sence the beginning of season four - was not in this one. One of my big problems in this episode was the fact that there was no reconciliation between Bruce and Barbara about the fact that he could not remember that she had graduated high school and was now attending college. (BTW, Batgirl doesn't look any taller or otherwise different than when she first appeared, even though she's supposed to be older) Other than that, the plot was not very well written and the "student(s) don't fit in, so they're going to get revenge" plot is overused Quite frankly, I almost would have preferred the bored billionare approach like it was in the comics. (Maybe bored college students?) All in all, not one of my favorites.moreless
  • Batgirl goes to college and the outcasts fight back against the popular crowd with some help from formulas courtesy (not intentionally) from Dr. Langstrom.

    A trio of college students that attend the same college that Barbara Gordon/Batgirl has recently started to attend are outcasts, misfits, and theyre not gonna take it anymore. So, by using a formula in patch form (either borrowed or stolen from Dr. Langstrom/Man-Bat), they assume the forms of a fox, a shark, and a vulture in order to bring fear into the popular people who have often ridiculed them. Now its up to Batman and Batgirl to stop the trio from using the formula to make everyone in the college a mutated creature.

    This is the first episode since the beginning of the 4th season that has Batman and Batgirl only, no Robin here. While the absence is felt painfully (at least by me), i'm sure many season 3 fans will feel nostalgia. Barbara being in college now shows that the time has passed in the show from when we first saw her as a high school student/gymnast/delinquent helping out her fellow delinquent Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy and turned into the unofficial-eventually turned official partner to the Dark Knight and other than that, shes still the same ol wisecracking Babs we know. The trio had some justifiable reasons for doing what they did which is a welcome change from all these Joker episodes where he just creates havoc just for kicks. Seeing Dr. Langstrom actually not be Man-Bat and start living clean again was a sign that after Clayface 1, more villains might also turn to the good side. So in closing let me say, it was a good episode and it was definately an improvement over the Joker episode that preceded it.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Batgirl: (as the gorilla attacks) What's the plan?
      Batman: Move!
      Batgirl: Good plan!

    • Fox: You know, you were a real inspiration to me, Batman.
      Batman: I was an inspiration to you?
      Fox: When I was a kid, I saw you way up on a skyscraper. You had everything I ever wanted; power, freedom, no one to answer to. And then there was the whole animal thing too.
      Batman: You might have seen me, but you sure didn't understand.

    • Batgirl: They're not the school spirit types.
      Batman: What type are they?
      Batgirl: The type no one notices. Until it's too late. Misfits.
      Batman: Everyone fits in somewhere. The hard part is finding the right place.

    • Batgirl: This is where we call in the Justice League, right?
      Batman: For a monkey? They'd throw me out in two seconds.

    • Barbara: (to Batman on the phone) I'm at school. Better come quick. Assuming you can remember which school it is.

    • Batgirl: (about Batman) He can give you the atomic weight of iridium and the private phone number of the president. But does he remember I graduated High School? No.

  • NOTES (8)


    • Fox: Come on! I've seen this movie before.

      This is a reference to the movie King Kong as Jake, who recently turned into a giant ape by the Trio, had grabbed Batgirl and was fighting off Batman. This is similar to the moment in King Kong in which he had grabbed Ann Darrow and is trying to ward off the airplanes at the top of the Empire State Building. Fox is most likely hinting that Jake will inevitably lose, just as King Kong did, so they should leave while they have the chance.

    • References to the DCU
      The Trio uses skin patches to administer the Langstrom serum, just like the "slappers" in the Batman Beyond episode "Winning Edge". Both used a formula "borrowed" from a Bat foe and had interesting effects on a person. Also, at the end of "Splicers," as here, a person was exposed to an overdose of a mutating drug and became a griffin-like creature (though that one seemed permanent). Batman grumbles that the League would boot him out if he called them for a giant gorilla caper -- likely a nod to one of Flash's arch foes, Gorilla Grodd, used in Justice League: Unlimited.