The Batman

Season 3 Episode 1

Batgirl Begins (1)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 17, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Neugog Chemicals, the chemical plant seen when Batgirl starts telling her story, is named after the show's supervising producer, Michael Goguen. His last name is reversed to form the name of the plant.

    • Pamela's legs are covered by steel, which is why she can't move out of the way of the falling chemicals. However, when the lift is used to pull her out of the cloud, the metal is gone.

    • When Temblor is outside Chlorogene X's headquarters, Batman keeps his hands away from each other, but the lights magically turn on after the Batarang barrage.

      Also, when Temblor turns himself on at the chemical plant to smash Barbara, he turns on the right gauntlet, but both turn on. Pay attention, because he then reachs over to turn on the left one, which is already on!

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  • Allusions

    • With orange-tinted skin, green eyes and red hair, Poison Ivy resembles people from the planet Tameran, like Starfire from the Teen Titans series.

    • Starting with season three, if you listen closely, you can hear the beginning notes of a remixed version of the classic 1960's Batman series.

    • Not only is this the first time we see a Batgirl costume with white eye lenses, its color is also a nod to the sparkling purple outfit Yvonne Craig donned in Batman (1966).

    • Poison Ivy: You've been terminated.
      "You've been terminated" is a reference to the three Terminator films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The situation at hand when Ivy says "You've been terminated" is also similar to one that occurs in the first of the three films.

    • Title: Batgirl Begins
      The title seems to parody the recent Batman movie, Batman Begins.