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  • absolutely worthless

    as the first real new batman show ( batman beyond is technically a continuation) this show fails to impress and whilei may be jumping the gun on this one since ive seen only a few episodes but if thats any indication then by all means this show sucks.First of all for me it seems that all the characters are just plain out of character. Sure we all know that joker is this super freaky crazed killer but do they have to make him look so ridiculous?? i think not. I couldnt even describe this show, it seems so fast like noting really happens in those 27 minuets. example: joker, penguin, and riddler start fighting over the city. Batman comes into the play he stops him and the city is saved!! and no that's not a summary, that's the entire episode....overall just skip it, if you need you daily fix of superhero go watch the origional batman the animated series