The Batman

Season 4 Episode 2

Team Penguin

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • I have never been a fan of the Penguin.

    Annoying, That's the only word that comes to my mind whenever the Penguin is on screen.

    Anyway, the plot revolves around the Penguin trying (and seceding) to put together a team of super for his own use (the title kind of says it all).

    The story doesn't really do much else.

    1.Batman tries to stop TP with the help of Robin and Batgirl. 2. Batgirl gets angry with Batman for letting Robin know and do the things she was never aloud to do.

    2a.See the Bat cave.

    2b.Know his secret identity.

    and after some arguing and name calling. they see the light and stop Team Penguin.



    And you know what is the worst part is, The Penguin gets the idea for TP while watching a heist movie.

  • Quite good.

    I wasn't really expecting something like this ep. Though I have to say it's kinda Dee-ja-vu coz Penguin dumped that team of his just like how he dumped his birds in 'Pets' for someone bigger and better. That Killer-Moth guy was totally lame, kinda like an idiot to me. Anyway, we got to see Robin and Batgirl quarrel together and work together. Funny how they talked back to each other, wonder what batman was thinking of them. But finally Batman showed Batgirl the cave and his true identity that made she and Robin have equal knowledge. And both of them are still arguing! Alright! :)
  • Fun fun fun!

    This episode is a sitback from the dark premiere of Robin. This introduces Robin to Batgirl, who interact like real people, first being obnoxious of each other then learning how to work together. There were many funny jokes in this episode, including the Barbara Gordon deal were she tries to protect her identity but Batman just tells Robin anyway. Killer Moth was the real highlight of the episode. He was funny in everyway. Even after he mutated, he was still the klutz we all loved. This was one of few good Penguin episodes. Can't wait for the new Clayfaces episode.
  • When Penguin creates a new team made up of Killer Croc, FireFly, Ragdoll and Killer Moth, Robin and Batgirl must learn to work together.

    This episode was, in many ways, the opposite of last weeks episode. I'm not saying this is a terrible episode, but don't expect to be too heart-warmed. A nice edition to this episode was Killer Moth. he was a silly, oblivious wannabe supervillain, so it was only fitting that he turned into an evil monster who was probably the strongest of the whole Team Penguin. The fact that Batgirl and Robin didn't get along was predictable yet fun to watch nontheless. But what really made this episode was the action, which is why this episode was made. A Matter of Family lacked the action for an average episode, so Team penguin brought it in spades.
    But this episode was far from perfection. Penguin needed to have a bigger role, even if he'll be annoying. And Batgirl finding out who Batman is was totally unneccesary. But that didn't stop it from being another amazing episode. Here's hoping this season of The Batman will be BTAS quality.
  • Robin's in, Batgirl's out!

    This was a very intresting episode. Not so much because of the villians, but because of the growing relationship in the bat family. Unlike Batman the animated series, and The New Adventures of Batman,Robin, Batman, and Batgirl's identities are revealed, practically right away. However, also in this episode we get to compare the Dark Knight's two sidekicks. I for one, was never a fan of this show's Batgirl. She reminded me of my little cousin who just didn't want to leave me alone. Who always wanted to prove she was grown up, when she wasn't mature enough yet. I doubt this version of the show, will show the romance between Dick and Barbara because the kids are too young for it. Maybe later...

    Seeing Batgirl side by side with Robin, You can obviously see Batman's favoritism towards his male protege. As with most men who have children, they usually favor a male child over the female. Also, Robin has the advantage of living with Bruce, and being able to train that much more. He is Bruce's ward, and therefore entitled to things Barbara is not. On top of that, Dick has more fans.

    Poor Barbara seems to be the real underdog here...
  • Penguin creates a team of his own to take down the Dark Knight; Batgirl and Robin meets for the first time.

    "Team Penguin" is another great episode to be watch, as the action sequence are well-done and the animation, as always, are the best.

    While taking a break from crime, Penguin, after watching a movie, decided to form a gang of his own to defeat Batman, which resulted in the recruitment of Killer Croc, Firefly, Ragdoll and the newly introduced Killer Moth. Meanwhile, Batgirl gets envy when she meets Robin for the first time, and the two must work together to help the Batman defeat Penguin's team.

    Again, great animation and action sequences, and a great episode as well.
  • Penguin creates his own crew of villians, while Batman, Batgirl, and Robin are finally brought together an official team.

    Although from the previews, this was surely meant to be a more funny episode, the action was lacking. Lots of talk, yes, but hardly any combat except for at the beginning and at the end. (Get it? ComBAT! [/LAMEJOKE]) The episode plot seemed to go too fast, and troubles were resolved too quickly. Because it was primarily created as a development episode for Batman, Batgirl, and Robin, I would have liked to see actual development, instead of you-annoy-me-but-now-I\'m-used-to-it-just-like-that. However, I did love the way Batgirl was introduced to that batcave, and in turn was officially introduced as part of the crime fighters. Batgirl\'s/Barbara\'s script never ceases to amaze me in both comedy and just straight up catchy-ness.

    I didn't see how \'Team Penguin\' was necessary, since supposedly, villians are only leveled adversaries (excluding Killer Moth) when they attack the streets of Gotham alone. Together, they\'re one big mess, responsible for their own demise.
  • My absolute favorite episodes so far. Although i do dislike barbara. I guess I just like robin over the actual wanna-be tag along who finally was accepted later on.

    After watching a criminal movie, Penguin is inspired to make his own evil team. He teams up with firefly, croc killer, scrarcrow, and a new guy- killer moth. Killer moth later transforms into a real transfigured moth and becomes penguins main man. also barabara finally gets to see batmans cave and identity as well as robins identity.
  • Penguin decides to form an "injustice gang" with Killer Croc, Fire Fly and Ragdoll. A new villain also joins them Killer Moth who goes from zero to "hero" in some sense!

    Team Penguin: Another great installemt of season 4! The return of villains that we haven't seen since season 2 was great and too see Bane!! Killer Moth made his first apperance in the show as a loser type villain, but soon makes his transformation into a villain you don't want to mess with! Filled with funny lines, this episode gives us a break from last weeks amazing, teary opener! Overall another great episode and can't wait for next weeks episode: "Clay Faces!" Bring it on! 8/10

    "How about villains united?" Ragdoll
    "How about you shut-up!" Penguin

    "Who's the pixe?" Batgirl
    "Robin offical partner to the Dark Knight." Robin
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