The Batman

Season 1 Episode 3

Call of the Cobblepot

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 18, 2004 on The CW

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  • Alfred convinces Bruce to attend a charity gala that he is hosting instead of going out as Batman. There, he meets the obnoxious man Oswald Cobblepot, who turns out to be more important than he thought after linking him to several recent burglaries.

    This episode was a bit of a miss for me. While the main characters continue to grow well, with Bruce starting to show off his detective skills, some insight into Alfred's history and Ethan and Yin's relationship making good use of the crimes committed early on, there is nothing wrong with them. My major issue is with Penguin. He has never really been my favorite villain, and it really is kind of strange that he is so overused. He was never appealing to me. Here, he is shown as an extremely rude criminal with birds that are trained to steal, two crazy asian ninja chicks (their real names are the Kabuki twins, but I prefer crazy asian ninja chicks) and an umbrella that produces a strange lightsaber weapon. Talk about weird. And very unconventional. He just never came off as threatening to me, probably due to his small stature, awkward depiction and unconventional methods. I mean, he tries to feed Alfred to some birds. Yes, that's right. Birds.
    Also, while Bruce is shown as a detective, the fact that "Ozzy" is behind the robberies is painfully easy to figure out. Anyone with a lick of sense or the slightest knowledge of the Batman mythos would know it. That's just bad storytelling. And the fact that Penguin can pull off some ninja moves himself while being fat and short came off as just plain weird. But, the final fight scene was well done and very well animated. Plus, we got a very nice line at the end with Batman in relation to his villains. While it wasn't a disaster, I'm hoping that this kind of storyline isn't used over again, and that the next episode will recover from this.
  • The vile crime lord the Penguin sends out his trained birds to rob valuables from the wealthy residents of Gotham City.

    So, we had the acceptable Bat in the Belfry, the slightly disappointing-yet-action-packed Traction, and now we have what we've been seeking all this time. A strong blend of action and characterization with a good story and script to go with it. The story is not complex, but it is much better than the previous episodes. Joker wanted to poison the city with laughing gas. Why? Bane wanted to rob everyone in Gotham. Why? The Penguin wants to steal from rich people. Why? Because he's greedy, selfish and cruel, that's why. The Penguin wants to gain wealth and power because he wants fame and fortune, as clear a motive as that, and it sticks to that storyline, never going off this idea and no ridiculous sub-plots added. A perfect story, simple enough for enjoyment, but gripping enough to keep you compelled for the duration of the show. Batman and Alfred are the same in this, and this episode is most memorable for introducing the character of the Penguin, and this is quite possibly his best incarnation yet. Really, I'm serious. It has all the characteristics the Penguin requires; he's got to be disgusting, incredibly greedy, a comedy villain, and yet with a darker, more menacing edge. This Penguin has all those elements mixed together perfectly. The BTAS Penguin was a posh gentleman with bird-themed crimes. The comics version was an evil businessman, and the DeVito version was a hideous, deformed megalomaniac. This Penguin is by far the most interesting of all the versions. He is obviously vile and disgusting by the way he is so rude to people, eats repulsively and is so full of himself. He is greedy by sending his minions to steal valuable objects from other people, just to have them for himself because he wants them. Simple as that. He is definately a comedy villain; he made me laugh out loud at times with his foolish antics, and yet he is clearly a cruel, thoughtless man whose willing to do anything to get his way which makes him a little sinister despite the humour. As for the mood of the episode, it is just brilliant. There are moments of comedy, horror, violence and revulsion. I'd say that this is mostly an action episode, but there is obviously humour with the Penguin, and a little creepiness with those menacing black crows and those eerie mute twins, the Penguin will disgust you and there are good fight scenes between Batman, the Penguin and his minions, and this feel continues throughout the whole thing, right until the final excellent duel between Batman and the Penguin, and while many may disapprove of the Penguin's new Kung Fu abilities, I think it makes the Penguin seem more like a figure of power instead of a cowardly rogue who gets his henchmen to do all his dirty work. The art and music in this are superb. Both have a real Tim Burtonish feel about them. The music is dark and menacing in certain scenes and the Penguin's lair looks very creepy indeed. This is definately the most appealing episode in The Batman series so far, up there with the greatest of the BTAS episodes and could be watched again and again and again. All the positive aspects of this episode gain it a strong mark of 9.1.
  • Nice introduction to The Penguin.

    I quite like this episode. It was a very nice introduction to The Penguin. I liked his new design as well as his new henchmen, The Kabuki Twins. Tom Kenny did a very nice job of voicing him. The plot was very exciting and fast-paced as well as being totally action-packed.

    Overall, a very good episode that introduced The Penguin well.
  • First battle between the bat and the bird. Too bad this bird can't fly.

    A series of robberies on valuables have been strung together lately in Gotham City. The Batman is on the case, and discovers that they're the work of some birds. Alfred emphasizes the point of him keeping his identification secret, and makes him aware of his party. The most robust guest was a man that came from the Cobblepot family. He ate all the food and left a bad impression on everyone. Little did Bruce realize that he's responsible for the series of burglaries that have been happening lately. Alfred went to Penguin's mansion in order to retrieve back a plate, and got captured rather quickly. The Batman entered in, and did battle with Penguin's Japanese body guards, and eventually defeated Penguin.

    A huge improvement over the first episode, even though both episodes share the same formula and layout. The battles, like always, and for the rest of the TV show as it seems, are excellent. Well choreographed, excellent and fast pacing. The fight with Penguin is the best so far. How Penguin used the environment as his arsenal was pretty creative, and his unique weaponset made things more interesting. Those reasons don't seem to be enough to separate itself from other fights, but what makes this better is that they all happen so quickly and in a series, rather than slowly things down and repeating the scene several times as if you didn't absorb it the first time around--something I absolutely hate by the way. Though the story is average at best. It just feels like it's there to build around the fights. Unlike the first episode, this time, the fights were good enough to make this a very enjoyable episode.
  • Good Introduction Episode For The Penguin

    I really like the new design of The Penguin, i don't think that his special karate moves are silly or his agility is unnatural for his body shape, it just feels good to have the character redesigned (Trust me, Penguin really needed it)

    Alferd also sleuths a bit on his own in this episode and there is also an disco in the Wayne manor that Penguin visits with his two Kabuki twins, that he picked up in the orient. There is a good somewhat long fight between Penguin and Batman in the end.
  • "Ozzie" Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin kidnaps Alfred in order to regain his lost family fortune as ransom.

    A brillaint episode, which makes you wonder if Alfred is really as kindly as he seems. However, Tom Kenny is perfect as the pompous Penguin, and manages to make the show watchable, if only through his hilarious scenes with Alfred, and his strangely perverted interest in women. This episode is great!
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