The Batman

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 07, 2006 on The CW

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  • Ethan Bennett returns to prove that he is good, while Basil Carlo drinks the Clayface mutigen to become a better Clayface.

    Another stunning, well-written episode that left me wishing for the next episode to air tomorrow. This episode is now one of my favorites since the fighting scenes were with the original Clayface against the better Clayface. Also, when Ethan merged with Basil, I thought Basil was just going to absorb him and Bruce would fight with sheer anger. The new character Basil was very interesting. He wants a successful acting career, but in order to do so, he risks drinking a mutigen just to be able to shapeshift. I found him to be a careless, shallow, and self-centered villain, however these are the factors that make him a great enemy to the Batman. In addition, when he had just beame Clayface he had full control and took clay powers to a new level. He was faster, sneakier, and stonger. He even was able to alter his clay after it left his body which Ethan never really did. This episode did lack one thing, a touching heartjerker. At one point in the episode, I wished Detective Yin would return and say something emotional.
  • For some reason I just don't care.

    First off; "Clayfaces" ,what a dumb title. they put an S on the end of the villain's name,I mean come on, even I could have come up with a better name then that
    OK, that's out of the way.

    Now to the reason I don't really care a about ether of the Clayfaces.
    Ethan;I not sure what it is exactly, but I just don't really have any sympathy for him at all. Maybe it's the voice actor or maybe the fact that Bruce doesn't look like he cares ether.(sigh)
    Basil Karlo; I had a little sympathy with him at the start,but by the end "WHAT A JERK".
    All those things put together and really I have to ask "why should I care"

    I always say that a hero is a hero but every one loves a grate villain(s) and in this case the villains suck.
  • Say goodbye to Ethan and hello to Karlo.

    I was really expecting Matt Hagen to come around this time but was very much satisfied with Basil Karlo. I didn't like his first impression, because he seemed to goofy for a serious episode, but he grew on. And his Clayface version looks way cooler than Ethan's. The fight scenes were the highlight, with some amazing stuff going on there, as well as the drama that Ethan and Bruce are going through, as well as Clayface and Batman. Robin was once again a nice addition to the whole set. Also good to see Gotham PD around again, with no Rojas.
  • Perfect this is worth watching!

    This starts off with clayface posing as Jokers henchmenand then turns himself into the batman after his failed attempt at getting revenge on joker. And what do you know someone just has to find a way to bring clayface bac as a villan. We get to see an awsome fight between the 1st and 2nd clayface and well sadly and embarrisingly the 2nd is better.Thats exactly why the 1st has our friend batman and robin who have the cure for both clayfaces and well uses it on both of them at the same time. Well we can almost honestly say that the 1st is no more but cant say it for the 2nd
  • What can I say? Double the Clayface = Double the Fun. Watching the deperation of an actor mocks real life and the extream actions some will take to get their fame or looks back. All together a good episode. Though I hope to see more Batgirl in the

    Before I start, I would just like to comment on the lack of Batgirl or Barbra in this episode. With Robin/Dick now in the picture, I hope Batgirl isn't pushed aside like her counter part in the Batman the Animated Series.

    Well this was a good episode. We got the return of Benett, turning over a new leaf and fighting side by side with Bats and Robin. A pretty good episode, leaving you wanting more at the end.

    Its funny to see Robin there, kinda just pestering around. His fighting skills are good, though he is too eger to fight, which may end up being bad. I think he will be used as a hostage a few more times in the series, which may become annoying, and reason I dislike young-young Robin (same with Batgirl).

    Watching Batman, Robin and Clayface #1 fight side by side kinda made you want Clayface #1 to join forces with Batman when he gets out of jail, since the pesky 'cure' seems to be lacking, on one of them at least.

    Joker's comicalness was great in this episode. Kinda a side story, but just funny to see him in all his laughing glory. Though I agree that it would be out of place for Batgirl to be in this episode, I still hope she isn't used as a random guest spot from now and then, cause she has alot she can still give to the series. Plus more interaction with Barbra and Dick would be nice, and even more Barbra trying to keep the Batman secret (from her father). All together a solid episode.
  • Clayface vs Clayface, interesting...

    The episode starts off with another attack on Joker by Ethen as Clayface, but once he ties up the clown he reveals that he's turning himself in while trying to prove he can help out Gotham with his powers if they just give him a chance, which Bruce has trouble accepting. Meanwhile, a failed actor Basil Karlo grows jealous of Clayface's power to shapshift finds out Wayne Interprises has got a sample of the chemicles used on Ethen and does everything he can to get his hands on it, even if it means getting in trouble with the law. Now, after swallowing the substance and getting back at the people who refused to let him to star in a hit commercial, Basil lets his new powers get to his head and goes on a crime spree. The Batman and Robin try to meet him head on, but Ethen beats them to it. Now as a team, the three take on this even stronger Clayface, but how long can they hold on before Batman can give him the cure? Season four has been giving out some pretty good episodes of late and they continue to do so. Not exactly how I thought the episode would go, I was expecting a Clayface simmilar to the tragic verson played by Mat Hagen. Though this one was pretty good too. It got a little predictable here and there and once again another character has no trouble getting used to their abnormal powers. But still, a pretty solid episode with some twists here and there (and aperently, Basil Karlo's as Clayface II is here to stay...).
  • A reformed Ethan Bennet helps the Batman to take on a new Clayface.

    When so-called hardcore Batman fans first saw Clayface in The Batman, none of them would never imagine a big surprise for them when they learn that the original Clayface would make an appearanace in the show as well.

    When the Joker plans to have all dogs at Gotham die laughing, he is stopped by Clayface (Ethan Bennet) who wants to regain the trust of the Batman, who isn't sure he can be trusted at all. At the same time, unknown actor Basil Karlo, desperate to get in the acting business, overhears a cure that Wayne Industries is making for Clayface, which eventually lead to his transformation as the new Clayface. Now, the only way to defeat this new threat is to trust Ethan once again.

    Good animation, great action sequences and another score for this show.
  • Ethan Bennett turns himself in after capturing Joker and then is returned to Arkham. With a new Clay Face rising Ethan knows he must do something and so he escapes to find him putting Batman on his trail and making him wonder if he should trust him?

    I had to sum up Clay Faces in one word the word would be......GREAT!! I was blown away by this episode, the new Clay Face was really cool and I loved how they arched back to the orginal name for Clay Face like how he was when he first appeared. It was also nice to see Joker make a cameo in this episode. Always cool! The ending on the bridge is by far my favorite part, exciting and action packed with Ethan trying to redeme himself and saving Batman and Robin! Overall another great episode in season four...sadly no new episodes now till November....Until then: Bring on The Everywhere Man!!
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