The Batman

Season 4 Episode 6

Strange New World

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 18, 2006 on The CW
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Strange New World
Hugo Strange infects the population of Gotham City with a virus that transforms them into zombies, and only Batman and Robin are left to find and distribute the antidote. But when Robin falls, only Batman can save the day. But not everything is at it seems ...moreless

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  • ZOMBIES!!!

    Kind of a weird one,I watch about half of it and thought it was pretty bad to be honest,but when you get to the end of the episode it's better then at the start.

    Basically the story line revolves around Gotham city being turned into Zombies!.

    That is pretty much it until you get to the end where there is a twist that you might see coming,but I didn't.

    I'm not sure how they got this episode past the censors because those Zombies are not what I would call child friendly.They're pretty scary in truth.

    It's an all right episode and the twist at the end made up for the lack of plot through the rest the episode.moreless
  • Gripping... Well written plot.

    The worlds greatest detective had to stop himself. And he does. In the past comic books where batman has actual doubts in certain situations and finally moves over to the less obvious conclusion, the writers have done this in an excellent plot twist.

    The episode felt good. No drags and felt longer than its slated 25 mins of airtime. Again an awesome ep.
  • Prof. Strange releases a toxin into Gotham that turns them into mindless zombies.

    One of the season's best. Strange New World delivers as Prof. Strange returns again. At the close of last season I was hoping with season 4 we would get to see him again. He was such a good character in the finale of season 3, you just had to bring him back and they did in his best episode yet. The whole flashback part was neat and the twist ending was the part I found most enjoyable. Strange New World is a great episode and you all will love it. Nods to the writer. This episode rocks!! 10/10!! ! ! :)moreless
  • Batman and Robin face the twisted mind of Doctor Strange. Strange unleashes a virus that threatens all of Gotham by turning all into Zombies. Can the worlds greatest detective prevail before its too late?moreless

    A surprisingly good episode, I saw it invovled a Zombie Plot line and thought one word WEAK. However that a side it is full of twists and turns that even the dark knight struggles to keep up with. Batman meets with Hugo Strange, in a Silence of The Lambs type scenario from then the plot is set. Strange releases a toxin that will zombify all of gotham, and to make things that little bit more complicated Batman has but 48 hours to rectify the problem before its effects become irreversible. This episode was great it kept me on the edge of the seat right to the end. Avoid spolers at all cost and if people try to talk about the episode put your fingers in your ears and walk away. After watching this hunt out Sixth Sense and get another twisting tale to keep you going. Oh and if anyone says they saw the twist coming, your a better man than me.moreless
  • A twist the writers wouldn\'t dare use -- but they did!

    The teaser was amazing -- truly dark and practically hopeless. While I was recovering during the commercial, I thought about the shadows being seen instead of the actual people fighting Batman, and how evocative that was of something too shocking to be shown. But then, I started to feel a little disappointed. Wouldn\'t it be cooler if things were actually not what they seemed? And I had some ideas of how that might work.... Imagine my astonishment, as the episode unfolded, to see my \"too crazy for network TV\" scenario happen! And it was perfectly done, and chilling.

    I also loved the emergency auxiliary Batcave. If there\'s a hero on earth who is paranoid enough to believe in belt, suspenders, drawstring, and Velcro, it\'s Batman.

    I thought for sure it\'d be the Scarecrow at work, though. Btw, the Neugog Chemicals billboard and the earlier reference to Noigog might well be referring to the evil Dr. Neugog of Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, a show on which many of the staff of The Batman once worked.moreless
Danielle Judovits

Danielle Judovits

Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

Evan Sabara

Evan Sabara

Dick Grayson / Robin

Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi

Commissioner Gordon (Episode 35-present; guest otherwise)

Rino Romano

Rino Romano

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan

Alfred Pennyworth

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the Golden Age of Batman, Professor Strange was a mad scientist who kidnapped homeless people and injected them with a drug that turned them into mindless zombies. This episode may be a nod to Batman's comic roots.

    • At one point in the episode, Batman plants a bomb of "antidote" behind a sign that reads "Noigog Chemicals". Noigog is mentioned by Hugo Strange at the beginning of a previous episode, "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind".

    • When Bruce makes his speech, he's called "The White Knight." An obvious ironic statement as when he's Batman, he's referred to as "The Dark Knight."

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Batman: Combat log: final entry. Should I fail, let this be a record for those who come after me. Two nights ago, a madman unleashed a plague on Gotham, turning the infected into what I can only describe as zombies. Mindless drones at his command. I'd say it's a nightmare, but it can't be because I haven't slept in days. The pieces are now in place. I have one chance to save the city ...

    • Bruce: I was this close to hurting all the people I try to protect, Alfred. What if I'm not as lucky next time?
      Alfred: If you'll forgive my saying so, luck had nothing to do with it. Even under a madman's influence and believing himself to be alone, the Batman fought his way to the truth. That's who he is. It's who you are.

    • Bruce: I'm proud to accept this award on behalf of all to ensure that Gotham will once again stand proud as a shining beacon to a brighter future. What do you think, Dick?
      Dick: Sure, you could give that speech. Or to save time, I could fly over in the Batwing and drop knock-out gas on the crowd.

    • Batman: Now, how do I save everyone?
      Hugo Strange: And rob myself of a chance to peer behind the mask at the moment of the Batman's ... greatest defeat?

    • (As zombies)
      Batgirl: Batman. Stop. You.
      Robin: Poison. You.

    • (Batman finally sees everyone as their normal selves)
      Batgirl: You okay?
      Batman: That depends. Were you a zombie ten seconds ago?

    • (Robin looks distinctly saddened by Batgirl's zombie appearance as they head back to the Batcave)
      Batman: I know. We'll get them back, Dick. I promise.

    • (A buzzing alarm has just went off, signaling the release of Strange's toxin)
      Batman: This isn't over, Strange.
      Hugo Strange: You're right, Batman. This is just the beginning.

    • Batman: Hard to believe this all started 48 hours ago ...

    • Hugo Strange: Guard, there is a bat in my belfry.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Brave New World
      The title is a parody of the novel, "Brave New World," a book about a future where war, disease and famine have been wiped out but at the cost of family, culture, literature, and religion.

    • Batman's Emergency Base
      Batman's emergency cave is similar to the Teen Titans secret jungle outpost, which was introduced in the episode "Titans Together" in the fifth season.

    • This episode is much like the video games and movies Resident Evil, with chemicals that turn people into zombies, infection to others, and dealing with an army of zombies in a city.

    • Hugo Strange: Guard, there is a bat in my belfry.
      Strange gives a reference to the series' very first episode, "The Bat in the Belfry".