The Batman

Season 3 Episode 9

Cash for Toys

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 04, 2006 on The CW
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When Wayne Industries shuts down Cosmo Krank, a toymaker with a spotty safety record, the demented villain takes revenge by trying to shut down Bruce Wayne - permanently - with his diabolical toys.

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  • I am in this!!!!

    when I was 7 I think, my dad Micheal Goguen the producer of the batman at the time got me a part in this I am the little boy that gets his toy smashed by cash
  • Awesome! With a bunch of humor too!

    I loved Cash in this episode. It's a good thing they brought him back. I think Toymaker was a decent villain with some cool toys and gadgets. The Batman handled him fairly easily though and it kind of disappointed me. The battles were very short but the episode was still enjoyable.
  • A fun and enjoyable.

    The show was fun to watch, and i have to admit that i enjoyed it. but thats all it really was, a silly episode. it wasnt moveing or out of your seat adventure, it was sort of a filler. the winning character for this ep. has 2 Cash, he was a lot of fun.
  • One of the most crappiest episodes (next to RPM,Pets,The Big Heat,Brawn, and that **** episode with Cluemaster)

    This could have been a good episode for the Toymaker. The toymaker was a villain in the \\\\\\\"Batman: The Animated Series\\\\\\\" who had a very serious dilemma and was portrayed as being a very tough Advesary for the batman in \\\\\\\"The Grey Ghost\\\\\\\' episode. this piece of s*** does nothing compared to this and makes Toymaker, who can become one of the more interesting Batman Villains, into a 4th rate villain that can\\\\\\\'t even compete with Cluemaster. I hate this episode!!! If they F*** up villains like this, Then I\\\\\\\'m turning from this **** series.moreless
  • In this ridicolous episode this shows version of the Toyman, Cosmo Krank is introduced.

    I have to say this a silly and ridiculous episode and the only thing I got from it was unintentional amusement. It is a perfect example of why B:TAS is far better from this show. Cosmo Krank reminds me of this shows version of the joker as he doesn't wear shoes and has a ridiculously colored dredlocks. Also his motives are horrible ones, that are almost as bad as cluemasters. It doesn't even tell you why he made dangerous toys in the 1st place! Cash Tankinson's return is one of the only reasons to watch this episode as he is a stereotypical jock and it's kind of funny that hes even a cop. In addition to this there are other amusing parts that make it worth watching for diehard batman fans (not THE batman fans), such as myself.moreless
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