The Batman

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jun 11, 2005 on The CW

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  • Decent fight sequences, Bruce using some brains

    I don't typically write Batman reviews, but I liked this epidofr. There were a few implausibilities - Croc seems to know an awful lot about Gotham and its pumps, for just arriving. And there wasn't really much to this episode - basically an excuse to haul out a new Batman suit for the Walmart figure sales, a new villain, and some fight sequences.

    But it's a really good villain, and some really good fight sequences. Ron Perlman brings his usual voice talent to the episode, adopting a Cajun accent (sorta - it tends to come and go). Croc is more-or-less updated for the new animated series and is drawn to convey a very impressive and awe-inspiring physical appearance. He's overconfident, but rightly so - he walks all over Batman in most of their fights. You get the impression that Bruce has to work to beat this bad guy, rather then just racking them down and then beating them in the inevitable fight scene.

    The fight scenes are also different because both because Croc is faster then he looks (look at Bruce trying to hit him initially) and that he's basically armoed, so a lot of Batman's punches and kickes aren't doing much. Usually the fights are one martial artist against another (Penguin, Joker, Catwoman), or Batman versus some guy with superpowers with no fighting abilities (Mr. Freeze, Firefly), so this fight definitely stood out as different. Here we had Bruce fighting a guy with a different fighting style.

    Bruce also has to outsmart Croc, but use his physical skills to initiate his plan and stop him. He has to break free and figure out how to stop Croc since his opponent doesn't have gills. So it's a better wrap-up then the usual "punch them until they drop." They could use more "defeats" like this one.

    We also get to see Batman publicly put up his opponents and maybe get a bit of recognition at the end.

    I could have lived without all the water-related puns - you have some on this show every episode, sure, but there seemed to be more then usual. Still, overall, a pretty good episode.
  • Overall, it's just an average episode.

    The Batman is an episodic cartoon show where the city of Gotham is usually saved by the end of the episode. They usually come up with a pretty neat diabolic scheme which usually reflects their themes, but here, Killer Croc really isn't all that exciting. He's just a big upright walking talking crocodile. Not really as special as some of the other villains, and it would have been better if we knew more about his past and how he was able to turn into a crocodile. The fighting scenes regressed here compared to the previous episode, The Laughing Bat. Overall, it's just an average episode.
  • A criminal named Killer Croc tries to put all of Gotham under water, and only one man can stop him...I'll gve you three guesses as to who.

    Ron Perlman saves the day again! That's right Ron Perlman AKA Slade from Teen Titans! Ron Perlman AKA Clayface in the old Batman cartoon! Ron Perlman AKA Reinhardt, the only reson I sat through the two hours of tripe that was Blade II! Ron Perlman AKA Hellboy! Ron Perlman! Ron Perlman! *
    Anyway, on with the review:
    This episode proves to be intelligent, but unoriginal, and really does not push Ron Perlman to the best of his abilities. I'm sure the story has been used before, and that this episode will never actually amount to anything other than the fatc that it featured Ron Perlman as Killer Croc! Anyway, Ron Perlman rocks, so I can't give anything he's been in a bad score, so that's why the rating is 8.0 and not 0.8!
    * The writers friends and family would like to apologize for CodenameV2's insanity, he will be given a series of operations to prevent this kind of outburst from happening again. Thank you for your co-operation, Members of the Ron Perlman fan club.
  • Batman vs Killer Croc good fighting funny water and aquatic animal puns.

    This was a good episode although it was different from the old Croc(smarter) he lacked his comic books verousity. More human brain and more animal strength. this was also the first time I saw Batman use some form of detective skills. They also left out Croc's origin, maybe for his next episode.