The Batman

Season 5 Episode 13

Lost Heroes (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 08, 2008 on The CW
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Lost Heroes (2)
The heroes fight their android counterparts to recover the Justice League's powers, while the Joining prepares for its final assault on Earth.

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  • Good series finale, though I wish they had ended the show with the Bat crew defeating every villain in Gotham.

    That is all I can say.
  • With the Justice leagues powers, the joining seems unstoppable, but are they?

    The Batman leaves our screen with style and a lot of characters to review. Batman: Good: He wasn't the person who saved the day fully but aided the process. Bad: Nothing Robin: Good: He found the weakness of the joining Bad: Nothing Batgirl: Good: She was here and helped J'onn defeat the joining. Her line about junior justice league. She saved Superman Bad: Nothing Green Arrow: Good: His move with flash, his distraction in the first battle. Bad: Nothing Green Lantern: Good: Battle in space with Superman Bad: NO OATH J'onn: Good: Read my mind line. Aiding the defeat of the joining. Bad: Since when could he become invisable (I don't read the comics, that much) Superman: Good: His defence of Batman's actions with the weapons. Bad: Nothing Hawkman: Good: his method in defeating His and J'onn's counterparts Bad: Nothing Flash: Good: His aid with green Arrow Bad: Nothing Hugo Strange: Good: He got what he deserved. His mind helps save the day Bad: He was barely in this episode The joining: Good: The mother droid on earth Bad: nothing Overall: A brilliant way to end a questionable season, and a series.

    A few years later I've decided to rewatch the episode, and I have a major issue now with particularly this part, everything seems a little too convenient. The chest is the vulnerable, and they just happen to be able to punch through it, the joining just happen to be able to be shut down by a code, and hugo strange just happens to have it (I mean what sort of race transmits their own weakness, you would have thought they would have let that out)

  • this is a good episode a good story line

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  • So the Legion of Superheroes have lost their powers, and Batman decides to get them back, by using some weaponary that should weaken the androids powers (using the superheroes weaknesses), but after they get their powers back, the Joining come back!moreless

    Carrying on from Part 1, Part 2 is the series finale. All I can say is that is was greatcouldn't have been better, as this will probably lead on to yet another awesome Batman series of some sorts, which will be awesome if WB actually do another Batman series.

    They escape the androids narrowly, and the Batman takes them to a secret hideout, which is the 3rd hideout from this series. His Batcave, then one near the sewers, and now this one (which has some more high tech stuff in then the sewers). Luckily for our heroes, the Batman prepared them with some weapons, that will weaken their android counterparts, Batman gets questioned why he had these, and he replies "As a precautionary measure", as Superman in The Batman/Superman Story did turn renegade (thanks to Luthor).

    The androids with the Legions powers look all the same, but the Martian Manhunter android being dark green, Superman being blue, Hawkman being yellow, Green Lantern being green and Flash being red. It's not as action packed as some of the episodes from series 1 and 2, but it's one of my favourites in terms of storyline.

    The way they take out the androids are clever, but the androids start to adapt with finding out their weaknesses. After defeating these they plan to end this once and for all, and return to Hugo Strange.

    Hugo Strange wanted to have infinte knowledge, as he done his fair share, and so he got it, but it overrided his brain with too much information. When the Legion return with Robin and Batgirl, they find that the Joining are coming, from reading Hugo Stranges mind. They then all start to fight them off, but even the Joining came prepared with their own weapons to fight of our heroes. Superman and Green Lantern are fighting them in space, whilst Hawkman, Flash and Green Arrow take it to the streets to fend them off.

    So Batman and Robin have to fend of the robot who gave Hugo Strange infinite knowledge. They do get battered a bit after the robot gaining a few of the superheroes powers from the android room, but they still manage to pull it off. The Martian Manhunter knows the only way to end the Joining is in Hugo's mind, so he reads his mind with the instructions, whilst he then controls Batgirl to programme them in. At the final moment, the Joining stop completely, falling from the sky into the sea, and Green Lantern throwing the mothership into the sun, which explodes. It ends with Batman standing in the Legion HQ, with Robin and Batgirl, Batgirl making an joke about her and Robin being the "teen division" of Justice League.

    It's a great ending to a great series, that keeps on getting better and better. This is one of the must see episodes in the entire series, and hopefully WB will look at The Batmans success, with the only cartoon having 5 series.moreless
  • Review of Part 1 & 2. When The Joining return for one more battle, Batman and The League are ready to fight! But all goes bad when the heroes are captured and drained of their super-human powers leaving Batman and Green Arrow to strike with wit.moreless

    ... I for one have not been a fan of the Justice League story arc. As a Batman fan I found it to take too much center stage on the series and would have liked more Batman villians introduced during season 5 (rather then just Joker...) Two-Face and another apperance of Catwoman would have been a nice highlight! As a season, bad. Far from Batman and left a bad taste in my mouth. Luckly season 1-4 has enough Batman, Batgirl and Robin to make up for a lackluster season.

    As for the finale. We had an interesting storyline that brought in all the League (which maybe why the episode felt crowded, leaving Batgirl and Robin in the background... woulda loved for a more centered finale on the three characters). The Joining returned...

    I can honestly say this was a bad finale. We got no real substance. Had they scrapped that dreadful 'Joker Express' episode and instead used these two episodes for episode 11 and 12 leaving episode 13 as a Batman, Robin and Batgirl episode would have given fans alot more closure to the characters and left the series on a nice end. In the end there is nothing we can do. This is the end to a series that had alot of potential. We can all hope that a movie will be made and we will get a proper ending... but I won't get my hopes up. This is the end.

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Evan Sabara

Evan Sabara

Dick Grayson / Robin

Danielle Judovits

Danielle Judovits

Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This is one of the few Batman cartoons that does not have Two-Face in it.

    • Why do Hawkman and Green Lantern need to get their powers back from the androids? Wouldn't it be smarter for Green Lantern to simply recharge his ring? Hawkman has wings. He might lose his super strength, but he can still use his wings to fly.

    • Look closely: Much like in "The Batman/Superman Story," despite being near the sun, you cannot see Mercury or Venus. Another point is that the sun is a couple of thousand times smaller than in reality. Also, it is a few million miles too close to Earth.

    • When J'onn asks Batgirl to set up the code to defeat the Joining, she says "She's still trying to figure out the remote on her TV." This doesn't make much sense because in the past, she has proven to be good with anything technical; in "Attack of the Terrible Trio," she was working on the Bat-computer, in "White Heat" she knew how to use the radiation detector, in "Thunder" she knew how to hack into Zeus' systems, and in "The Apprentice" she knew how to use the tracer device that she planted on Joker. Additionally, she was even shown using a remote for a TV fine in "Batgirl Begins Part Two."

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Martian Manhunter: (about his robot double) He's using my invisible power.
      Green Arrow: You've got so many, it's hard to keep track.

    • Batman: Looks like Hugo got his wish.
      J'onn: Absorbing all that knowledge has overloaded his cerebral cortex.
      Robin: If that's the shortcut to total knowledge - I'll stick with middle school.

    • (Final lines)
      Robin: Man, we've got the coolest clubhouse.
      Batman: "We"?
      Batgirl: Yeah. Junior Justice League, teen division!
      Batman: Nice try.

    • Batgirl: (inputting the code) Hey - how come I know how to do this?
      Martian Manhunter: I'm in your mind, relaying the instructions from Strange.
      Batgirl: Whoa. We need to talk personal boundaries after this.

    • Martian Manhunter: Batgirl, I need you to set up the signal! Now!
      Batgirl: Me?! But I'm still trying to figure out the remote on my TV!

    • Batman: I'm patching into the League's satellite to monitor the fight.
      Robin: So, what do we do?
      Batgirl: Make popcorn?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Hugo Strange's final fate: The Joining gives him the infinite knowledge he desired, however, it was too much for his brain to hold, leaving him catatonic.


    • "Junior Justice League, teen division" = Young Justice + Teen Titans.

      When Batgirl referred to herself and Robin as the teen division of the Justice League, she alluded to the existence of Young Justice, a team of younger superheroes (created in 1998) made of sidekicks and proteges of members of the Justice League. And the 'teen division' designator refers to a similar team of young heroes, the Teen Titans (originally created in 1964).