The Batman

Season 3 Episode 11

The Apprentice

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Feb 11, 2006 on The CW

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  • In this episode Joker finds an sidekick in the form of the class clown in Barbara's grade

    This has to be probably one of the best episodes in the show. The plot has a few kinks but it is still great. I think it reflects on what kids will do for attention nowadays if persuaded correctly. I think it felt kind of like the B:TAS episode "Be A Clown", but not to the degree were I couldn't stop thinking about the episode. I am, however not convinced that Prank was willing to become Prank so quickly and he did not have more inspiration and reasons about it. Also I think the Jokers being used way to much along with Penguin. This episode was good but this shows Jokers face is starting to sicken me. The Apprentice is definetly reccomended
  • The Joker is upset that Batman has a partner, he decides that he wants one too! So the Clown Prince discovers a kid in Barbra\'s class who would fit perfectly! PRANK IS BORN!

    This episode is GREAT!! The Apprentice is truly one of the best episodes in the series. The whole plot about Joker wanting a sidekick and then turning this kid into his sidekick....PRANK! The episode is brilliantly written, just outstanding. Like always the Joker delivers. Kevin M. Richardson does a great job as the clown in this episode, it takes you back to Mark Hamill\'s days a the clown prince. Overall GREAT EPISODE:)
  • Best of the series.

    Once again we have another episode hybrid. Apprentice pt.1-2+Be A Clown= The Apprentice. This episode, though a mix of two older episodes, was fantastic. Batgirl has much more screentime and dialogue in this episode over Batman. The characters were genius as well as the puns. The ending was indeed the best part of the episode. What the episode stated was true, the best ending is the one you don't see coming. Bravo to the Batman!