The Batman

Season 1 Episode 1

The Bat in the Belfry

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 11, 2004 on The CW

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  • Batman

    This show is great
  • Confused

    I don't understand how to watch the shows I logged in and I click on picture nothing happens
  • The Dark Knight is back...

    The new series of Batman begins with an action packed episode when Batman meets his arch enemy the Joker. The good thing is that it starts a batman series with what it needs a dark twist and humor that brings it all together exactly how it needed to be. Rino Romano is a great voice cast for Batman but you still kind of miss Kevin Convoy (Batman in Batman:TAS, Gotham Knights). The new way Joker has been recreated is pretty awesome and makes him more kind of scary. Detective Ethan Bennet and his partner play a major role in this series also. I like this episode alot but I'd have to say it is fairly average.
  • The pilot episode of The Batman is full of twists and turns.

    The Batman has been fighting crime for three years, but now faces his biggest threat yet: The Joker.

    It's a classic pilot episode. It introduces most of the main characters in a well-written way. Kevin Michael Richardson really stands out from this episode's cast. He is a different, unique Joker, but in a good way. His talented voice suits this version of the crazy Clown Prince of Crime perfectly.

    The animation's good throughout. I particularly liked the parts where The Batman and The Joker first meet in Arkham Asylum and the hot-air balloon battle.

    A great episode and a great introduction to the new animated Batman series: The Batman.
  • The Batman realises that a mad phsyco, The Joker, has released everyone from Arkham, and plans to take over Gotham City with laughing gas. Can Batman stop him, as well as avoiding confrontations with police?

    This is quite interesting for a pilot in the new series, and is well thought out. The Joker looks alot more unique and more scary then in previous batman cartoons, he has yellow pupils, with red completely around them. Long green hair to match, and of course all his tricks like the Joker cards.

    This isn't as interesting compared to the other stories in the series, but it is certainly the best cartoon pilot to date. The only thing that may be unclear to people new to The Batman is it doesn't say how it all started, how he became The Batman, so people might be slightly confused.

    The dialogue is quite good, and the actor that voices the Joker has got it dead on, I mean like he sounds like a proper joker. Detective Yin is a new detective that gets introduced, and she gets to Arkham Asylum by swimming in the moat, as Joker blow up the bridge with a jack in the box (an explosive jack in the box to be precise).

    The fight scenes are quite good, with both the Batman and Joker taking hits, and the way Joker actually fights is quite amusing, like how he jumps in the air, then starts to twist like a beyblade before hitting Batman in the face. Of course our dark knight saves the day, and Joker goes back into prision.

    This episode is a must for any Batman fanatic, and I mean any, if you ever watched Batman Beyond or Batman from 1986, you'll notice that this is another good pilot episode.
  • In the first episode of The Batman, Batman must stop Joker from unleashing his newest evil scheme.

    This episode was a great first episode of the show. The Joker's scheme wasn't that original, but that wasn't much of a problem. This was a classic Batman vs. Joker plot. It had lots of great action scenes, too. It also had great animation, which is the one thing I like about The Batman better than Batman: the Animated Series. This episode gave me a whole new look on Batman. It had a cool new contemporary style. I really loved this episode and I wish that the most recent three seasons would be more like the first few episodes. This episode was near perfect.
  • This was a pretty good start for " The Batman "

    The first episode of " The Batman " I recently watched it on Boomerang ( I haven't been watching these in order sadly, plan on getting the DVD's ) It was pretty good. People don't like the new designs for the characters, I do not see why, their way more epic looking in my books, Gotham does feel more " Gothic " or darker to me then the older series. the first episode isn't as epic as the later ones in Seasons 3-5 that's when The Batman gets really good in my books. Seasons 1-2 are pretty good though so atleast give 'em a chance.
  • The Batman (Bruce Wayne) is introduced in the show in his third year as the Dark Knight. While trying to balance a normal life along with Batman, an insane criminal known only as The Joker invades Gotham and becomes a threat to the entire city.

    In the very first episode of the Batman, it does do a good job of establishing the main characters. Although they are instantly recognizable (which is a good thing) they still manage to gain their own footing. Bruce/Batman is wonderfully handled as a man trying to genuinely make a difference. His butler Alfred is shown as the funny character we all know and love. Ethan Bennett, who is later revealed to be a good friend of Bruce, is shown as a cop who is assigned to capture Batman by his chief, even though he thinks that Batman is good, plays well into the scenario and looks to be a very interesting plot device in future stories, especially alongside his "black and white" partner Ellen Yin. The Joker is also shown, with a very bizarre look that still manages to work. He is also seen being more sadistic than previous incarnations, because instead of trying to rob banks, this Joker plants massive bombs where police are and is trying to lethally gas the entire city. It is also nice to see a Joker who can hold his own in a fight with Batman. While this is a well done episode, it isn't free of gripes, including Batman's immediate finding of Joker's hideout, Alfred's character being completely abandoned in the third act, the rather small amount of screen time between Batman and Joker actually fighting, and some weak dialogue here and there. But, it still is a nice opening to the series.
  • In a new Batman animated series, this first episode features the introduction of new Batman regulars like Batman, the Joker, Yin and Bennet in a plot very similar to the Batman movie, where the Joker plans to poison the town with laughing gas.

    The Batman is a good Batman series, despite harsh critiscm from other Batfans. This was a good, adventurous start to the series, although not quite as in-depth as others and did focus more on the action rather than the characters. The new animation is very good, perhaps even better than the beloved Batman the Animated Series, although the looks of some characters aren't quite as good as in that series.
    The important thing about starting a new series is the way the characters have been reincarnated, so I'll look at that now. Batman is great, obviously with a dark past, extremely intriguing, mysterious and likeable, and with all of these qualities, he makes a good hero. The Joker is quite good, but is more comedic rather than sinister, although undeniably insane and murderous as he obviously plans to slaughter the whole town in a terrible way and has the look of a madman and is definately less sane and in control of his actions than in BTAS and terribly evil which make him a good archvillain, and it is good to see his first encounter with Batman, which we missed out on in BTAS. The two police officers are also great and very likeable, not stock characters with humorous and serious elements combined into one. The only character I dislike in this is Rupert Thorne, who is a cowardly, thuggish gangster rather than a clever, scheming mob boss like in BTAS and is easily defeated at the beginning, when he is usually one of Batman's arch-enemies. The plot is so-so. The Joker wants to poison the whole town for the heck of it. This sounds pretty pointless, but it is good for the Joker's character as it shows that he is clearly insane and does terrible things for no good reason. Overall, this is a good episode which could be better but a good start to a great series all-in-all and enjoyable to watch, resulting in a 7.1.
  • Batman decides to take a more action oriented approach.

    The Batman comes back to his hideout from another days of work. Alfred bakes up a birthday cake. Bruce wishes for his parents to return, but he knows that's not possible. Later, he finds out during a basketball game that all the criminals in an Asylum are released. Bruce investigates, and learns that it's the work of The Joker. Joker slipped out of Batman's grip due to his hoax jack in the box. Bruce brings back an employee that was affected by Joker's laughing gas, and decides to give Joker a visit to cure him. Joker had an even bigger plan of his own, which is to spread his gas throughout Gotham city using an air balloon! Batman stopped him, and was able to retrieve a sample of the gas, creating an antidote. Batman meets Jackie Chan Adventures.

    The action in this episode was top notched. The fast pace of it was really exhilarating, and the choreography is excellent. It's as if I'm watching a blockbluster Hollywood movie that's supposed to be the Hit of the Year. What this episode shares too much of these Hollywood movies is that they turn up not being the Hit of the Year. Other than flash, there wasn't much substance to go around in this episode. It was actually a bit boring for the most part. The action was what really saved it, but if the rest of the episodes are like these, then this TV show will have a hard time living up to the name of the original Batman cartoon.
  • Bruce Wayne celebrates his third year as The Batman, though this years things are going to change for the worse as Gotham is shaken up by a new breed of criminals and the first of them is The Joker.

    This was a great episode. I think it set the mood for the series. Though it wasn't the best it was the pilot and the introduction of The Joker my favorite villain of all, which is something we never saw on BTAS, so it was nice to finally see his intro or the first meeting of Batman and Joker. I like the opening of the show when Batman takes down Throne who is much cooler then the other Throne was. After catching him he simply says,"I am The Batman." Bruce's new look is great and Alfred is a character who I feel has a much bigger and may I say better then the previous. Overall a great start to the series. The Batman is a check!
  • The first episode of this long-aclaimed franchise has taken a different turn.

    This first episode (The Bat in the Belfry) shows how Bruce Wayne has spent three year in his cape-crusader life style, fighting powerful criminals in Gotham City.

    The first thing that caught my eyes (and right away I compared it to the origina BMTAS)was Batman\'s costume; I love how his cape extends all the away to the ground, giving a threatening, misterious appearance to the Dark Knight. I like how his costume is drawn; we only see cape and white eyes in the darkness, instead of showing the details of his whole costume. I noticed that they (the new creators) .I also love the animation, the visual effect as well as the motion effects, and the character voices. The relationship between Ethan Bennett and

    Let\'s see what I don\'t like about this episode. The series need more character development (its script needs to grow up), the plot needs to be complicated enough to catch the attention of not just the little kids, but of the grown ups as well.

    Alfred doesn\'t act like the father figure he\'s suppose to be; he seems more like a servant than a father figure to Bruce.

    What have they done with the Joker? The Joker looks and sometimes acts like Blanka from Street Fighter.Why didn\'t the producer, instead of changing Joker\'s character complete, replaced him with a very similar one :The Creeper.

    Batman\'s gadgets look like he took the from Star Trek.

    The creators left batman\'s yellow shield on his chest in place of his classical, larger black bat symbol. I personally like the black bat symbol rather than the yellow shield.

    The batmobile isn\'t what I expected. The batmobile doesn\'t seem to discharge fire from it rear end turbine (what the heck is it?).
  • As Bruce Wayne celebrates his thrid year as The Batman, Arkham Asylum faces a breakout, and The Joker strikes...

    "The Batman" seals the Dark Knight's fate as the biggest television re-creation of recent years. This opener explains lots of little bits of back story, and introduces us to Detectives Yin and Bennett, who are assigned to hunt The Batman. Kevin Michael Richardson steals the show, however, as the sinsiter Joker.
  • A new beginning for the caped crusader.

    I admit, when i heard they were doing a new look batman series, i was skeptical at first. But after watching this i am 100% behind this show. The action scenes were great, the dialogue between characters sparkling, and the new character designs were inspired (Joker looks more like a maniac then ever).
    As for voices, Kevin Micheal Richardson, a great voice actor in my book, adds new flair to the jokers character, and Rino Romano pulls off The batman and Bruce Wayne quite well, making them sound just different enough from each to prevent suspicion.
    In my opinion, this is an impressive new start for everyones favourite caped crusader.
  • The Batman. The Joker. Alfred dropping a ming vase. All the ingredients are there for a classic.

    Well, finally we in the UK got a chance to watch this opening episode today. I loved it. It wasn\'t as good as the earlier animated Batman shows from Bruce Timm, but the view of a younger, less grizzled Batman was appealing in it\'s own right.

    It introduced all of the major players well. From the Tragedy in Bruce\'s past (alluded to) to the sheer insanity of the Joker. Alfred\'s warm humour was there as well.

    It\'s all looking good so far.
  • Batman is "back", with a bang nonetheless. This young dark knight suits up to take on the Gotham underworld fresh with our favourite “revamped” super villains. Although batman continues to fight against injustice, we our also given an interesting look at

    After watching this first episode of the new Batman series and I must say I was very impressed. The animation is not too short of perfection, and I feel the story seems to add a new depth to Bruce Wayne/Batman. Although I would have liked the regular voice actors to have continued to voice the characters, especially Mark Hamill (a.k.a the joker) and not forgetting, of course, the legendary Kevin Conroy as Batman. I am indeed looking forward to this new instalment of the dark knight and hope it doesn't disappoint!
  • First adventure of The Batman. An occasion to introduce some of the main characters, but mostly the hero's arch ennemy : the Joker.

    As the episode begins, we learn that the Batman is only in his third year of crime-fighting in Gotham. It means we have to deal with a much younger hero than the one of The Animated Series. By telling that, we can also deduce that we're going to follow the hero's initiatic journey througout the new series. This is quite an interesting perspective when you come to think about it.

    So this episode is the occasion to introduce most of what will be Bruce Wayne's environment. First we meet a younger Alfred, which clearly appears much more like a father of substitution than as a simple butler. As a matter of fact, he is so much a father that he allows himself to disapprove his master's way of life. Then we are introduced to the detectives Yin and Bennett who will represent a dynamic duo of their own - but contrary to our hero they have the law on their side. At this point we can notice that Bennett is one of Bruce's friends, just as Harvey Dent was at the beginning of TAS - so it could bring dome problems between them if Bennett discovers Bruce's little game.

    Finally, we get to make the encounter of a brand new version of the Joker. This last one is the most impressing example of what this show will bring to the Batman's mythology. He's got a whole new look, he fights like a real martial art master and his character is quite unique. He's simply mad and violent - and he likes it. His first plan is quite basic but efficient.

    In addition to all that gallery of characters, we discover part of Batman's weaponry with a really cool batmobile and the batwave - being his way to be aware of what important is happening in the city. And also two very important locations : the manor and Arkham - both being really well-designed. So I would say this episode is a pretty good way to introduce most of the main elements of the mythology, highlighting in the same time what is going to be new in it.