The Batman

Season 4 Episode 9

Riddler's Revenge

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 17, 2007 on The CW
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The Riddler and Batman are dropped at the bottom of Gotham Harbor ... and the Riddler reveals his origins.

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  • When is a villain not THE villain?

    Those very words stick with you when you finish watching this episode. "Riddler's Revenge" is definately one of my favorite episdoes of The Batman ever. I love it because in this particular Batman show, the Riddler is a very interesting villain who's totally underused compared to Joker and Penguin who are used so many times, it becomes a little annoying. Here we get to see a glimpse into Edward Nygma's childhood and university life and how an incident concerning one of his inventions led to his evolution into the Riddler. Another thing that unintentionally led to the formation of Eddie's full transformation into the Riddler was Batman himself which helps cement their connection. Robert Englund as always outdoes himself playing the tormented soul that is the Riddler. If there is only one complaint that i could possibly have about this episode, is that it probably would've worked out better as a Batman solo episode rather than including Robin (despite how much i like the character). The reasons why i say it is because basically Robin was only there to show how he excuses himself from school, and rescue Batman on the Batboat. It probably would've been a better and more fitting solution if after the Riddler escaped, Batman used his Batwave signal to call out the Batboat and then follow Riddler to the university to where the climax and ultimately the twist to this whole dilemna takes place. The twist (which i'm not gonna reveal for fans who havent seen the episode yet) definately was one that caught me off guard and proves my point exactly about one of the last lines that Batman utters in the end. All in all, a very well done episode although it wouldve benefitted more as a solo episode rather than a sidekick episode.moreless
  • Interesting!!!

    I know I'm always going on about the titles,but I can't help my self;Riddler's Revenge?...(sigh)

    That aside,it was a vary decent episode that has some good thrills and a twist.(That I saw coming a mile away) After seeing "Batman Forever" you could forgiven for being a little skeptical-did anyone else think that Jim Carry was threatening as the Riddler or intelligent!!!.

    Though the character design is a little weird to say the lest,it seems to work pretty well(But I can't help but remember my friend saying the words "He looks like Micheal Jackson!")

    Good over all and the Riddler doesn't seem like a wack job in person so that's good.moreless
  • The Riddler is the only villain who may be as smart as the Joker. Every villain is unique and criminally brilliant, but the Riddler gives the Joker a run for his money.moreless

    This episode reminds us that everything about the Riddler is annoying and mysterious. If the Joker and the Riddler teamed up to stoop Batman in a brain game, Batman just might go batty.

    Sure, Batman must think hard to fight the Scarecrow, the Penguin, Harley Quinn, etc. However, between the Riddler's riddles and the Joker's jokes, Batman may lose his sense of humor.

    Mark Hamill ("Star Wars") and John Glover ("Scrooged") played the Joker and the Riddler, respectively in "Batman: The Animated Series," which was ground-breaking and brilliant.

    The artwork in "Riddler's Revenge" (2007) is nice. You wonder if the Riddler was a musician in a previous life. We can use the Riddler and the story of his origins and motivation for revenge as a guide to everyday practices such as cooking for Thanksgiving. Think about it! This is all good art and all good, free psychiatry.

    So here is a riddle: When is the Riddler too old to Riddle? Answer: When he is too old to riddle.moreless
  • IMO this is the best episode of the series to date. Riddler's origin episode is so ridiculously under rated that it kind of makes me sad just thinking about it.

    The Batman has come a long way since its debut in 2004. What has once been looked at as an embarrassment to the Batman franchise is now being looked at more in a brilliant light, mediocre voice acting has been given better direction where needed(thanks in no small part to the legendary Andrea Romano), once awful dialogue had been replaced by snappy/sharp dialogue that could nearly be seen at B:TAS level, the jokes that were once painful were suddenly 10x funnier, writing that had been hit or miss at best was now not only consistently good it was consistently brilliant. But best of all, characters were used wisely and we didn't get Joker and/or Penguin in what seems like a million episodes.

    But now onto Riddler's origin story, and it's a good one. Both he and Batman end up in the bottom of the ocean, and Riddler ends up telling his origins and how Batman is responsible for it. The origin is very well done as we learn about his troubled childhood, his short time in crime, his work at Gotham U, how he feels he was ruined, his 1st Batman encounter, and his love interest in Julia. A special mention should go to Brooke Shields for her fantastic guest spot, especially her delivery in "The $60,000 question, why did I sabotage our project? Come on Edward, it's not that hard." It's just the total change of tone in her voice that I like, as we realize she was responsible in a plot twist I should've saw coming, but didn't. Batman & Robin still have great chemistry together. This show's version of Robin is arguably the best version of Robin I've seen in any medium. But Batman gets the best line's here; "Anybody could've seen that except you, champ." & in the episodes conclusion. "One final riddle Robin, when is a villain not the villain?" Then a tear drop in the form of a question mark falls from the Riddler's face, as he realizes the one person he thought he could trust, the person he spilled his heart out to(Julie), was the one who betrayed him. A tragic ending for this tragic version of the Riddler.

    Anyways best episode of The Batman to date.moreless
  • Riddler and Batman are stranded at the bottom of the ocean.

    Although I had to rewatch this episode a few times to decide, it was a pretty interesting episode. Riddler simply owned in it, and not to mention his VA did a absolutely perfect job.

    At first I was a little shaky on the plot. There seemed to be just talking and not enough action, but after I rewatched it a few times it wasn't all that bad that way. It really gave you a better feel of the characters and a more intriguing story, actually.

    Everyone had great dialogue here. From Batman and Riddler's conversations in the container, to all those great lines by Riddler (once again, Robert Englund was awesome in this episode), the dialogue just moved very smoothly.

    Onto the not as good parts of the episode, I will say I thought Robin's role here was pointless. I enjoyed some of his dialouge after reuniting with Batman and all, but I think he should of done more in here. He really needs to start getting more spotlight to himself.

    I think the shining points of the episode were the ending and Riddler finding out about Julie being the person who sabotaged him. At first, I will admit I didn't see much special in Riddler, but now that they've given him a background, a motivation and a nice story I have to say he's a very interesting chracter.

    This was a pretty good episode overall. It still wasn't the best I've seen and there are about five episodes this season that are better than it, but overall it was a good watch and another good episode in The Batman's fourth season.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Dick (Robin) tries to get out of class his teacher says some past excuses plant allergies, frostbite, and hallucinations are references to the three villains Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Dr. Strange.

    • Riddler's childhood is very similar to his origin in the comics.

    • When Riddler ties Julie up, he puts about five of the mind-pads on her face. Then they fall off. However, when The Riddler fell down at Julie's feet there is not a single mind-pad on the floor nor on her.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Riddler: No more question marks, Batman. Now, we put a period at the end of your life!
      (Robin knocks his staff away)
      Robin: Exclamation point, anyone?

    • Riddler: I'll give you one last chance, old friend. (shows Gorman being tied) It can be cracked, it can be made, it can be told, it can be played. What is it? (Gorman muffles) Come on, Gorman. It's easy. (Muffles again) Jump? (And again) Jam? Charlesburg? No. Sorry. Looks like you'll get the consolation prize.

      Batman: (calls from above) A joke, Riddler. It's also what you are.

    • Riddler: So, tell me, Batman, how'd you piece together it was my Julie who betrayed me?
      Batman: Easy. Gorman was a buisnessman, not a scientist. He would never of known how to sabotage that disk. And that just left one other person. (kicks Riddler to the floor) Anyone would of realized that. Except you, champ.

    • Harris: Well, you said be creative.
      Mr. Burke: Yes, but we're not making rat poison, are we? You get an 'F' for the assignment, but an 'A' for "What were you thinking?"

    • Gorman: Hate doing this to my own ship, Eddy ... but if it means having you out of my life once and for all ... (activates explosives)

    • Batman: That was us hitting the bottom of Gotham bay, which means we're too deep to make radio contact, the pressure's too strong to swim out, and we have a very limited air supply. I suggest we put this on hold.
      Riddler: Oooh.. sounds like we're in quite the pickle. Then here's an easy one for you: what do I have to lose?! (Tries to punch Batman)
      (Batman knocks Riddler to the floor)
      Batman: Is that the answer you were looking for?

    • Julie: No! Edward, what are you doing?
      (Batman and Robin come in)
      Robin: I know! I know! He's about to get his butt kicked. Am I right?

    • Riddler: (to Batman) You and me, work together? I'm into riddles, not jokes.
      Batman: Then you're sure it was Gorman who sabotaged you?
      Riddler: Even you, Batman, could of puzzled together a riddle this obvious.
      Batman: Yeah, obvious. I guess I just figured that with a riddle the most obvious answer is rarely the right one.

    • Batman: One last riddle, Robin: when is a villain not the villain?

    • Mr. Burke: You've been sliding out of here with barely believable excuses for months. Plant allergies, frost bite, hallucinations, all those toothaches. You have any teeth left, by the way?
      Dick: A couple ...

    • Dick: You know, since this is cooking class, maybe you should've made something you can eat.
      Harris: You can eat this. It's a combination of my two favorite things: soup and licorice!

  • NOTES (11)