The Batman

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jun 25, 2005 on The CW
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Ethan Bennett is captured and put on trial for his crimes as Clayface. He's released on probation but finds the temptations of a criminal life too great.

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  • Detective Bennit (Clayface) is brought to justice and ordered not to use his morphing powers, yet he still wants to go on revenge with the Joker...

    Awesome ep, loved every minute of it, except for some slight details:

    Joker getting those elevator shoes? WAY out of Joker character, and since when does he go on robberies? solo?

    Nice continuation to the Clayface plot, but I feel sorry for Ethan, it was good to see him again, but he didn't deserve any of what happened to him in this ep, and I got really disappointed when he turned completely evil...

    Joker in this series = pure awesomeness, man I loved all his comments and facial expressions and stuff throughout this ep, but as I said the elevator shoes and solo robberies are way off character and didn't suit Joker at all.moreless
  • Ethan Bennett Develops into a strong character and a great continuation from the finale episodes.

    This happens to be one of the best episodes out thus far in this "okay" batman series. Ethan Bennett's Character enhancing episode is a great setup for Future episodes (hopefully, unlike Bane). This episode was really good in setup. Ethan planning to get revenge on the Joker for turning him in to Clayface. The Only letdown of the whole episode was the Joker. He could've been portrayed in a much better way than this. Doing petty theft? Crapola!! I hope that this can evolve into something so big, that they are going to have to create a Three or four part event which this "okay" batman series really needs to take it to the next level.moreless
  • One of the only episodes I\\\\\\\'ve enjoyed thus far.

    Ethan Benettt was a friend of Bruce Wayne until a terrible accident turned him into the insidous Clayface.After being caught by the batman, Ethan is given a second-chance at a normal life, Bruce Offers Benett a job as a security guard. But at word of the Joker's rampage across town, decides to take it upon himself to bring the costumed clown to justice.

    This is very similar to the episode "Two Face" in Batman: The Animated Series. (Er rather, the episode introducing Benett was.) After being turned into a hideous villain, Harvey Dent/Two Face takes it upon himself to bring Rupert Thorne to justice, the man who turned him into Two-Face in the first place.

    The strength in this episode is in the writing, Batman is forced to face his friend's inability to stop shape-shifting, Clayface's anger towards Joker is also well-written into the story, choosing to retain his job as a security guard, rather than go hunting for the Joker. Until the Joker himself shows up at Benett's doorstep.

    My only complaint is the Joker, resorting to petty theft, and fighting head on, The Joker is not at all himself. Come on, The Batman, the Joker is not a fighter, nor is he a thief!

    All in all, a very good episode with the exeption of the Joker.moreless
  • Clayface is back and forced to stand trial for his crimes. Also includes a surprising appearance by a golden age Bat-foe, Professor Hugo Strange.

    To date, this is probably my favorite episode of the current Batman series. I really like the way they have evolved Ethan’s character, ultimately turning him into the alternate reality counterpart to Clayface. I also dig the fact that his origin is so intricately tied to the Joker. Admittedly, though I am not a fan of this program’s version of the Joker, he has become a bit more palatable this season. Clayface appears to be suffering from a duel malady often attributed to the Two-Face character in other versions of the mythos. Clayface is quite clearly an engine of vengeance, but Ethan’s good side struggles to maintain control. The climax to this episode leads one to believe that Ethan is too far gone and that his personality is completely consumed by the new Clayface persona. I hope this isn’t the case. I would like to see future episodes detailing Ethan’s struggle to overcome his more seductive and sinister nature.moreless
Steve Harris

Steve Harris

Detective Ethan Bennett (Season 1; guest otherwise)

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman



Detective Ellen Yin

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Dr. Mark Desmond

Guest Star

Frank Gorshin

Frank Gorshin

Professor Hugo Strange

Guest Star

Daran Norris

Daran Norris


Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

the Joker

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Further confusing matters about Bennett's clothing, later the Joker takes his coat and drops him. Bennett and the rest of his clothing reverts to clay, but the jacket stays as is for the rest of the episode, so it's real. So apparently Bennett isn't wearing any clothing ... except for the jacket. That doesn't make any sense.

    • In the grocery store, Bennett is wearing his security uniform which is a nice fit. Then he takes on a new form, that of a much smaller, skinnier man ... and the jacket is still a nice fit. As we see seconds later at his apartment, he isn't wearing a uniform but is instead changing shape and the uniform is part of himself (which explains why it fits in either form). But ... he's under court order not to change shape and being tested to confirm. So why is he going without a uniform and relying on his shapeshifting abilities to clothe himself in the first place? That puts him in automatic violation of his probation.

    • Why is Bennett short of money at the grocery store? The implication is he's poor, but he has a high-paying job and certainly Bruce would have loaned him some money to tide him over.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Joker: Batman and Clayface? Hee hee! My cup runneth over!

    • Orderly: Time for your medicine, Joker.
      Joker: But my dear flunkie, you left the meds outside.
      Orderly: (Changing to Clayface) That's not the kind of medicine I had in mind!

    • Batman: Bennett!
      Clayface: Who?

    • Joker: Ah, Clayface, just the do-gooder I was hoping to see.
      Clayface: I'm the last do-gooder you'll ever see.
      Joker: Let's dance, drippy!
      Batman: Sorry, fellas ... but I have to cut in.

    • Ethan: Joker, listen!
      Joker: To the sound of you going splat? Great idea!

    • Clayface: I'm gonna chop you down to size!
      Joker: Who are you calling tall?

    • Ethan: You're through, Joker!
      Joker: Ah, Detective, or should I say, Night Watchman.
      Ethan: Oh, so you remember me now?
      Joker: I never forget a face I've tormented.

    • Bruce: First day, Ethan. Nervous?
      Ethan: I was a cop for 6 years, Bruce. I think I can handle staring at a monitor. (Steps into room full of monitors) Whoa!
      Bruce: Make that 350 monitors.

    • Clayface: It's payback time, Joker! You're going to suffer for making me what I am!
      Joker: I'll take what I deserve, but do I know you?

    • (Ethan hits the street as mud)
      Joker: Wowza, that's a splat!

    • Joker: Detective Bennett ... You're Clayface?
      Clayface: You turned me into clay!
      Joker: Funny, I was trying to turn you into dust.

    • Ethan: Look, Bats, I'm not headed for a meltdown. This isn't about revenge, it's about making sure what Joker did to me never happens to anyone else. Can you understand that?

    • Batman: You have options.
      Clayface: Like prison or Arkham? Hmm. I pick eliminating witnesses!
      Batman: That's the clay talking, Bennett.
      Clayface: How do you know where Bennett ends and Clayface begins?

    • Joker: (about killing Batman) Go on, son. Take a little off the top.
      Clayface: Son?
      Joker: I made you who you are. Said so yourself. From where I dangle, you make a better villain than vigilante.

    • Batman: It's not too late.
      Ethan: (slowly turning into Clayface) Isn't it, Bats? Look, here's the problem as I see it: being Ethan Bennett is hard, really hard; being Clayface is cake! So say your goodbyes. This is the last you'll ever see of him.

    • Ethan: Whoa, Yin. You wouldn't shoot your old partner now, would you?
      Ellen: Didn't know you collected modern art. What do you plan to do with it?
      Ethan: Melt it down. You know, to jump start my new life.

    • Ellen: We've really lost him this time, haven't we, Wayne?
      Bruce: Ethan's passed the point of no return. Now only Clayface remains.

    • Ethan: I tell you, Yin. Some days I wish I could just disappear.

  • NOTES (15)


    • Joker: TTFN. Ta-ta for now!
      Quoting an often-used line from Disney's Winnie the Pooh. Tigger says "TTFN" while bouncing around on his legs, much like the Joker is using his super-enhanced mechanical legs here.