The Batman

Season 3 Episode 0

The Batman vs. Dracula

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 18, 2005 on The CW

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  • An utterly amazing Batman animated film that, in my opinion, rivals Return of the Joker.

    As I said earlier, this film rivals Return of the Joker. There is absolutely nothing about this movie that I don't like. It has amazing voice-acting, music, animation, storyline. You name it, and this movie will deliver. Not only that, but this movie is suprisingly violent and bloody for what is supposed to be a kid's movie, especially considering that WB made DC take out any sort of blood whatsoever in Return of the Joker.

    I'll start with the voice acting. Rino Romano is excellent as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. He brings a new, softer quality to the role while Kevin Conroy has always kept it at a deep baritone. Romano brings out a new style to the voice of Batman that really grows on you. Tara Strong was very good as Vicky Vale in all of her scenes, particularly the scene where she just misses the train and runs into Dracula. Alastair Duncan is the perfect voice actor for Alfred. I particularly love his acting in the party scene when he is talking to what he thinks is Stipes and then looks in the mirror.

    But one of the crowning achievements of Batman vs. Dracula is Peter Stormare as Dracula. Beyond amazing, this guy has the perfect voice for Dracula. He has a great accent, but he doesn't overdo it. I also love his acting in the scenes when he is becoming more vampiric in appearance. As his face begins to change, so too does his voice, becoming more evil and menacing. Stormare just puts something into the voice that can chill the viewer. There's something about his portrayal that is entirely creepy and entirely cool at the same time. Utterly stunning.

    The music is another crowning achievement of this movie. Thomas Chase Jones creates excellent pieces that are very dark and creepy. This is most apparent in the opening and ending credits with the violins that play. The music in the fight scenes is particularly intense, but there is one scene in the entire movie that stands out. When Joker enters the blood bank, and the camera zooms in on his face at weird angles, the music plays pounding notes that can scare the crap out of you.

    The storyline of this movie is also amazing. Not just involving Dracula, it practically gives you Vampires 101. We briefly learn of some of the history surrounding Dracula and we also learn about some vampiric lore, particularly in the area of Carmilla Carnstein. They also go through the typical ways to repel vampires, including crosses, garlic, and sunlight. The story itself is well thought out, as the vampires slowly grow in numbers, creating a greater feel of urgency throughout the movie right up to the climax.

    But, above all else, the one thing that you will most likely hear about the most from this movie is the blood and violence. They really do show blood in this movie. There is a scene in the movie that you may have heard of. The blood bank. You may expect to see packets of blood. You see thousands of vials on shelves stacked 100 high. In this scene, Joker takes about half a dozen vials and drinks them all. Due to the lighting, the blood looks more black than red, yet it is still a disturbing image. Even more disturbing is when one of the shelves gets knocked over, sendings hundreds of vials crashing to the wall. Joker goes crazy and starts lapping up the blood around him. Highly distubing. The Lost Ones themselves are equally disturbing with their gray skin, fangs, and glowing eyes. However, Dracula in his vampiric form is downright demonic. He looks like an animal that wants to feed on anything it can find. In this case, people.

    This movie is shocking in terms of its quality and violence. It excellently showcases all of the voice actors with great music to complement. The story is excellent as it builds in intensity throughout the movie. Overall, about 12/10. Whatever you do, don't judge the movie on the lameness of the title, because it really does sound like some stupid WWE wrestling match. It couldn't be further from that.
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