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  • What I Like And Dislike About The Batman

    Likes: Bruce Wayne/The Batman is the most sexiest animated Bruce Wayne/Batman of them all. My favorite version of Batgirl. Bruce shirtless in the third episode of season 3. Rino Romano does a much better job as Bruce Wayne/The Batman than Kevin Conroy did. No offence to all the Kevin Conroy/Batman fans.

    Dislikes: Catwoman/Selina Kyle. I wish they didn't bring her in. The main reason is because I didn't like that she was constantly flirting with The Batman. It always made me sick when she was flirting with The Batman. She may have had feelings for him but he didn't seem to have feelings for her. She is most definitely not his type. In fact none of the girls in Gotham are his type.

    Other then the fact that I dislike Catwoman/Selina Kyle and all the girls that seem to flirt with Bruce Wayne/The Batman this is my all-time favorite Batman series. In fact it is my number 1 favorite. I have all 5 season and the movie The Batman vs Dracula. I watch one disc a day at 6:30pm.
  • Of all bad superhero shows, this is not one. It deserves better

    This series has been called stupid, bad and mediocre by fans who have hypocrite views on superhero TV. The Batman is a much better show than any that came. It may not be as good as Batman TAS, but that does not mean it is bad. Shows like X-Men Evolution butchered the characters from the comics by reducing them to teens and yet people were in love with it. The new live-action TV series Gotham got a lot of things wrong and people are in love with it, especially its Penguin, which shares nothing in common with the original except name. The Batman made things cooler than any other version. It is not stupid. It is a different version. Batman here has much cooler gadgets and uses his detective and inventive skills. we don't get to see him do it much on the Nolan movies, yet people love it. This series is not like Joel Schumacher. It is not campy and is quite dark as the series progresses. The villains are much cooler. Joker is actually as insane as Jack Nicholson in the 1989 movie. Mr Freeze may lack the tragic origin story, but at least there are no ice puns. He even shoots ice directly from his hands, which is totally badass. He has a personality just as serious. Penguin is cooler. It is sad that this Penguin is a true-to-the comics prequel version and people hate it. Gotham changed Penguin to an extent that he is totally different, sharing nothing in common except name, kinda like Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine. This penguin is an angry heir to a fortune establishing himself. Riddler is way serious and is even more intelligent than other version. Among the Bat-family, Batgirl is like a less campy version of the 60s one. Robin is way cool and just like the one in Teen Titans. He even serves as a younger brother figure to Batman. Commissioner Gordon may not appear at first, but why bother. The first 2 seasons are Batman early years and Gordon didn't become allied with him till later on. He appears from season three onward. Alfred has a much better role as being a father figure and and a personal medic. He is the exact same as other versions(excluding Beware the Batman). Lucius Fox is just like his comic counterpart and is just a big ally as in Batman Begins. Two-face, Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow and Mad Hatter may not appear because they were already being used in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Joker did because he is an important Batman villain. This series also uses obscure villains in a better way than the new Beware the Batman, by using them alongside classic villains. Season 5 was the best because of the appearance of other members of the Justice League. It may be different, but why bother. DCAU Justice League had used Hawkgirl instead of Aquaman. Of all Batman shows, this is no 2, below DCAU and above Brave and the Bold.
  • I totally remembered it

    It was really cool.
  • This show brings back memories!

    Man, I miss this show! this show had everything a batman fan could wan, all seasons were truly amazing. Season 1-2 had that amazing intro and season 5 with the team ups from the justice league! I give this show an infinity!
  • the batman

    This is #4 in my 'Top 10 Batman series is a mix of drama,action and has well-choreographed actions,well-written dialogues and stories,and also it is more realistic comparing with other cartoons(I mean,Batman is a good entertainer and what Bruce Wayne learns from his life is a longlasting impression for kids.
  • Grows on you...

    I grew up with B:TAS, so I am very loyal to that show. With that said, this show kept progressing and I would say Season 4 was this pinnacle of the show. If you are looking for "The Batman" at its best, watch the episodes "Strange New World," "Two of a Kind," "Artifacts" and "The Joining" (both parts). I would put these episodes in the same caliber as B:TAS.
  • After this, came the dumb batman shows.

    Not as good as Batman: the animated series, but its a really good version anyways on its own. Some things about the show are a little weird and Im not the biggest fan of the theme song, but this series is so fun to watch and I really enjoyed it. :)
  • Under appreciated. Seriously, after a shaky start, this Batman is shaping into a classic piece. It might not have the darkness as the previous ones, but its getting there and that makes it exciting to watch.

    Following the mood and the theme of the early career for Bruce Wayne as The Batman... I'm finding the noir humor, the grimness of gotham and the slowly but surely The Batman getting darker, a quite realistic journey.

    I really feel that earlier detractors re-examine this series, and give it a chance for it to grow into an even better adaptation for the dark knight.
  • The shows a classic batman show. Its about him when he's slightly younger.

    I just love this show. It is my second favorite show(my favorite at the moment is teen titans, with spider man coming in third)and for good reason. For one it is a super hero show. I really love super heroes and if i could i would love to be one. And second, it is about Batman. Batman has been my hero and idol since i was five years old. Because of that I'm practically addicted to this show, the only time it is on though is at 11:30 so i have to stay up, totally worth it for me though.
  • absolutely worthless

    as the first real new batman show ( batman beyond is technically a continuation) this show fails to impress and whilei may be jumping the gun on this one since ive seen only a few episodes but if thats any indication then by all means this show sucks.First of all for me it seems that all the characters are just plain out of character. Sure we all know that joker is this super freaky crazed killer but do they have to make him look so ridiculous?? i think not. I couldnt even describe this show, it seems so fast like noting really happens in those 27 minuets. example: joker, penguin, and riddler start fighting over the city. Batman comes into the play he stops him and the city is saved!! and no that's not a summary, that's the entire episode....overall just skip it, if you need you daily fix of superhero go watch the origional batman the animated series
  • Not as good as Batman TAS, but still really good

    This show is not Batman the animated series. It's not even half as good as that show was. But it is still the next best thing to quality television and I suppose that it's more than we can expect from kids WB nowadays. One thing did bug me in this series, though. It could have been so much better if it had stuck with the type episodes that they did that got so much critical praise (such as A Matter of Family and The Riddler's revenge). Instead, they often presented episodes in the first and second seasons that featured see-through plot and indecent action scenes. The third and fourth seasons were admittedly better overall. However, I felt that the series finale was rushed, underdeveloped, and not very well thought out ( I mean, come on, the return of a villain who was just "scouting out" the planet with a FULL-SCALE invasion last season; SERIOUSLY).
  • Pretty decent

    Being the direct descendant of "Batman The Animated Series", this cartoon has certain things that you got to love in a Batman cartoon. The animation is good, but it could be a little darker. The way the characters are portrayed also suffers from the lack of darkness in them. The fact that some characters got different origins in this cartoon is good (like Poison Ivy for instance) in a couple of cases, but in others (like Harley Quinn for instance), it damages the storyline. As for the cast, I have to praise the work of John DiMaggio as the Joker, because even though he's not Mark Hammil (the best Joker ever, right after Jack Nicholson of course), he makes a good job portraying him. I give it a 9.
  • Most Amazing Show I've watched

    I've always loved this show.It shows you the real side of the Batman.The intro at the first season was simply FANTASTIC.The Joker in this show is what he SHOULD have look and acted like.Catwoman is amazing,too.I,however,didn't like the second,nor third intro.The first one was dark and dramatic.The others...not the same.I can't believe Cartoon Network doesn't let this show be on anymore.I honestly HATE the shows they have now.Anyway I never understood why someone would give this a negative review.If I could,I would give this show a 20 out of 10~!!!

    This is,and shall always be,my favorite show in the world.
  • Another Batman cartoon, but this one mixes together great bat weapons with ridiculous kung fu fighting. It's more like Bat-Dragon Ball Z.

    First off, this show does have some good thing going for it. The Bruce Wayne character has been done nicely, and the look of Batman's weapons and vehicles is an interesting and appealing one.

    But while we can accept that Batman knows kung fu, it's extremely ridiculous have all of his foes also know kung fu (the PENGUIN fights? And on Batman's level?), and it detracts greatly from the series. Though there are some plots where Batman uses his mind and planning with his devices to defeat the criminals, most of the originality of the methods of the villains is lost, as nearly every episodes has at least one completely unnecessary kung fu fight.

    Also, this series clearly has the worst incarnation of Batgirl yet. An unskilled, uncombat-worthy wanna be tween, who some how is accepted by Batman, though it's too much to believe that she would be able to do anything other than put jeopardize herself and put the Batman into unnecessary additional risk. It basically sends the message "don't work hard, just do it without training", which is a recipe for disaster to kids today.
  • A new spin on DC's classic anti-hero that disappoints like the Matrix sequels.

    Let me start by saying that Batman is my favorite superhero. Always will be. I've been addicted for years, and watched Batman: the Animated Series religiously when I was a kid. However, this show is a monumental let-down.

    Let's get something straight. Batman is a flawed hero with deep-seated mental scars who follows his own moral compass as he's consumed by his convictions. The stories, his enemies, the setting, and the ambience of his home turf of Gotham city all serve to emphasize and act as a backdrop to this central theme. Adapting the character is tricky, but possible. Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan have done wonderful film adaptations, and B:tAS was great at capturing the post-modern/pulp fiction flavor of the early comics. Even Batman Beyond had its merits. Not as good as the above examples, but it did bring about a very interesting science fiction twist on the concept.

    However, The Batman is just pretentious, misguided, and seems to be trying way too hard to cash in on popular trends. Let me start with my biggest point of contention: the art direction.

    Jumped up Judas Priest, I can't emphasize how much this bothers me. The most obvious complaint has to do with the attempt to blend "normal" Western animation style with anime. It's always a tricky business, but it can be done. Teen Titans for example got much better when it started to tone down the extreme aspects of the style. By third season, it really hit its stride.

    Here, we are treated to an art direction that tries to be abstract and edgy, tries to look anime-ish, and seems to really want to be surreal and flashy. But it all falls flat. Batman looks like a wuss. Batgirl looks like jailbait. The Riddler looks like a reject from a gay pride parade. Bane ends up looking more like something out of a forgotten NES fighting game than a DC villain. And the Joker looks like The Cowardly Lion after a party shop threw up on him.

    Wrong! This absurd attempt at looking edgy and counterculture-y ends up looking like a bad art student's wastebasket. The Penguin is the only one with an acceptable look, and he's grossly mishandled anyway. None of these changes make any sense, either. Why doesn't the Joker wear shoes? Why is Bane red? Why does the Batmobile look like a crappy Hotwheels model?

    Apparently, the word "subtle" is not in the creators' lexicon. There is nothing subtle about this series in the least. The writing is bland, the characterization either inconsistent or just plain weak, and the ambience just comes across as trying too hard. I don't need to see 80% of the Riddler's skin to know that he's crazy, for example.

    If we look at things in the perspective of DC adaptations, it seems The Batman is trying very hard to take the disaparate elements of the different series and comine them, no matter how counterintuitive it may be. It wants you to think it's dark and deep like B:tAS. But it also wants to be flashy and fast-paced like Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited. Which, also brings up the alternate universe (AU) aspect. This show takes too many liberties with continuity. Ironic, because they don't seem to know what that is. The continuity between episodes is inconsistent at best. It also seems to want to portray the cyberpunk/dystopia of Batman Beyond, despite the fact that the tones just sort of clash when they slam it all together.

    Another ball they really dropped was Batman's dual life. The way they portray him is similar to how the director attempted to depict Daredevil in the same-titled movie. However, they also want Batman to look amateurish, to drive home the idea that he's new to this crimefighting thing. The end result? Bruce Wayne is a whiny pansy and Batman comes off as a friggin' goon. You begin to wonder, is he conflicted or just a moron?

    Overall, this show is awful. It can't make up its mind what it wants to be and comes across as a shallow, trend-hopping, uninspired mess. Except for the recent surge in popularity created by the movies, I would say that the franchise will be going underground again until the public can wash the taste of this show out of their mouths.
  • I cant belive i wached that show watz up with it it was so boring i fell a sleep 4 2hours so boring it upset me for 2 whole days

    O my god were should i start it was the gayest show i,ve ever see and i,ve seen a lot of shows i would completly die if any of my friends foud out i watched it well i only watched it for 8mins because i fell asleep even my baby sister fell asleep by the time i woke up 4 of my favourite shows had finshed thats how gay it was i advise u not to watch it i will never make that mistake angain ever i cant but thats just my opion people probely like this wierd show ha
  • One of the worst shows ever

    A pitiful remake of the dark knight. Most of the villains are different, there's hardly any blood, and even the science is unscientific! No adam west and remade stories. We hate you Batman. And to make matters worse for it, I REPLACED The best show in history! (Viewtiful Joe)
  • theres some good things about it but in the end its nothing special

    i am a huge batman fan but this is just okay to me i feel like this is the weakest batman cartoon. a few things that make it medicore to me is
    1) theyre trying to remake the series batgirl joins batman before robin which is just stupied i think it wouldve been better if batman just worked alone in this one there was really no need for robin and batgirl in this one.
    2) the villans just dont look good they tried to give them a different look but that just doesnt work and they dont even seem like how they should be mr freeze isnt at all like he looked before he just looks weird.
    3) the episodes arent anything out of the ordinary their pretty straight forward.
    so heres a few reasons why i dont like this show. the good things are the gadgets. the bad is the characters just dont work well, the episodes arent great there pretty standard. theres some good things about it but in the end its nothing special.
  • Just a waste of time...

    i never thought they could kill a badass like batman but i guess i was wrong. its the worst cartoon every just like transformers animated. They just do retarded shows like this because the kids of this generation are dumb waste of sperms i mean rely bat man beyond was pretty awesome but his does not live up to the originals. Like really id expect that from the disney channel and what not. Wow this b - a - d just kill the people who even thought of this sho... look i cant even call this a show. It should be called abomination.
  • it is by far the best DC series i have watched yet and highly doubt that any show can overtake it.

    I really love this new series of the baatman, i have watched other shows with him and robin in, but none compare to this. Funny, dramatic, good plot and story lines. Not even the reacurring villains are annoying.

    Ending this series is a HUGE mistake on their part, the whole plot just keeps building up as we see new gadjets, vehicles, villains and allies. But then it just...stops, why? I understand that they can't let the time lines cross between Robin leaving the group to join the 'teen titans' and other comic book stories clashing, but all the same it seems a shame that the series producer has decided not to take it any further, should an amazig show needs to survive.
  • a really well done batman show

    the batman its like any other batman show is a billionair by day at night he is batman bruce wayne except its in his younger days and the tech in this show is really well done its more cool and modern looking even the batmoblie . and the guys he is fighting look more diffrent and dark looking. that you could see them really evil. this was a great batman show i think it was one of the best batman show made alest for cartoons . and dc really did a good job with this one i think one of there good projects.
  • I`ve seen plenty of the bat`s shows over the years and this is by far the best I`ve seen. I still think the earlier seasons are the best but the whole show is great. It provides new outlooks on the bat`s villains, allies, stories, gadgets, and even outfit

    All the other (billion) batman shows out there MUST step aside and make room for this 1. All five seasons are addicting, adrenaline-pumped action for every episode made. The new look to Batman`s costumes, vehicles, villains, allies, gadgets,and even Gotham iself may be criticized, but they all work to make an amazing and unique show kids of all ages will enjoy. The bats Rogues Gallery is explored to beyond full potential as recurring thorns in the bat`s wing like Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and dozens more make their cameos time and again in brilliantly plotted episodes. A full arsenal of classic and new gizmos are at the bat`s disposal, like newly designed batarangs, bat-wings, varying-effect pellets and much more. Batman will get around in his next-gen batmobile, batwing, batboat, and batpod, and even a cool suit of armor for his more burly foes!Combine all of this with the addition of key allies like Commissh Gordon, Robin, and even Batgirl(in the later seasons) and the Batman is an instant piece of brilliance. I just wish the show continued even longer!
  • While not as great has it's DC Comics cousins, this show will grow on your if you give it a chance.

    To be honest I did not like this show the first few times I happened to catch it. I grew up with the DC universe of Batman TAS and the Justice League cartoons. This new Batman and his revamped universe didn't sit well with all of its oddness and differences. Once I got past that Bruce Wayne was a early 20s guy in need of a nose job instead of the experience Batman of the Justice League cartoons the show was easier to swallow. The stories were actually pretty good. Each episode was self-contained, but at the same time added something to an ongoing storyline. The new gizmos Batman utilized were pretty slick themselves. Eventually I started liking it even though it was different. Watching this new Batman come into his own was a pleasant surprise. While the addition of Batgirl and later Robin made the show more "cartoony" than before (this is a bad thing), the addition of Superman, Green Arrow, and crew in small doses helped drive the show in the later seasons (this is a good thing).

    Bottom Line: If you're looking for a great superhero cartoon, this isn't it. Buy the Justice League DVDs if that's what you're after. Right now that's the gold standard. If you're looking for a decent superhero cartoon to watch after you've finished Justice Leauge this is a good pick.
  • The people who give this show bad reviews are B:TAS snobs.

    I will admit that for the most part, Batman: The Animated Series was better than this show. But, if you are going to enjoy any kind of show, you cannot constantly compare it with something better because it will take away any enjoyment you would have otherwise had.

    Anyway, let's list some of the good points of the show. 1: Rino Romano does a pretty good job as Batman (so what if he's not Kevin Conroy?)
    2: This show has the best version of Dr. Hugo Strange I've ever seen. (This includes the B:TAS version)
    3: Season four had a lot of really dark episodes, and with Batman, dark is good.
    4: In the first and second season, Batman was considered a vigilante and hunted by the law. (something B:TAS failed to do btw)
    5: The Batmobile coupled with BatWave is awesome
    6: The Batman Vs. Dracula remains one of my favorite animated Batman movies.
    7: The action scenes are fast, and if The Batman ever has to dodge bullets, they don't start out five feet to the left of him, with him only dodging at the last second (although Kung-Fu Penguin can drive you up the wall at times).
    8: The animation is solid, and nobody's muscles look like fat (although you can't really blame B:TAS for having this problem).

    I could go on, but I don't imagine you have all the time in the world to be reading this review.

    In closing I would like to say that the only reason I brought up B:TAS in my "good points" section was to show to the snobs of the world that if you look for the good points in a show, they will show up. (this is not to say that I don't hate any TV shows I've seen, but there are things that can be pretty good if you give them a chance)

    (One minor note, for the love of al that is good and decent, don't compare season five with any season of Justice League, otherwise it will be impossible to enjoy)
  • An acquired taste for fans of the 90s Batman: TAS. The Batman is a bold and innovative departure from the previous Batman style. Smooth animation and bold character design.

    The Batman took a distinct stylistic break from its Batman predecessors with some very unique character designs, especially for the Joker. I have to admit, it took me a while to warm up to the look and feel of this new Batman universe, but I've grown to admire its bold and innovative design.

    Part of the backlash against The Batman was predictable -- the series of 90s cartoons designed by Bruce Timm were so iconic that they cast an inevitably large shadow on any project that followed. I, along with millions of others, loved the Bruce Timm version of the Batman mythos so much that it was difficult to judge The Batman on its own merits.

    It's true that The Batman took a number of liberties with the Batman mythos. The Joker has green dread-locks, red eyes, and is heavily muscled -- he has the initial appearance of a half-monster/half-man character. The Batman also adds several original characters in the first seasons as allies of Batman.

    Despite my initial reluctance, I now look at The Batman as a bold and innovative take on Batman. I enjoy seeing this more skewed version of Batman's world. The designs are bold, the color schemes arresting, and the animation smooth and engaging.
  • A great Batman series, with it's own personal touch. The characters are very different, but absolutely amazing. Especially the Joker :D

    This show is possibly one of the best cartoons I've ever seen this millennium. Of course, that isn't really saying much, but it's definitely one of my all-time favorite cartoons. It brings a definite new twist to the characters, and not in a bad way. Most of them are almost entirely different from any of the characters on the older batman shows. The biggest twist is the Joker; with his ape-like agilities, sweet dreads, and easy ability to escape Arkham, he is almost unstoppable. The Joker is the main reason why I ever watch any of the Batman series, and I always enjoy the way he manages to bring humor into every episode he's in. This series definitely brought a whole new light on the Batman, and is absolutely amazing.
  • A young Bruce Wayne fights crime as the Batman!

    Season 1 started out with Bat in the Belfry. The first one was a stinker, and most of the first season was as well. Number 13 was the best of the season Clayface being the villain. Ellen Yin also joins to help Batman at the end of season 1. Season 2 gets a lot better even though the first one, Ragdolls to Riches, wasn't that great, the season got really good with Meltdown. Strange Minds was a good one, but Laughing Bats beats it. The season finale marks the last appearance of Ellen Yin, which was sad, and a poor choice on the creative team's behalf. The third season introduces Batgirl and Poison Ivy. I like that Poison Ivy was sixteen and knew Barbara. Batgirl is okay, but not the best character. I think she was handled better in Batman the Animated Series.Robin is handled better in this series to me. Although his jokes are pretty dry. The fourth season is the best season. The stories get darker and better. The fifth season is worse than the first, which is pretty bad. Introducing other heroes is okay with me, but not every episode.

    Overall I liked the show, it had a good run, but just normal to me.
  • The Batman follows the life of rich Bruce Wayne, arresting villians that are a threat to Gotham City. Some villians being wierder than others like the classic Joker, Scarface and Harley Quinn. If you like the old Batman shows, then this is one for you!

    The Batman is a dark action adventure cartoon, which isn't all about fighting. This cartoon looks into investigating the evidence, and sometimes even The Batman can't figure stuff out, without the help of Batgirl or Robin. Batgirl is introduced in Series 3 and Robin in Series 4, then some Justice League heroes like The Flash and Superman are introduced in Series 5. Series 1 and 2 is about how The Batman gets excepted as a hero for Gotham City.

    There a few more villains introduced this time around, but the old famous ones still remain, as like Joker, Harley Quinn, Croc, Scarface and Dr. Hugo Strange. The episodes are always very interesting, even if it is a To Be Continued one. The story of Clayface is quite well thought out, especially some of the fight scenes and how The Batman and or crew take them down.

    The Batman has 4 types of suits, his normal one for ground. A water type on for Croc, and then later it had been slightly adjusted for sky use as well. A ice suit which was used to combat Freeze and then a heat suit to fight Phosphorus (used to be called Firefly until a experiment went horribly wrong).

    The story of how Robin becomes a hero is sad, as his family dies, whilst Batgirl's is simply about her friend turning into Poision Ivy. It's good storylines overall, and this cartoon shouldn't really be a PG, more like a 7+ or 12+ , as even some of the fightscenes in the older series is quite violent.

    Overall if your looking forward to Dark Knight, or loved it, then I highly recommend that watch this or get on DVD at some point, as this is just one of those cartoons that can't be missed by anyone.
  • They should bring back The Batman. It was a great series

    At first I didn't really like The Batman not because of it' story line but because of the way they had drew the characters. I'm use to seeing it being drawn like The animated series version or drawn like in the JLU/JL. But overall it was good. The season also went out with a bang with Lost Heroes. It was great I had to make sure to watch it but I'm dissapointed that it had to end considering that they had Batman teaming up with other superhero characters. I just didnt understand why they had hawkman instead of hawkgirl though. I think that it should have at least made it so it was like the Justice League version with Hawkgirl being one of the original 7 and also including Wonder Woman. It was great to have it a all guys thing but what happened to the woman
  • Well the title is THE BATMAN so you'll get what you expect. This Series follow a much younger Batman as he begins to take on his classic rogues gallery. The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Man-bat, and Clayface all make appearances.

    I honestly really enjoyed this show. There are some who will probably never like a Batman show because of how perfect BATMAN TAS was but I'm not one of those people. Although there are a few things that got to me in the beginning of the series i.e. the Joker character designs or the lack of an Officer Gordon, I eventually came to just accept these as little quarks that made the series special. The one thing that I really liked was that when other protaganist characters, like Batgirl and Robin, were introduced it was done in a very simple way that for the most part stayed true to the source materieal. For those who can have no other lover but BATMAN TAS I feel sorry for you because this was a solid series. If you haven't checked it out it's on DVD.
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