The Batman

Season 3 Episode 1

Batgirl Begins (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 17, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

In a conservatory, Batman is using wrist-mounted weed-cutters to battle a new villainess, Poison Ivy. Her army of mutant plants knocks him down long enough for her to blow pheromones into his face, knocking him out and revealing she has Commissioner Gordon hostage. A new heroine arrives, Batgirl, and she dodges them and turns to Batman, who is enthralled by Ivy's pheromones and attacks her. As the two fight and she gets grabbed by a plant, Batgirl tells the tale of how she got her start. The night before at a chemical plant, Temblor is breaking in on the orders of a mysterious patron. Temblor has a pair of gloves that generate seismic shocks and breaks open the plant door. When the police arrive he turns his powers loose on them and Commissioner Gordon uses the Batsignal to notify Batman. The two spar but Temblor makes his escape when the police arrive. Gordon and Batman talk and Batman reveals he got hold of Temblor's communication device. They're interrupted by Barbara calling to let her father know she'll be late. It turns out Barbara is with a friend, Pamela Isley, and they're sneaking into the CEO of Chlorogene to wage a campaign of eco-terrorism. They run out, ducking by the security guards, but get captured by the police…including her father. Pamela has a reputation in juvenile hall and Gordon considers her a bad seed. At the Batcave, Bruce intercepts a message for Temblor – he is unaware the mercenary's employer is Pamela, who is sending him after companies that destroy plant life. Batman catches up to Temblor and the two fight – after some back and forth, Temblor buries Batman in rubble long enough to escape. Barbara and the Commissioner are sharing dinner when Pamela calls to ask Barbara to help her break in to another company. Barbara has to refuse because of her father's presence. Gordon is unwilling to have his daughter involved in detective works and reveals where Temblor has been attacking – the same factories Barbara and Pamela have been going after. Bruce traces the Batwave signal to Pamela and makes the connection as well. At the next factory, Pamela is tossed out and Batman intercepts her signal to Temblor giving him a new target. Barbara confronts Pamela at Chlorogene but Temblor shows up when he realizes he's not getting paid as promised. Pamela runs while Barbara tries to distract Temblor – he sends her flying and goes after Pamela in a conservatory where Chlorogene is growing mutant tomatoes. Pamela drops a vat on him which he easily deflects, and then starts bringing the place down and trapping her under rubble. Batman arrives and fights him while Barbara goes to rescue Pamela. She's sent flying and knocked out, and a vat of plant mutagens falls on her. Batman manages to take out Temblor's gloves but the aftershocks spray her with the sludge. The police arrive and haul off Temblor and Pamela is taken to the hospital for detox. (To be continued)