The Batman

Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 05, 2005 on The CW
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A new villain, Gearhead, makes his first appearance robbing a charity race, and Batman soon finds himself forced to upgrade the Batmobile to keep up with the cybernetic bad guy.

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  • mixed feelings about RPM

    The Batman episode RPM was hott but i liked the first batmobile it seems more realistic like a lamborghini gallardo the new one is quite retro styled and not too realistic and if it were a real car would handle like a limo its long as a speed boat nano tech and all goodness!! the front of the car turns the corner and tomorrow here comes the rest of it and batgirl is a pestmoreless
  • RPM is bar far the worst episode in the series, in fact, I may never recover. Filled with ripoffs and catering to an easy to please sub-culture of Fast & the Furious followers.moreless

    I\'m a huge Batman fan to the point of having my walls lined with memorabilia and this is a total disgrace. Not since \'The terrible Treo\' in the Animated Series have I wanted to erase a Batman episode from my mind. All this episode was created for was to appeal to the same people that watch Fast & the Furious-esque fact I was surprised not to see Rob Cohen directing this episode as it had his disgusting film making feel all over it. I look at it this way - if they keep making episodes like this they might as well ruin the movie franchise again by having Paul Walker as Gearhead. Disgusting. The only thing even remotely resembling a redeeming quality to this episode is a chance to introduce a new batmobile, which i wasn\'t that impressed with. Gearhead ranks amongst the worst Batman villains ever, and thats a pretty short list. Gearhead belongs in a Superman, Avengers, or Fantastic Four show - not in a Batman show.moreless
  • Gearhead is a lot like alien super hero \"Upgrade\" from Ben 10.

    In the Batman comics, Gearhead is Nathan Finch. While he was kidnapping and holding his boss\' daughter for ransom, he runs afoul of Batman who rescues her. Unfortunately, he wasn\'t able to save Nathan from falling to an icy death. Nathan Finch\'s body was discovered by two down-and-out people who take him to an unnamed underworld doctor. It turned out that Nathan wasn\'t dead and the doctor wanted his knowledge of cybernetics. Due to ravages of frostbite, the doctor removed his arms and legs and replaced them with cybernetic arms and legs. Nathan becomes Gearhead and develops his own cybernetic arsenal of removable body parts as well as a goal to exterminate Batman, whom he refers to as the \"vermin\".

    He played a part in the Robin section of the No Man\'s Land (comics) crossover, in which he is one of a number of villains competing for control of Gotham City\'s sewers. Without the use of his cybernetics arms and/or legs, he is forced into partnership with the thuggish Tommy Mangles, who carries his torso about. The duo are iced by Mr. Freeze, a fate particularly frightening for Gearhead, given his origin.

    He recently put in an apearance in the comic mini-series Rush City, where he is physically attached to his car.moreless
  • have seen better episodes of this show and they are fine ones but bringing new characters to a show which is supposed to be the beginning of the batman is kind of weird. changing things that supposedly have already happened is just one way of getting cancmoreless

    i like this show but you can't bring in new villains like gearhead when later on in the series they is not any mention of this guy at all. joker is a long time villain and penguin too. clayface even has been changed from a actor to a hot cop.
  • Batman has to deal with a new villian named Gearhead and ends up destroyng the Batmoblie to make a totally sweet new version.

    The ep was okay but it seemed a lot like Traction with Bane in the sense that he was down in brawn and built the Batbot to help compensate. In this one the Batmobile wasn't fast enough and got totaled so he had to build a better version of it.

    I thought Gearhead was a kind of lame villian just like Bane. If they had another villian with Gearhead I wouldn't have minded it so much. But Gearhead didn't interest me as a villian like the Riddler or Freeze does. Otherwise this ep was average and I can't wait till next weeks new ep.moreless
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Alastair Duncan

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Rino Romano

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