The Batman

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Mar 03, 2007 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • The villains seem to be able to move from one cell to another. Between each flyover, each villain is in a different cell. For instance, Catwoman is first seen next to Dr. Strange and then next to Joker. She finally ends up being back next to Dr. Strange but at the opposed end.

    • When Mario touches the computer, it says that the escapees were Joker, Freeze, Bane, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Langstrom (Man-Bat), Firefly, and Penguin. How did Black Mask, Killer Croc, Cluemaster, Spellbinder, Punch and Judy, Harley Quinn, the Kabuki twins, Hugo Strange, Ragdoll, Temblor, and the other henchmen escape?

    • Several of the villains Rumor has in his collection were still locked up (e.g. Harley, Hugo Strange). Did Rumor just walk into Arkham or whatever prison they were in and grab them from their cells? Wouldn't this warrant undue attention and place his little crusade at risk? And if they weren't on the street posing an immediate threat, why even bother with them?

    • Throughout most of the episode when Kirk Langstrom was shown, it was in his human form. Yet, somehow when all the prisoners escape and the big brawl with the Dynamic Duo is about to begin, he's transformed into Man-Bat without any kind of chemical or sonar-related catalyst. (Reply: The priming of the super-sonic weapon may have been able to transform Langstrom.)

    • Just how does exceedingly obese Cluemaster get out of his cell with the rest of the villains?

    • Near the start of the episode Catwoman is seen on the list of captured villians, yet she is seen and captured later in the episode, after the list is shown.

    • When Catwoman is seen at the end of the episode with her goggles lifted she does not have the mask that usually wears beneath them. That should lift all Batman's doubt's of her being Selina Kyle.

  • Quotes

    • Penguin: What I want is to turn myself in. Come on. Chop, chop. Let's go. Pat me down.

    • Catwoman: (staring at an artifact) Hmm. I know the perfect place for you.
      Batman: Try back where you found it.

    • Killer Croc: I do love spending afternoons in the old fishing hole.

    • (After Batman destroys Rumor's machine with a batarang)
      Robin: You know ... I bet there was an off button.

    • Hugo Strange: Our captor continues to captivate me. I wonder what it is that motivates him. And if there is some ultimate punishment he has awaiting us.
      Catwoman: Punishment? You mean something worse than being stuck here listening to you?

    • Catwoman: Now, handsome, how did you know to find me here? I thought I was being careful.
      Robin: Nothing screams careful like a brick through the window.

    • Killer Croc: (after being captured) What the -- What is this?!
      Rumor: This ... this is the end. For all of you.

    • Catwoman: There's no new guy. That's just a rumor.
      (Rumor reveals himself)
      Rumor: Thing about rumors ... they're often true.

    • Rumor: (to the villains) I have bad news and I have worse news. The bad news is that I've sentenced you all to life. The worse news is it's going to be a very short sentence.

    • Joker (as he and the other villains emerge from their cells): Mind if we cut in, Batsy? You see there's this nasty little Rumor we'd all like to stomp out!
      Rumor: You have to save me!
      Batman: I know.
      Robin: Let me guess...this is one of those "Not the easy way, but the right way" moments?

    • Robin: Wouldn't everyone be better off if we just let Karon finish the job?
      Batman: The code we work by isn't always the easiest way, Robin. But it's the right way.

    • Catwoman: Batman, my favorite stalker. And another new kid partner. Is that because they make you look taller?
      Robin: (sneezes) Sorry... allergic to cats. And bad jokes.

    • Hugo Strange: Before you send us all to that big Arkham Asylum in the sky, would you mind indulging an old man's intellectual curiosity and answer a simple question: Why?
      Rumor: Why? I'll tell you why. (Rumor removes his mask, revealing Mario) I'm the bodyguard of Paul Karon, a great man. A man, you Joker, maimed.
      Joker: (grinning) Me?
      Catwoman: I should have known it was Joker's fault.
      The Penguin: You just had to make the nut ball angry!

    • Catwoman: Just wanted to say thanks, handsome, and by the way, I still find you scary.

  • Notes

    • The weapons used during the fight scene between Batman and the Joker's henchmen are squirt guns. They look like modified super soaker squirt guns, popular from the 90s.

    • This episode was originally going to introduce Hush, but DC rejected the idea, and a new villain was used in his place.

    • Batgirl and Alfred are absent.

    • Though Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, The Riddler and Bane are all heard grunting and yelling while fighting, none of them have voice credits in the closing credits. Poison Ivy's scream, however, is a reuse from her previous appearance.

    • Captive victims of Rumor: Bane, Black Mask (with Number One), Catwoman, Cosmo Krank, Cluemaster, Firefly, Gearhead, Hugo Strange, Joker (with Harley Quinn, Punch and Judy, and the other men Joker hired), Killer Croc (with his henchmen), Man-Bat, Maxie Zeus, Mr. Freeze, Penguin (with the Kabuki Twins), Poison Ivy, Ragdoll, Riddler (with the Riddlemen), Rupert Thorne, Spellbinder, Temblor, and The Ventriloquist & Scarface.

      However, Cosmo Krank and Number One are only shown as stills in the beginning of the episode. Killer Moth was mentioned to have been captured, but not seen. Tony Zucco and the Basil Karlo version of Clayface weren't captured.

    • Before airing in the US, this episode aired in the UK on Cartoon Network UK on January 29th 2007.

    • Rumor is introduced.

  • Allusions

    • The way The Penguin is trying to get sent to jail to avoid getting caught by Rumor is similar to the way The Penguin in the 1960's television show "Batman" tries to get thrown into jail to get signatures of wealthy people of Gotham to a forger who was his cellmate in the episodes "The Penguin's Nest" and "The Bird's Last Jest".

    • Judgment Day:
      Rogue's Gallery of Villains trying to be captured/killed is an allusion to Gotham Knights episode "Judgment Day".

    • n/a: Teen Titans
      When they showed the villains that were captured, it was similar to the lining of the villains in the Teen Titans episode "Homecoming (Pt. 2)".

    • Teen Titans:

      In this episode, Robin wields a staff similar to the one he uses in the Cartoon Network series, Teen Titans.