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The Batman

Season 3 Episode 0

The Batman vs. Dracula

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 18, 2005 on The CW

Episode Fan Reviews (13)

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  • An Utter waste of space

    First off, i didnt like the animation style
    they all had funny noses looked like boxers.
    Second the characterisation was a bit ropey.
    Alfred does his stereotypical british thing.
    Vicky vale is the damson in distress
    and dracula
    spouts drivel about being the first batman
    i didnt buy the parallells for one second sounded more like
    lazy writing.
    the fight scenes were good dracula moved inhumanly fast and outmatched batsy at every turn
    until the final battle when the vampire seemed unable to catch up with an injured batman.
    The biggest problem with this drivel is that
    it is a blatent rip off of an elsworlds comic
    and comes off very badly from the comparison The part were batman must evade dracula
    and race back to his cave for another confrontation is lifted straight form the pages of red rain

    maybe im being too harsh
    it is only a kids cartoon show after all
    but it feels like they wernt really trying
  • The Batman at its best

    In September 2004, Batman returned to TV once again in an all new series: The Batman. This series presented a younger hero in a highly stylistic world with many reimagined villains. A year later, The Batman got its first direct to video movie release featuring another "bat man" Count Dracula, or as he likes to call himself in this film Alucard (you see alucard backwards is dracula). For the most part, The Batman is a kid-friendly show. The Batman vs Dracula, as you might guess, with the inclusion of vampires, blood sucking, electrocution, and death delves a lot darker than the Saturday morning incarnation of the show, and that was a nice change.

    In Batman vs Dracula, the Penguin and Joker are both in search of hidden treasure in a graveyard. While Batman apprehends Joker, the moron Penguin accidentally revives Dracula who goes on a blood sucking spree. People all over Gotham go missing as the vamps continue to feed. Seeing bats, would be victims accuse Batman of being behind the attacks. Meanwhile Batman races to find a cure for the undead while also trying Bruce Wayne's charms on the damsel Vicki Vale - who's "nice jugulars" also caught the eye of the Count. Vicki is well presented here. Not annoying or needy, she is a worthy match for Wayne. Unfortunately, Wayne is a famous bachelor, and following this movie, Vicki disappeared from the animated series altogether.

    As mentioned, present in this movie are the popular bat-foes Joker and Penguin. While these two may be the dark knights best known enemies, they are also probably The Batman's worst reimagined characters. The Joker has long green dreadlock style hair. He basically looks like a big ape. The Penguin is a little hobbit like guy that along with his collection of deadly umbrellas, happens to know kung-fu. But both are actually given a decent treatment in this movie, and both receive a fair amount of abuse as well. The Penguin becomes the personal assistant to the Count, and the Joker gets a case of vampirism that leads to a gruesome scene in the Gotham blood bank.

    Dracula has a great haunting theme that accompanies his onscreen appearances. While Batman's enemies are usually grounded in reality,the opportunity to have Batman face the supernatural vampire is too tempting to pass up. The action in this film is top notch. The Batman vs Dracula fights establish the Vampire as more than a match physically for the Caped-Crusader. What really makes Dracula a worthy foe is that along with his physical prowess, he has a sharp mind that truly tests the Detectives skills. The noir animation style full of shadows and billowing capes compliments the dark tone of this clash between "Bat-Masters." This movie really is The Batman at its best and this film can stand proud next to any of the Bruce Timm produced Batman animated features such as Mask of the Phantasm or Sub-Zero. The Batman vs Dracula earns a A-.
  • pretty good

    I had always been a fan of the original 90's batman cartoon, and when i heard about "the batman" i had to see it. This was the first episode(well movie) i saw of it- and i have to say i was pretty impressed. At first i didnt really like the animation, but after i while i got used to it. The story is- batman vs dracula- and thats it pretty much- there are a few twists involving the joker,the penguin and vicky vale. But overall i liked what i saw- the carachters had a new spin on them- like the joker, and the animation was different. The episode was entertaining and fun. It made me want to see othe episodes of this show
  • An utterly amazing Batman animated film that, in my opinion, rivals Return of the Joker.

    As I said earlier, this film rivals Return of the Joker. There is absolutely nothing about this movie that I don't like. It has amazing voice-acting, music, animation, storyline. You name it, and this movie will deliver. Not only that, but this movie is suprisingly violent and bloody for what is supposed to be a kid's movie, especially considering that WB made DC take out any sort of blood whatsoever in Return of the Joker.

    I'll start with the voice acting. Rino Romano is excellent as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. He brings a new, softer quality to the role while Kevin Conroy has always kept it at a deep baritone. Romano brings out a new style to the voice of Batman that really grows on you. Tara Strong was very good as Vicky Vale in all of her scenes, particularly the scene where she just misses the train and runs into Dracula. Alastair Duncan is the perfect voice actor for Alfred. I particularly love his acting in the party scene when he is talking to what he thinks is Stipes and then looks in the mirror.

    But one of the crowning achievements of Batman vs. Dracula is Peter Stormare as Dracula. Beyond amazing, this guy has the perfect voice for Dracula. He has a great accent, but he doesn't overdo it. I also love his acting in the scenes when he is becoming more vampiric in appearance. As his face begins to change, so too does his voice, becoming more evil and menacing. Stormare just puts something into the voice that can chill the viewer. There's something about his portrayal that is entirely creepy and entirely cool at the same time. Utterly stunning.

    The music is another crowning achievement of this movie. Thomas Chase Jones creates excellent pieces that are very dark and creepy. This is most apparent in the opening and ending credits with the violins that play. The music in the fight scenes is particularly intense, but there is one scene in the entire movie that stands out. When Joker enters the blood bank, and the camera zooms in on his face at weird angles, the music plays pounding notes that can scare the crap out of you.

    The storyline of this movie is also amazing. Not just involving Dracula, it practically gives you Vampires 101. We briefly learn of some of the history surrounding Dracula and we also learn about some vampiric lore, particularly in the area of Carmilla Carnstein. They also go through the typical ways to repel vampires, including crosses, garlic, and sunlight. The story itself is well thought out, as the vampires slowly grow in numbers, creating a greater feel of urgency throughout the movie right up to the climax.

    But, above all else, the one thing that you will most likely hear about the most from this movie is the blood and violence. They really do show blood in this movie. There is a scene in the movie that you may have heard of. The blood bank. You may expect to see packets of blood. You see thousands of vials on shelves stacked 100 high. In this scene, Joker takes about half a dozen vials and drinks them all. Due to the lighting, the blood looks more black than red, yet it is still a disturbing image. Even more disturbing is when one of the shelves gets knocked over, sendings hundreds of vials crashing to the wall. Joker goes crazy and starts lapping up the blood around him. Highly distubing. The Lost Ones themselves are equally disturbing with their gray skin, fangs, and glowing eyes. However, Dracula in his vampiric form is downright demonic. He looks like an animal that wants to feed on anything it can find. In this case, people.

    This movie is shocking in terms of its quality and violence. It excellently showcases all of the voice actors with great music to complement. The story is excellent as it builds in intensity throughout the movie. Overall, about 12/10. Whatever you do, don't judge the movie on the lameness of the title, because it really does sound like some stupid WWE wrestling match. It couldn't be further from that.
  • A great animated movie, made mediocre by the cliches

    Firstly, I would like to point out that I wasn't impressed when I heard that an animated movie "Batman vs Dracula" was going to be out, considering the idea unoriginal.
    However, I must admit that the movie was a good one, it lasted as long as it should have (unlike "Ultimate Avengers" for example, which was too short) and it had an interesting array of characters.
    Why is this mediocre then? Because it had one cliche after another. Starting with Joker's escape immediately after a convict said he could not, continuing with the bizarre coincidence that Penguin would somehow decided to open Dracula's crypt, not to mention the fact that Bruce Wayne was just experimenting with a machine which would create sunlight, Dracula's main weakness (and many, many, many, many more).
    Even more, some illogical facts, such as Dracula's body being moved to Gotham City (I don't think it should have existed when Dracula was killed), the fact that all the cliche weaknesses of a vampire are inserted, not to mention the antidote serum (copied from Blade).
    The movie had some good scenes too: the one when Batman chases Dracula over the rooftops (we see a resemblance between the two), the scene where Batman defeats Dracula (the shadow he casts is nicely done) and the Lost One's are superbly drawn.
    All in all, this is not a bad animated movie and you should really give it a go if you are a Batman fan. Otherwise, unless you like action cartoons or vampires, you can afford to miss it.
  • In my opinion, this is one of the best Batman movies ever. Your not going to believe the fights in this gem.

    It's 1.20am, I've decided once again to quickly write a review without pondering over it for too long. I just finished watching The Batman Vs Dracula, yes that's right, you are indeed seing images of crap cross over movies in your head. Ignore the title, this film is great. Managing to pull this off without it looking cheesy is hard enough, but this transcends far beyond that, into areas of ultra coolness. I can't believe this comes from the same series that I found super lame when I watched the first 2 episodes. Bruce Waynes nose still bugs me, but that doesn't matter, when he's dressed up, he's Batman to the core. The animation in this baby is jaw dropping, I recently saw Marvels Ultimate Avengers Animated Movie. Poor Marvel, they have a lot to catch up with. I can't get the image of Dracula dodging Batmans projectiles out of my head. Some reviews seem to be missing the point. They say things like this Dracula is so cliche, and that Batman becomes stupid and unrealistic when you put super natural monsters into the mix. I say that if you can do a classic style Dracula correctly, its all right, and they definitely do here. Their second complaint? What are they talking about! Batman almost always has unrealistic technology and magic in it, the DC universe has plenty of magic and inclusions of classic characters like Dracula. Bruce Timms Batman had plenty of appearances of characters like the Demon. Besides all that, this isn't a serious film about real life issues, it's a fun action packed ride. It's not supposed to be realistic. Go buy this movie, especially if its Halloween.
  • absolutely repulsive

    If anyone has ever noticed, when occult or extra-terrestrial elements get added to the Batman universe, it starts to become silly. Other than the fact that Bruce Wayne dresses like a bat and fights supervillains, Batman is mostly grounded in a sort of reality and people appreciate that. Adding Dracula, a fictional horror character out of a gothic novel to the mix, and having everyone treat this as normal is just absurd. I mean "The Batman" is already treading on thin ice, but then add Joker drinking blood to the mix and Bruce Wayne making the astoundingly obvious discovery that ALUCARD spelled backwards is DRACULA, and you have a laughing stock on your hands. What's next? Batman verses Bigfoot? Batman meets James Bond? I mean, atleast when Batman the Animated Series introduced villains based on werewolves and man-bats, there was a backstory and some pseudo-science behind it.
  • Absolutely freakin' amazing! It was an incredible movie,you definitely just don't see a fusion of old and new like that anymore. Bram Stoker is happy in his grave over this.

    It was flawlessly done. As an expert in all things comic book I am not easy to impress when it comes to movies of this nature, but dang, it was a good one! The whole Dracula thing was flawlessly done: the powers, the accent, the background as a nobleman (nice touch adding that cultural anthropology shtick), and the semi-transformation thing that Dracula did when he got angry. The whole Mafia treasure thing was okay, but a bit of an extra.
  • This show is very different

    I like the anime style that the producers have integrated into the franchise. The only things I don\'t like about the new series is the way in which the city looks deserted in every episode (as if only Batman and his villians lived there), and even this movie, how the batmobile\'s turbines don\'t seem to discharge fire(it doesn\'t look like fire to me, and when it seems to violate the laws of gravity), the characters seem one-dimensional, and the concept of Joker\'s appearance isn\'t what I would\'ve expected. The visual graphics, the motion graphics, are waaaay better than the original series. Batman vs Dracula is totally different than any other of Batman\'s animated movies: a lot of blood involved, which makes it unique.
  • Amazing!

    When I first saw this movie last night, I was really shocked how more mature The Batman was. Surprisingly, this movie actully showed blood and had very some very mature things in the movie, for example, Peguin makes a referince to Vickys "Juggulars" and it shows the Joker getting electracuted(for those who saw the movie, you know what happens) and, the movie shows Blood! the plot of the movie was kinda cool and lame at the same time, but still I highly reccomend this movie for any Batman fan
  • Not good as other animated batman movies. . . not by a long shot

    I'll admit the action was good and the animation was interesting. And it was nice to see references to Bruces childhood and the infamous "event" that made him lose it. But that's where the goodness stops.

    The story was very uninspired. Dracula wasn't all too effective. I would have liked to see Dracula be a jerk like Mr. Sinister from X-men, or someone a bit different from the typical Dracula we all grew up with.

    What really made this bad was the inconsistancies. First off, there's a scene where Vampire Joker was chasing batman, and you can see Vampire Joker's reflection on these test tubes and yet, earlier, Alfred runs into a Vampire and you can't see his reflection on the Mirror.

    Another incident that made this inconsistant occurs when Batman cures Vampire Joker and he screams in EXTREME pain, and yet when he cures the other vampires, they just pass out and revert to human.

    I really wish Warner Brothers would stop devouting time and resources to this popcorn batman and spend more attention to Justice League Unlimited, which has a batman we all could be proud of.
  • Now this was awesome. It brings me back to the good old days.

    Wow. What a movie. This is why Batman is God in the DC universe. The storyline was great here. Dracula comes in and turns Penguin into his slave and just turns Joker into a full-on Vampire. The scene where Joker ends up covered in blood is the sickest thing I have ever seen. He looked like an Ing off of Metroid Prime 2. They also added some continuity to this Batman universe by bringing in Vicki Vale, Bruce's new flame. The end fight was great and really intersting how it led Batman and Dracula to the Bat Cave through the underground catacombs of Gotham. When Alfred first showed up to try and save the day with the crossbow I thought "You've gotta be kidding me." Thankfully, it didn't work and Batman roasted the heck out of the big bad. This was great. On his best day Batman can take out anything. Superman can take down anything too though, however he has a weakness. Batman has none.
  • this movie put him near his decendent and the matureness of it was amazing

    this movie was the best of all the shows episodes
    the batman grew up and met his "ancestor"
    count Dracula was pretty cool the joker is turning like his decendant (Mark Hammil joker from the old series)PENGUIN has some skills
    is the joker immortal?
    all and all it was the best episode ever

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